From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


20. Just Relaxing

For the first time since Niall and I had been dating, we hadn't set the alarm. Today was all about relaxing and just hanging out and when I woke up at 11 am and remembered that we had no plans, I rolled over, put my head on Niall's chest and fell back asleep.

Maura knocked on the door and put her head just inside the door.

Maura: "Are you guys alive?"

Niall was still dead asleep but I heard her. I put my head up a little, smiled at Maura and answered her.

Nabella: "Yeh! I think we just needed the sleep! What time is it?"

Maura: "It's 12.30 pm. I was just checking on you two though! Don't mind me."

Nabella: "Oh wow! Let me wake Niall and we'll be out soon! Good morning!"

Maura: "Haha dear, it's more like good afternoon!"

I laughed and put my head back on Niall's chest as Maura closed the door again. I can't believe we've slept like 12 hours! I guess we really needed the sleep! I started playing with Niall's chest hair and eventually he slowly opened his eyes.

Niall: "What are you doing silly?"

Nabella: "Trying to wake you up!"

Niall: "Haha you're a weirdo. What time is it?"

Nabella: "Your mom was just in to check on us. It's 12.30 pm!"

Niall: "Oh wow! I guess we were tired. I can't remember the last time I was allowed to sleep in this late! This is amazing!"

Nabella: "I know! But maybe we should get up and join the rest of the guys in the living room. It is our last day home."

Niall: "Yeh you're right babe. Let's just cuddle for like 5 minutes though!"

I didn't even have to answer because Niall knew that it was one of my favorite things to do. We got real close and held each other tight and just laid there hugging face to face. Niall kissed me on the forehead and then loosened the grip. I guess it was time to get up now.

We put on our sweats and joined the Chris and Maura in the living room.

Maura: "You're alive!"

Niall and I laughed at the same time.

Niall: "Yeh, still kinda tired though. But the sleep was so needed! Honestly can't remember when the last time was that I slept in like that! Felt sooo good!"

Maura: "Well you've had a rough couple of month with the tour and everything, no wonder you're behind on your sleep! There's a lot going on!"

We sat down on the empty couch together and cuddled up under a blanket. We were still just waking up so we weren't that talkative. We just kinda watched tv and enjoyed not doing anything.

Niall: "Derby is playing in 30 minutes! This honestly couldn't be better timing!"

Chris: "I know! I was gonna wake you up so you could watch it!"

There was a little quiet again and then Niall got up. When he returned he was wearing his Derby jersey and cap and a huge smile on his face!

Maura: "If anything can get this guy up and excited it's Derby!"

I laughed. I hadn't seen Niall watch his favorite football team yet, but I had heard a lot from family and friends that it was pretty intense!

Maura and I went to the kitchen while the guys watched the pregame sports information. We made some sandwiches for the boys and laughed about hos cliche the roles were: Girls in the kitchen and guys watching sports! We joined them just as the game started.

Niall: "Ahh thanks babe!" he said as I handed him a plate with a huge sandwich.

And that sentence was the last one he spoke to me for 45 minutes. He wasn't quiet throughout the game at all, he was just so focused that it was almost impossible to make contact with him. Finally halftime and sadly it was still 0-0. Niall took his eyes off the screen just to give me a kiss and a smile and then brought his focus back on the halftime sportcenter show. They were showing highlights from the other games being played. Maura and I talked quietly while the game continued. Even though it was so entertaining to watch Niall being so emotional over a team, I felt Maura was more interesting.

Maura: "So what are your plans for the rest of the time in the UK?"

Nabella: "Well when we leave here tonight I actually only have 3 more days in London. And then I'm going back home for a little! I kinda miss my family even though I know I will miss that guy even more" (I pointed my thumb over at Niall)

Maura: "I'm sure you two will figure it out! We miss him a lot as well, but he's great at staying in touch and keeping us up to date on everything!"

Nabella: "Yeah, I have a feeling I'll be coming to London quite a lot from now on, but I also wanna bring Niall to Denmark! My family is dying to meet him!"

Maura: "Oh my gosh I'm so jealous! I heard Denmark is such a great country! I'd love to go one day!"

Nabella: "You should! Denmark is lovely and I'd be more than happy to show you around!"

Maura: "I'll have Niall take a lot of pictures! Have you planned when he's coming yet?"
Nabella: "Well hopefully he can make it during this break! I know that he has a couple of things that he and the rest of 1D need to do when we get back to London, but I'm hoping he has a day or two.. otherwise it's no rush!"

Maura: I'm sure he will make time dear! You mean the world to him so of course he wants to meet your family as well!"

Nabella: "Oh I know he does, we just need to find the time. I know how stressful his job is so there's no need to stress him out even more."

Maura: "You're so understanding of everything! Don't you ever get frustrated!?"

Nabella: "I think it's just really important to get what Niall's going through! He is just a normal boy with a not so normal job. I mean of course I would have loved to see Dublin with Niall without Adrian and all the fans being in our face, but it's part of his package, and I agreed to it from the start. I'm sure I'll get annoyed as time goes on, but as long as we're in it together, then we can tackle it together and get through it!"

Maura: "You are so very right dear!  You won't believe how many girls used to camp out in front of our house to see Niall. I got so annoyed but like you said, we get used to it, and we just have to appreciate all the good things that his job gives us. I mean you two wouldn't have met either, right?"

