From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


5. Meet & Greet

We entered at big room filled with cameras and press and security, but there was no One Direction to be seen anywhere. Oliver's excitement was building up and I could tell because he kept squeezing my hand harder and harder. All of a sudden the two girls next to us exclaimed "OMG, THERE'S HARRY!" And just like that the 5 boys entered the room with big smiles on their faces and waving at us while entering. I personally was way more starstruck than expected and I didn't really know what to do. The boys where so much cuter in real life, and I couldn't help but smile when I spotted the blonde hottie, Niall!

We were told to form one line so we could have the group photos taken with the guys. Oliver was shy and quiet, compared to how he usually was ADHD and jumping all over the place, so we got to the back of the line. We watched as the fans in front of us got their pictures taken with the boys. I could tell by the way they interacted with the nervous fans, that they were such sweethearts. They were in no rush and took their time with every single one of the girls. Some of them wanted pictures only with Harry, or only with Zayn and some wanted goofy pictures. Those were by far my favorite kind because it looked so casual and not set up! I loved their laid back personalities, and how it actually seemed like they enjoyed meeting the fans

Finally it was our turn to get the picture taken. Oliver was the only boy out of all the meet and greet and the boys told him how cool they thought it was to have boy directioners too.

"Hey! you're the only guy here" Louis said.

"Now you know what its like to be surrounded by girls all the time. You've figured out the trick for getting girls little man! Good job!" Harry joked.

Oliver was just starting to learn English in school, so he didn't really understand what the guys were saying. I walked up next to him to translate and help him talk to them, since they quite talkative at the moment. I purposely placed myself next to Niall.

"You guys are like my biggest role models. When I get older I want to be just like you guys. I also play the guitar like you Niall! And look Louis, we almost have the same hair" I translated for him.

I was so surprised that the boys were actually taking their time to talk to him, but then again we were the last ones in line, so there was no rush anymore.

"Time for the picture" The guy behind the camera said.

I quickly got out of the way and the boys lined up with Oliver in the middle between Louis and Liam.  After the group photo Oliver asked for a picture just with Louis and the rest of the boys moved out of the way. When that photo had been taken, Niall asked if I wanted a picture too.

"Haha no it's okay" I answered

"Aww come on, we don't bite" Harry joked

"Well maybe a little.." Niall quickly added while winking and letting out a quick laugh.

I made me laugh and decided that a little picture would be cool to have as a memory, considering so many people would do anything to be in my position right now.

I got next to Niall who was standing on the far right. Next to him was Harry, which meant that I was in a Narry sandwich right now. And as far as I remembered, they were the two sinlge guys in the group.

"Get a little bit closer please" The photographer asked

We all squished in real close, and right before the flash I felt Niall's and Harry's lips on each of my cheeks. It caught me by surprise and I guessed that I would have a surprised happy face on the picture. Haha another one of their funny pictures I thought, trying not to blush too much and still staying to keep my cool. The truth though.. I was freaking out on the inside. They hadn't kissed any of their other fans on the cheek and they both had such soft and good kissy lips!

After the picture the boys thanked us for coming and then they went to talk to some of the security in the side of the room.

I think I may have spaced out thinking about the kiss and how great that picture would turn out, but was quickly pulled back to reality when I heard Oliver laughing.

"Just admit that you are falling for one direction" he said.

"I'm not admitting anything, but I will say that they are very sweet, and surprisingly good looking!"

"Eeeww, dont tell me you're crushing on them? But they are the coolest guys ever"

"Just between me and you, I think Niall is pretty cute Oliver, but don't tell anyone I said that."

Our little conversation was interrupted by the greatest laugh I had ever heard. Niall had walked up next to us, and I froze with the thought that he had heard the last part of our little talk. Even though it was in danish, he could have heard his name and the word "cute". I felt my cheeks  blush and looked up at Niall.

"So are you just here for this guy, or are you a fan as well" Niall asked.

"Well, I actually came here for Oliver, but I must say you guys surprised me so far, and I am getting really excited to see you guys perform later."

"Well I'm glad to hear that. We are just normal guys you know, and we do our best to stay grounded and just have fun without thinking about the 50.000 girls that are screaming our names from the crowd"

"I'm sure that must be the craziest feeling in the world. You must feel soo loved!" I said.

"Yeh, we have the best fans in the world. I get a kick every time I go on stage!" Niall answered.

His accent was so cute and his deep blue eyes were to die for.

"Hey, whats your name?" Niall looked down at Oliver and had him join the conversation.

"I'm Oliver and this is Nabby. Shes my aunt"

"That's cool, I'm Niall. Its nice to meet you. She must really be a cool aunt to bring you to our concert, eh? You know I'm actually an uncle. My nephew's name is Theo."

I translated for Oliver and then told Niall what Oliver had said: "You must be the coolest uncle in the world"

Niall laughed. "Yeh I am pretty cool. But its mostly because I'm so playful and silly. Even though I'm 19, I'm still a child on the inside. Hey do you like to play soccer?"

Oliver nodded. He loved soccer. Niall called over to Liam who was holding a soccer ball and he then threw it our way.

Niall and Oliver started to pass the ball back and forth and I stepped back to let them play a little.

I couldn't believe that they were taking their time to "hang out" with us. I guess our choice to be the last in line was a good idea. Harry walked up to me and introduced himself.

"So is this your first concert with us?"

"Yeah it is. It was Oliver's birthday present and he absolutely loves you guys. And I was the only one he wanted to bring along. So I was lucky, I guess"

"Aw that's sweet of you. Happy birthday to him also! Hey do you want me to sign anything for you?"

"Well sure, I bet Oliver would love that." I answered.

I looked over towards Niall and Oliver, who had been joined by Louis and were still playing with the soccer ball and laughing. My heart ached with joy. Big plus for Niall - Such a nice guy and he was good looking... It was almost too good to be true!

Harry called over the other guys and they all signed Olivers shirt, shoes and backstage pass.

Then their manager came over and told them it was time to go get ready for the concert. The guys said goodbye to us and left the room.

Oliver and I stood back until the guys had left and it was just him and I and a bunch of security and 1D crew members left.

We were then escorted out to our front row seats and now there was only about 30 minutes until the concert started! I was getting excited. I really couldn't wait to see if the boys were as good as Oliver had said, and I was really excited to see how they were compared to Justin Bieber live!


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