From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


16. Judgement day!

I woke up still laying on Niall's chest. Had we been sleeping like this all night? It was pretty comfortable and I felt safe in his arms. I laid there for a moment and just appreciated how lucky I was to be where I was, then I remembered: TODAY IS JUDGEMENT DAY! Niall was still sleeping like a baby, but I was so curious to see what everyone had to say about us, that I decided to let him sleep and take a peek at the media myself.

There were so many articles that popped up when I typed Niall Horan's girlfriend into the search felt.

"Sorry ladies! Niall Horan is no longer available."

"She has what it takes to win Niall's heart"

"Love is in the air"

"While thousands of hearts break, Niall's heart is finally whole!"

The articles were so sweetly written and the press only had nice things to say. The pictures of us were actually pretty good too! I had to agree with one article that called us "a gorgeous couple" I was so happy reading through all the articles because the one thing I had really feared was actually not bad at all. And almost all of the articles stated that they were so happy for us and that they hoped it would last! I hoped so too. Now on to twitter. I knew before even logging on that this would be really overwhelming compared to the articles. This was all about Niall's fans and their opinion about me stealing their man. I got on and overnight I had gotten almost half a million followers! How crazy was this! Their feelings for me was very mixed. A lot were so happy that Niall was happy and when the girls complimented me, I couldn't help but smile. But then there were the fans that felt like I had ruined their life and their chance with Niall. They wanted me gone and they weren't afraid of sharing it with me and the rest of the twitter world. Luckily I was still so excited about all the good feedback that the negatives didn't really effect me that much. I was staying and the girls would just have to get use to that!

Niall: "What's making you smile this morning babe?"

I guess I had been sitting at the computer for about an hour just reading all the stories being written along with the comments.

Nabella: "All the feedback about you & I. They think we are a gorgeous couple!"
Niall: "Oh do they now? Well that's all thanks to you love! Read me some of the articles, will ya?"

Niall sat down next to me and I started to read some out loud.

Niall: "Well I guess they approve haha. At least most of them I mean! Just do me a favor though.. I know you like reading these things and as long as they say nice things I do too. But the press can be real harsh, and now that everyone knows about us, they are going to be even more in our face. They are gonna be wanting stories about how we met and they are going to search your whole background and try to find bad stuff about you. And trust me, they will make up rumors that aren't true and they will post nasty things to try and bring you down. But let's promise each other not to believe in the media and if there is anything then we confront each other. Because I really don't want to loose you, so I sure as hell won't do anything to mess this up!"

Nabella: " I know babe. I was just excited to see the reaction. But I do know they can be tough on us but I trust you enough not to believe anything they say. And eventually I won't even bother reading them. So that's a promise babe! And I don't want to mess this up either"

Niall: "Good! I know it's exciting in the start. But it just gets tiering along the way. I mean Louis and Eleanor have broken up so many times according to the press, but it hasn't been true any of the times. Sometimes you just have to give them credit for being so creative and then just laugh it off!"

Nabella: "I'll do my best babe! We're good at laughing so that part shouldn't be a problem! No more serious talk now though! Let's enjoy the moment where everyone approves! YAY FOR US!"

Niall: "You're insane! Insanely amazing that is!"

He tackled me in the couch and I put the computer on the table so it wouldn't break. We had a little pillow fight going that ended in a heated make out session. God I loved those!

Niall: "So I have the interview with the guys and E! News today. They're gonna want to know everything about you, so is there anything you don't want me to mention?"

Nabella: "Oh yeah, I had totally forgotten about that! Well not really. I mean our story is pretty plain and normal, besides the fact that you are who you are. Just let them know how it all went down babe!"

Niall: "Well perfect then! Adrian is picking me up at 12.45 pm and I think I will be back around 3, but it depends on traffic and the fans and you know the rest..."

Nabella: "No worries. I can take care of myself. Maybe I'll go to the gym. I think I'm do for a work out session!"

Niall: "Sounds good! Just remember that you might get recognized now. But I'll leave the keys for the car and give you an address then! But now, let's make some breakfast! I'm starving!!"

Nabella: "That would be great! I'm so hungry!!"

We ate breakfast and Niall got ready to leave. I went and packed a gym bag and asked Niall if I would work out in one of his t-shirts.

Niall: "Of course you can babe!"