Nabella: "You're right! We're lucky to be part of this ride. Not many people get to experience this!"

Niall had no idea we were talking about him the whole time even though we were sitting right next to him pretty much. I smiled at Maura because she knew what I was thinking and then we laughed loudly, which surprisingly caught Niall's attention!

Niall: "What are you two talking about!"

Maura: "Oh nothing. I'm just falling in love with your girlfriend"

Niall: "Yeah she's the best isn't she?"

Niall smiled and gave me a big kiss and then turned focus back on the game.

Finally the game was over. Sadly they lost 0-1 but Niall seemed okay about it.

Niall: "Well they aren't that good, but you have to support them no matter what!" he laughed at his own comment and I gave him a kiss.

Maura: "So Nialler, what time are you leaving us tonight?"

Niall: "I think Adrian is picking us up at 8 pm."

Maura: "Oh that late? I thought it was earlier! Do you mind if we just order pizza or something. I haven't shopped for dinner tonight because I thought you were leaving sooner! What a nice surprise though!"

Niall: "Yeh of course! It will be my treat! haha. You're okay with pizza right babe?"

Nabella: "Yes! That's perfect!"

Niall: "Pizza it is then! This day is the best haha! Hey by the way! Can I please see the things that you bought yesterday?"

I blushed a little and looked over at Niall. Did he just ask that in front of his mom?

Nabella: "Right now?"

Niall: "Yeh! Come on you promised?!"

Maura: "What did you get sweetheart?"

Nabella: "Oh nothing much. Just some clothes yesterday that we bought in Dublin."

Niall: "Go try it on babe!"

Nabella: "Fiiiiiine!"

I went in and and put on the mini skirt with one of the new tops. Feeling a little awkward I walked back into the living room. Chris had left the room so it was only Niall and Maura watching.

Maura: "Oh that is cute! I love the top"

Nabella: "hehe thanks. I also got it in white!"

Niall: "You look good baby!"

I blushed and hurried back in the room and changed into my floral dress. I reentered the living room!

Maura: "Oh that is really cute too!"

Niall: "I really like this one!"

Nabella: "Why thank you!" My tone was a little sarcastic even though I agreed! I hadn't tried on any of the stuff I had gotten so I was lucky that it fit me that well! I went back in the room and took on a pair of Niall's big sweatpants and my new green t-shirt that said "I'm in love with the Irish!"

Niall: "Oh that's my favorite outfit right there!" Niall was just as sarcastic as I had just been when receiving their compliments.

Maura: "Oh you two! That shirt is funny though!"

Nabella: "Haha I couldn't resist. And it's true too haha!

We laughed about my shirt and then I cuddled up next to Niall again. It was about 5 pm and Niall went to order the pizzas.

I suggested that we packed while we waited for the delivery guy, so that we wouldn't stress later on. Niall agreed and gave me a high five for being practical! When we had finished packing, the pizza arrived and we went to eat. After dinner I jumped in the shower and got ready to go to the airport. I know Niall had told me that it was all about being comfortable, but I still straightened my hair, put on make up and put on my skinny jeans but left on my new Irish t-shirt.

Before we knew it Adrian ran the doorbell. We said our goodbyes and exchanged big hugs! Maura had tears in her eyes when she finished hugging Niall but like her and I had talked about earlier, she was used to not seeing her son that often! She told us how much she had enjoyed our visit and asked us to come again very soon. We got in the car and drove off.

Niall: "So my mom loves you! I'm so happy you two hit it off and that you are so open and kind to her. It means a lot you know!"

Nabella: "Yeah I know! I'm just glad everything went so well this weekend! I hope we can come back and visit!"

Niall: "We can and we will!"

When we got to the airport there were girls waiting. I guess they had put two and two together with the one direction work schedule and the fact that Niall had to get back to London in time to join the boys! Niall waved and stopped for a couple of selfies, while I quietly slipped past them and entered the airport. Niall quickly joined me and grabbed my hand as we walked to check in.

Niall: "I don't like it when you just walk away like that!" He said it with a kind of baby /sad tone to his voice.

Nabella: "I'm just trying to give you some time alone with the fans though!"

Niall: "But I don't know where you go and then I worry!!"

Nabella: "Don't worry haha, I can take care of myself, and for most of the time I'm close by"

Even though the tone of the conversation was very casual and not serious at all, I thought it was cute that Niall wanted me by his side at all time!

We got past security, headed for the gate and before I knew it, I was sitting in the front row of the plane, same procedure as when we left for Ireland in the first place. First ones in and first ones out.

Lots of girls were waiting at the airport in London. My guess was that the word had gotten around that me and Niall were spotted at the airport in Ireland and on our way home. It was 11 pm and very cold when we got out of the airport and I was surprised by how many girls there were waiting! Niall didn't let go of my hand this time though and instead he just waved at the girls and smiled at them! I smiled at them as well, even though they probably didn't really care.

The girls were screaming out our ship name and saying how much they loved us being together. I admired their dedication to Niall and the boys, and I remembered when I used to be madly in love with Justin Bieber. Never had I been this dedicated to him but I was a fan, so I knew where going through the moment they saw Niall. It made me smile and, secretly, I was kind of excited to see some of the pictures that had been taken of me and Niall from the airport once we got home.






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