From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


18. Mullingar

We arrived at the airport and walked through the VIP entrance while Adrian unloaded our bags and handed them to an airport employee. I'm not really sure I'll ever get used to this luxurious lifestyle and all the service. Niall was wearing his snapback and sweats and I was wearing my sneakers, black jeans and a big hoodie. Since we were almost sure that no one would spot us or take pictures of us we didn't really care that much what we looked like. Even though it was just a short flight, it was all about being comfy on the plane. We waited just 20 minutes in the business class lounge before entering the plane before the rest of the passengers. We were seated in the very front so no one would walk by us and notice us. It made sense, but it was a bit weird for me to experience. We got comfy and fell asleep before the plane had even taken off.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you for flying british airways. We hope you enjoyed the flight and we will see you again soon."

I looked down at Niall who had fallen asleep on my shoulder and gave him a kiss on the forehead to wake him up. He slowly opened his eyes while a smile appeared on his face. Just like we had been the first to enter the plane we were also the first to exit. We only passed 4 rows of people who didn't really seem to know us.. Niall had his snapback and hood on and was looking down and I guess people still didn't really give a crap about who I was. Adrian was waiting for us just outside the plane, and once he had escorted us straight to the car, he went and got out luggage for us.

It was about 2.30 am before we arrived at his mothers house. I guess his mom had been waiting for us, because as soon as we pulled into the driveway, the front door opened.

Maura: "There's my baby!" she yelled from the doorway.

Niall: "Heya Mom!"

Niall hurried out of the car and rushed to give his mom a big hug. He was a total momma's boy, you could tell by their hug. I was kind of nervous to approach her alone now that Niall had ran ahead and was standing with her, I felt like all eyes were on me. I went to help Adrian unload, but Niall called my name and asked me to come to the front door.

Niall: "Nabella, there's someone I want you to meet. Let Adrian unpack and come here please."

I walked towards the door and felt my knees shaking. This could possibly be my future mother-in-law. This had been the #1 woman in Niall's life.. what if she didn't approve of me or like me? I was so nervous, but I decided to beat the nerves and I put a big smile on my face and turned my fear into excitement.

Nabella: "Hello, it's so nice to finally meet you! I'm Nabella!"

Maura: "I know who you are dear! It's so great to finally meet you too! I've heard a lot about you. I'm Maura!"

I put out my hand to give her a handshake, but instead Maura went for a hug. It made me loosen up a little. And while I was hugging Maura I could see Niall smiling behind us. That smiled always helped in every situation. We walked inside the house and Maura led us straight to Niall's room.

Maura: "I would give you the whole tour of the house dear, but I bet you are really tired and the house really isn't that big, so Nialler can just do that for you tomorrow!"

Niall: "Thanks mom. It was so sweet of you to stay up and wait for us! I'm so glad to be back!"

Nabella: "Yes thank you so much for having us Maura. I've been looking forward to this trip!

Maura: It's my pleasure! Good night you two! Sleep tight!!"

Maura gave Niall a kiss on the cheek and left the room. I was soo tired, so it suited me perfectly that it was bedtime once again. We left the unpacking for tomorrow and quickly got ready for bed. We were pretty much already ready for bed.. Niall slept in his boxers and I just slept in my t-shirt and underwear. We cuddled up under the covers and Niall turned off the little light on the night stand.

Niall: "So glad we are here! You know.. You're the first girl that has ever slept in this bed with me!"

Nabella: "Well aren't I lucky haha! I'm so glad you're sharing this with me Niall, I know how much this place and your family means to you! So thank you!"

Niall: "Believe it or not but you are starting to mean just as much to me babe. I wouldn't want to share this with anyone else but you!"

Nabella: "I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else but here with you baby boo!"

Niall kissed me good night and we fell asleep tightly cuddled up!


The next morning we were woken up to the smell of pancakes and bacon. Maura knocked on the door and quietly opened the door. I guess she didn't want to interrupt anything.

Maura: "Good morning you two. I made breakfast. I figured you guys would want to get up and get the most out of your days here."

Niall: "Morning mom! Smells great, well be right out!"

