From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


11. Last day in Denmark

I woke up with a big smile on my face. I still couldn't believe what had happened the night before. I went to check my phone and there was a text from an unknown English number.

"Good Morning babe. Not sure if it's the jetlag or the excitement for our lunch date today that has already woken me up, but let me know when you are up and ready and I will get a car to come and get you. See you soon! Xx Niall"

I looked at the clock and realized that I was up pretty early too considering how late we had gotten home, so I texted him back:

"Good morning to you too :) Well either you've infected me with jetlag as well or else I'm just as excited as you are for lunch. I am up and will be ready around noon.. How does that sound? Xx Nabella."

I had barely pressed send before I received another message:

"Sounds perfect. Send me an address and I will see you at soon! Can't wait to see you! Xx

I sent him the address and let out an excitement scream that woke Clara up.

Clara: "What's going on?"

Nabella: "Niall is picking me up in 2 hours and I'm just excited!"

Clara: "You're such a dork! Wake me up when you've gotten out of the shower!"

I went and showered and began to get ready. While getting ready I started wondering where we would be going on the date. And what about all the fans and the paps? Were they gonna be taking pictures of us and what was Niall gonna say when everyone would ask him who I was?

STOP WORRYING SO MUCH! - I had to stop my thoughts from going crazy and just enjoy the day. After all.. it was just a date ;) 

I had chosen not to straighten my hair today so my hair had natural wavy curls in it. My make up was nothing too extreme. Just some foundation, powder and mascara. On to the outfit...

I had picked out an outfit and woke Clara up for her opinion. She approved. I was wearing black skinny jeans and a classic fitted white t-shirt with a black blazer over it. On my feet I wore my white air force ones. I was going for the casual look today and luckily the sun was out so I could also wear my sunglasses as an accessory. I looked at my watch and it was nearly noon. Clara was about to leave so I walked her down and decided just to wait on the street for Niall to come. At about 12.05 I received a text from Niall saying he was 2 minutes away. I walked out towards the end of the sidewalk so they could see me standing there waiting and soon the car pulled up. It was one of the vans from last night and Niall was sitting in the way back again just like yesterday. I went in and sat next to him.

Niall: "Hello love. Good to see you again. You look great and smell good too!"

Nabella: "Why thank you Mr. Horan. You too! I've been looking forward to this."

Niall: "Well then .. Let's go!"

Nabella: "Where are we going?"

Niall: "That's a surprise. You'll just have to wait and see."

He reached out and grabbed my hand and held it tight.

We drove around Copenhagen for a bit and stopped just in front of one of the best steakhouses in Denmark. Since the boys weren't together as a group there weren't any fans waiting when we entered the restaurant. We were seating in the back of the restaurant where we would have as much privacy as possible. We ordered our food and drinks and began talking. Niall told me about all the cities they had been to and which ones were his favorite. I was so amazed and jealous of all the places he had gotten to experience. All of a sudden we were interrupted by a girl asking us for a photo. I was surprised that she even had the nerve to come over and just intrude his personal space, but it didn't seem like she cared. Niall took it so well and smiled for a picture. Soon another girl and her mom approached us and again Niall got up and let them have a picture and signed the girls phone case. Once we were left to be alone again, Niall got out his phone and was doing some stuff on it. I decided to do the same. I opened my twitter and saw how NiallHoranOnADate was trending. I clicked the hashtag and realized how many people were commenting and tweeting about it. Niall interrupted my twitter session...

Niall: "Alright so I just told security that we've been spotted here which means that in about 10 minutes this whole place will be surrounded by fans. So let's finish up here and go somewhere else?"

I showed him my twitter and agreed that leaving would be a good idea if we were gonna have any chance for some more privacy.

Niall's security guy Paul showed up at our table. He was the one who would be escorting us outside.

Niall: "Alright babe. So this may be a little intense but just hold on and follow my lead please. And I saw that you had sunglasses with you. Put those on for your own sake as well."

Nabella: "Okay, you're scaring me a little bit, but let's get out of here. I'll follow you out."

Paul grabbed Nialls hand and Niall grabbed mine. We got to the front of the restaurant where 20-30 screaming girls were standing outside. The host in the restaurant had closed the doors and denied the girls access to come inside.

Niall: "Ready?"

Nabella: "Yup, let's do this!"

Niall nodded at Paul and the doors were opened for us. The girls were screaming so loud and they were so pushy. Niall had phones put infront of his face by girls trying to get a picture, and before I knew it, so did I! The girls were taking pictures of me too! The 20 feet out to the car felt like 2 miles but finally we were all inside and the girls were all around the car banging on the windows. I was so amazed and scared at the same time that I didn't even pay attention to Niall until he grabbed my hand again.

Niall: "How are you doing? You alright?"

Nabella:" Yeah I'm okay. Wow that was ridiculous. Is this what you go through every single day?"

Niall: "Well this is actually nothing compared to what I've witnessed. There's a reason that I call the fans crazy mofos!"

Nabella: "Ya! I get why now!"