We got out of bed and put on our sweats. Maura's husband (Niall's stepdad) was already sitting at the table with Maura. He got up and gave Niall a big hug and put out his hand to introduce himself to me.

"Hello Nabella. It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm Chris!"

Nabella: "It's very nice to meet you Chris."

We all sat down at the table and started eating. Maura was asking Niall aaalll about the last couple of months while me and Chris quietly listened and ate out breakfast. Even though I knew Niall talked quite a lot on the phone with his family, I could tell that Maura loved hearing all the stories in person and Niall loved talking so he didn't mind telling everyone over and over again.

Once they quickly caught up on each others lives, Maura wanted to know all about me. She asked me about my family, my school, Denmark, and what I felt about this whole roller coaster Niall had pulled me on. Maura was easy to talk to and before we knew it, we had been sitting at the table for 2 hours just talking.

Maura: "So what are you two up to today Niall?"

Niall: "Well I was thinking that I would take Nabella around town while people still don't know I am here. Then head for Dublin tomorrow to show her around there. And depending on the trip and what Nabella wants to do, maybe we can just watch derby and hang out on sunday?"

Maura: "That sounds like a lovely plan dear! Make sure to bring her by your school and show her the local grocery stores and the church as well as the pubs!"

Niall: "Mom don't worry, I will show her everything!"

Maura: "Good! If you guys could be home for dinner around 6 pm then I'll have Greg and Denise come over with Theo!"

Nabella: " Oh yay! I'm excited to meet Theo! Niall has shown me so many pictures and talked to much about him!"

Niall: "That's great mom, I've been missing those guys lots lately so dinner is perfect!"

Niall and I helped clear the table but Maura told us not to worry about it and to go and get ready for our day in Mullingar. We quickly unpacked out stuff while one another showered. Niall was ready before me, so once I finished with make up and hair I went and joined the two in the living room.

Maura: "Oh you look lovely dear! Niall you have great taste in girls I must say!"

Niall: "I know right! I told you she was amazing!"

I went and sat on the armrest of the chair Niall was sitting in and I could feel my cheeks blushing a little. Niall could tell that I didn't really know what to answer, so he pulled me down onto his lap and placed a big fat kiss right on my lips. I giggled at the quick movement and the awkwardness of kissing in front of his mom. Maura didn't seem to mind though.

Niall: "Alright babers, are we ready?!"

Nabella: "So ready!"

Niall took out his phone and opened twitter. This confused me a little since I thought we were getting up and leaving, but I didn't want to seem bossy so I just watched what he was doing. Niall send a tweet:

@NiallOfficial: Can't imagine a better way to spend the day ! Today will be great!

He put his phone in his pocket and looked up at me. I was still sitting on his lap and he could tell I was a bit confused.

Niall: " Usually when the fans ask me what I like to do on my day off, I always say that I love to sleep and just stay in and hang out. Since non of the fans know where I am, they will assume that I am just at home relaxing and that way no one will look for us and we won't be bothered."
Nabella: "Won't they get mad if they find out you're lying though?"

Niall: "I'm not lying babe. It will be a great day and I can't think of anything I would rather do then show you around right now. Its not my fault that the fans will think differently!"

Nabella: "You are so sneaky! Let's get going then!"

We got out in the car and started drove off. The first place Niall wanted to show me was his first house that he lived in. We parked the car and took a walk down the street. Niall was telling me loads of childhood memories while we walked to the door. We stopped in front of a tiny house. It was connected to two other houses on each side, kind of like one long building with lots of houses in it. We decided to keep walking instead of taking the car and we walked to his old school. The school was closed because of the weekend, but we walked around the playground and looked in through some of the windows and Niall told me all about his time in school. It was an all boys Christian school, which was actually such a surprise to me, since I had pictured Niall being the little trouble maker who flirted with all the girls and got their attention for being silly. Guess I was wrong. It was so nice just to hear him talk about his childhood. You could tell he was so proud of his family and his hometown and I loved that he was sharing all these memories with me. We walked back to the car and drove into downtown Mullingar. The town was so small that it didn't take us very long to get there. We parked the car once again and got out. As we were walking around hand in hand everyone was saying hi. I guess the town was so small that everyone knew everyone.

Nabella: "Aren't any of these people gonna tell that you are home?"

Niall: "Naaw. They're not like that. We're all just one big family here. Everyone knows everyone, and even though I may be famous around the world I'll always just be Niall here."

We walked around a little more and decided to stop for lunch at one of Niall's favorite restaurants. As soon as we entered we were greeted by the server, who apparently was also the owner.

"NIALL! So good to see you again! We've missed ya son!"

Niall: "Ey! I've missed you guys too. How ya been? Good?"

"Ya you know.. same old same old. Who's this pretty girl with you?"

Niall: "This is my girlfriend Nabella. I've just brought her home for the weekend so she can meet the fam."

I reached out my hand and the guy just pulled me in for a hug. I guess this town really was one big happy family! haha

We sat down at a table and Niall ordered what he thought was the best. The whole lunch lasted for about an hour and after that we headed over to a park where we took a walk and talked some more. Today was such a great day. Niall had been doing most of the talking, just explaining and telling me all of his stories.. and I had just been listening along and asking a few questions. Like Niall had predicted there were no fans running after us or papz trying to take a picture, and I really enjoyed the non chaotic day. At about 4 pm we decided to head back home. I had pretty much seen all there was to see in Mullingar and my legs were a little tired from all the walking. We got back to the house, which was filled with the smell of a good homemade meal. After asking Maura if there was anything we could do, and her insisting that we just relax, we fell asleep on the couch all cuddled up within 10 minutes.

We were woken up by a little hand poking my cheek. I opened my eyes and saw Theo infront of me. I looked up and made eye contact with Greg who was holding him. I quickly sat up, kind of embarrassed that I had just fallen asleep like that at their house and that neither Niall or I had woken up when the guests arrived.

Nabella: "Well you must be Theo" I said while reaching out and touching Theo's hand. "It's very nice to meet you! You're just as cute as your uncle told me."

Greg laughed and I turned my attention to him.

Nabella: "Oh I'm sorry. I'm Nabella! It's a pleasure to meet you."

Greg: "No need for an apology, I'm used to these two boys taking up all the attention!" His voice was sarcastic, so I laughed at his joke. "But it's really nice to meet you too! I've read a little about you on the internet. I'm glad to finally meet the girl who finally stole Niall's heart."

I could feel my cheeks blushing a little and I got up to go and introduce myself to Denise. Niall was still sleeping, so we just let him be even though it was kind of awkward being alone with almost complete strangers. After I went and said hello to Denise I excused myself for a moment and went to go freshen up a bit. When I returned to the living room, Niall was awake again. He smiled at me as a approached him and he placed a kiss on my forehead and wrapped his arm around me and whispered in my ear.

Niall: "Hey gorgeous"

I smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss as my reply.

Maura: "Aaawww you two are just adorable! I'm so glad Niall has met you Nabella! And even more glad that he has brought you here to meet us as well!"

Nabella: "haha me too! Is there anything I can do for you Maura?"

Maura: "You just won't take no for an answer will you now? Just go and play with Theo for a little and then dinner will be ready in about 20 minutes sweetheart!"

Niall took Theo from Denise and we went and played with him on the ground with some of the baby toys. Niall was so good with him and I couldn't help the thought, of how great of a dad he would be one day, pass through my mind. Theo was such a cute and easy kid too though, which made everything more fun. Niall was so obsessed with this kid and I could understand why. He was tickling him, and playing peek a boo and doing small skits with him in different voices, and Theo was just totally entertained, almost like a fangirl, except it was just his uncle Niall.

Maura: "Alright everyone.. Dinner is served!"

We all sat down around the nicely set table and started eating. Conversation kind of just went on and there wasn't really any awkward moments. We just kinda talked about our day and as I was telling what stories Niall had told me, Maura and Greg would add on to the stories, reveling more of Niall's childhood, including a few embarrassing stories. We all laughed about it though and the mood for the night was just cozy and full of humor, just like I had hoped for. The timed passed quite quickly and before I knew it we had finished dessert. Denise and I helped Maura clear the table and do the dishes, while the boys all sat on the couches and talked about sports and what not.