We finally got the car away from the crowd and drove off. It was about 2 pm now and Niall had to be back at the hotel by 3. We decided just to go there and hang out. At least we knew that we would have privacy in his hotel room. We pulled up to the hotel which was surrounded by screaming fans as well. Luckily there was an underground parking garage that we got to drive in and get out in peace. Wow this whole famous lifestyle was a lot for me to take in, but I had Niall by my side holding my hand through it all so I had no reason to complain. We got up to the room and we were finally alone again. Niall went to the bathroom and I went to look out the window, down at the many fans. It really was incredible to watch. I wouldn't even go this far for Justin Bieber. These directioners were the most dedicated fans I had ever experienced.

Niall sneaked up behind me, put his arms around me and gave me a kiss on the neck. I leaned into him and enjoyed his smell. He turned me around and soon we were kissing again. This had become my favorite thing to do with Niall, besides listening to him laugh and sing of course. While still kissing me he lead me over to the couch where he laid me down and leaned in over me. Things were heating up and the kisses got more and more passionate. He moved his hand down the side of my body and I ran my fingers through his hair. And then there was a knock on the door.

Niall quickly jumped up and straightened his shirt and I immediately sat up and fixed my hair. Niall went to open the door and it was Harry!

Niall: "What are you doing here man?"

Harry: "Just wanted to make sure you were back and ask how the date went with Nabella? Is she a keeper?"

Niall: "Uhm let's talk about it a little later ya?"

Harry: "No I kinda wanna hear about it now, she seemed really nice and honestly I have never seen you this was before." Harry pushed the door opened and walked in. Then he spotted me on the couch.

Harry:" Oh Hello again. I guess the date went well then?"

Harry looked over at Niall with am "I'M SORRY" facial expression.

Nabella: "Hello Harry. How are you?"

Harry: "I'm very well thank you. It's lovely to see you here. Are you going to help Niall pack? He's just horrible at that kind of stuff himself!"

Nabella: "Haha I guess I could help you, if you need help Niall?"

Niall: "That would be great babe!"

Harry got up again..

"Well okay then, I was just checking in on you. I'll just see you down in the lobby in an hour then! Bye Nabella, I hope I get to meet you again!"

Nabella: "Nice to meet you Harry, I hope so too! Good luck on the rest of the tour!"

Harry left and Niall came and sat next to me.

Niall: "So, this is a bitter sweet moment huh! I've really enjoyed the last couple of days and I am so thankful for your nephew Oliver for bring his cool aunt along to our concert!"

Nabella: "You're the sweetest! This has been an amazing weekend but I guess it's time to go back to reality now!"

Niall: "Babe, this is reality! I realize that we live two completely different lives, but I'm really hoping that even though we leave for France tomorrow, that I will get to see you again. A lot more actually!"

Nabella: "That would be so great if it would work out, but I just don't see how! I mean I live here and you are like all over the world!"

Niall: "Well we actually only have about two weeks left of the tour and then we have about a month break where we get to go home and relax. Maybe you can come to England and visit me there?"

Nabella: "Really? I would love to come and visit you Niall. I've actually never been! Would you be my tour guide then like I was yours?"

Niall: "It would be my pleasure!"

Niall leaned in and gave me the biggest kiss and then followed with the biggest hug ever. It lasted a long time but then I realized the time.

Nabella: "Nialler, you have to be down in the lobby in 15 minutes!"

We quickly got up and I help him fold all his clothes and fit it into his suitcase.

Niall: "Alright, all set here! Will you escort me down to the lobby?"

Nabella: "Of course!"

We left the room and walked towards the elevator. Paul was waiting for us by the elevator. I guess I was about to experience another crowd of fans go crazy once we got to the lobby.

We got in the elevator and Niall put his arm around me and kissed my forehead.

Niall: "You're the best!"

Nabella:" No you are!"

I gave him a quick kiss and then he gave me one.

The doors opened and from the screams I knew we had reached the lobby. Paul walked in front of us and we walked in a line behind him. No holding hands or any sign of affected. I guessed it was for my own good. Niall was about to leave and even though I was going to see him again in two weeks, I would be left alone without security with a lot of screaming and hating fan girls if they saw him and I walk hand in hand again. This way I would just be "a mystery girl" that went on a friendly date with Niall Horan! Paul turned around and grabbed Niall. This was his queue to follow him out into the car and leave for the airport. Niall turned around and looked at me. He grabbed my hand and kissed it. For the first time since I had first met him at the meet and greet, he wasn't smiling. 

Niall: "I'm gonna miss you. But I will text you before I take off and we will defiantly talk soon."

I could feel the knot in my throat take form and the tears behind my eyes appearing.

Nabella: "Good luck on the rest of your tour! I can't wait to hear all about it! Be safe please!

Niall: "I will and please be careful until I see you again! Don't want anything bad happening to you!"

I forced a smile on my face and nodded at him. He let go of my hand and just like that he disappeared out the hotel door and into one of the 3 black vans.

I stood alone in the lobby until the vans had pulled away. My phone buzzed and I received a text:

"Smile babe. I'll see you soon! Xx Nialler"

I texted him back:

" :-). See you soon! Xx"






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