Denise: "I'm so happy you decided to come and meet us so soon Nabella. Niall really seems to enjoy your company. It's great to look at!"

Maura: "Ya. We were beginning to worry if Niall would ever get a girlfriend. This whole job as a band member leaves him no time for dating! The last girl Niall brought home to us was Holly, and that's almost 4 years ago, when Niall was so small. I don't even think I would call it a real relationship. They were just cute you know?"

I laughed at her comment and agreed that a relationship at the age of 16 probably wasn't one that was too serious.

Denise: "So how did you two actually meet? I'm curious?!"

I told her the whole story and both Maura and Denise were just one big smile, and even though Maura had already heard the story from Niall, I guess it was just a different experience for her to hear it from my mouth because it actually looked like she was about to shed a tear at the end of the story!

Denise: "Oh that's just the cutest story ever! I didn't think Niall had that kind of confidence in him to be like that and actually try to get a girl that bad, but I guess when you know it's right, then you gotta go for it! God bless your nephew Nabella!"

We laughed a little and once we finished the dishes we joined the guys in the living room. Conversation kind of died when we joined, so I assumed they were talking about guy stuff. I went and sat on Niall's lap and gave him a little kiss. Now that I had talked so much with the family, I didn't feel too awkward showing affection in front of them. After all, it did seem like they shipped us! haha

Theo had been put down for a nap, but had woken up again. Denise and Greg decided it would probably be best to go home and tug him in his own bed. We all said our goodbyes and waved from the doorway

Greg: "That's for taking care of my brother. He's a good boy just remember that!"

Nabella: " I think he's the one taking care of me to be honest!" I joked

Denise: "I hope to see you soon again Nabella. Take care you two!"

Niall: "Bye guys! Great seeing ya again! See ya soon!"

We closed the door and decided to just to go bed and watch a movie. We were tired and we had the big Dublin trip going tomorrow as well, so a good night sleep was needed, because we were getting up kind of early.

We said our good nights to Chris and Maura and got ready for bed. Niall stripped down to only wearing his boxers and got in bed. I took off my pants and shirt and changed into one of Niall's bigger t-shirts right in front of him. I saw him giving me an extra looked but ignored it, even though I was smiling on the inside. I got into bed next to him and cuddled up real close so I was laying with my head on his chest and he had his arm around me.

Niall: "You know it's not fair to tease me like that babe."

I giggled and gave him a kiss on the chest and drew circles with my finger around his breasts.

Niall: "I'm serious! I'm not sure I can keep my fingers from you much longer if you keep it up."

The truth was I didn't want him to keep his hands from me, but considering that we were at his mom's house, I thought it would be inappropriate to continue the teasing. 

Nabella: "Fine, I'll stop if you really want me to!"

Niall:" Trust me babe, I don't want you to, but we're in an old irish house and trust me, these walls are not sound proof! Just wait until we're back in London and I have you to myself! You'll regret teasing me past the point of me saying stop!"

I let out a little squeal of excitement. The thoughts going through my mind right now gave me butterflies and I couldn't help my smile and laugh from appearing. I turned my face and looked Niall in the eyes.

Nabella: "I can't wait for us to be alone!" I ended the sentence with a big juicy kiss right on the lips, and then laid my head on his chest again.

Niall: "You're asking for it!"

Nabella: "Am I?"

Niall kissed my forehead and squeezed the grip he had around me. Quickly changing the mood from sexy to serious, Niall whispered:

Niall: "I love you! Thanks for being so amazing with my family today. They adore you and that really means a lot to me!"

Nabella: "I love you too. And I'm so glad they like me, I was so nervous earlier, but they're just great! I really enjoyed today and getting to know all about your childhood! Thanks for sharing!"

Niall: "Thanks for letting me. This place means the world to me, but so do you, so it makes sense you know?"

I gave him another kiss on the chest and he knew that I understood. I closed my eyes and fell asleep to the sound of Niall's heartbeat.

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