Adrian came right on time to pick Niall up. This was going to be the first time that we weren't going to be together after I'd arrived in London. Maybe a little time apart wasn't so bad. It was only like 3 hours anyways! I would miss him though!

Niall: "Alright babe! I'm off to tell the world about our love story! Hope you have a nice work out and get reaaaal sweaty aahahahahaaa."

Nabella: "Haha oh shut up. You do your work and I will do mine"

Niall: "Deal! Be safe while I'm gone! Miss you already!

Nabella: "You be safe, I've seen how those fans can be haha!"

He came to the couch to give me a kiss and then went out the door. 2 seconds after he came running back into the room.

Niall: "I forgot something!"

He ran over to me on the couch and gave me another kiss. He got up again, smiled at me and ran out the door once again. I didn't even have time to say anything so I just sat there all alone and smiled by myself. I decided to call Clara and my mom and give them a little update. I started a three way conference call so I wouldn't have to repeat myself twice. I'm lazy like that! We talked for about 30 minutes and then I hung up and went to get dressed for the gym.

I took the elevator all the way down to the parking garage and got in Niall's range rover. So weird sitting in the wrong side of the car, and I was actually so nervous to go driving for the first time all by myself. Luckily the gym was just 5 minutes in car from Niall's place. I pulled out of the garage and pulled out on the road. I made it safely to the gym without crashing the car or getting lost. I had a little proud moment to myself and then got out of the car. To my surprise there was a guy taking pictures of me as a soon as I started walking towards the gym. I guess they had Niall's car followed or something. Luckily I had my sunglasses on. Niall had told me to get use to always wearing them, because it just made it easier to hide tired eyes, or the no make up face.

Paps: "Good morning Nabella. Where's Niall?"

I smiled at him and answered:

Nabella: "Hello. He's working today"

He kept walking next to me and asking me a million questions about me and Niall. I stopped answering him and just kept walking and smiling. He stopped following me once I entered the gym. I went to the locker room and got ready for my work out. A couple of girls were looking at me weird and I started thinking if I had a sign on my back or something on me because they kept staring! I went out into the gym and got on the treadmill. I was just gonna go for a 5 mile run and then lift some weights. Nothing too hard since I hadn't worked out in about 2 weeks.

Highly concentrated on my run and my breathing I went hard on the treadmill. I looked up and out around the gym and stopped a girl taking a picture of me across the room. What the hell? Was I really that funny looking when I ran? Not letting it bother me i continued my run. I finished my run in just under an hour! Oh yeah I still got it! I went to get refill my water bottle in the bathroom before hitting the weights upstairs. While I was filling my water bottle up another girl, about 16 years old, came in the room.


I looked at her kinda weird. Why was she saying hi to me?

Nabella: "Hey"

"You're Niall's new girlfriend right?"

Nabella: "Yeah, I'm Nabella"

"You're so lucky. But you're really pretty too!"

Nabella: "Aw thank you. He's actually the lucky one" I joked.

She giggled and let me pass to exit the bathroom.

I got upstairs and starting working on my abs. After I headed over the do some squats.

Then the girl from the bathroom came over to me again.

"I'm really sorry to bother you, but can I have a picture with you?"

Nabella: "haha do you really want a picture of sweaty me?"

"If you don't mind of course?"

Nabella: "Honestly I feel kind of gross right now. But I'm almost done with my work out and then I'll take a picture with you after my cool down, how's that?

"Okay thank you"

She left me alone to finish my work out and as soon as I went for the mattress to stretch she came over again. 

"Can I have the picture now?"

I realized she wasn't going to stop so I wiped my face with my towel and posed for a picture with her.

"Thank you so much! Tell Niall hi from me please"

Nabella: "Okay I will. Bye sweety"

This was so odd to me. Why would she want a picture of me? I wasn't talented or famous or anything. These fans were crazy I thought.

I decided to take a shower back at Niall's since people were obviously noticing me at the gym. I didn't really like people staring while I showered. I went to the locker room and got my stuff and put on my sunglasses and left the gym. As soon as I walked out of the door there were about 6 paps taking pictures of me and yelling questions at me. I just told them hey and put my head down and headed directly for the car. I was still sweaty and my face was red from the work out. This was not how I wanted my picture to turn out in the tabloids. I waved goodbye to the paps and drove off. I got back to Niall's without getting lost and went to take a shower. While I had been in the shower Niall had sent me a text:

"You look good in your work out clothes!"

I answered him once I got out of the shower:

"How do you know?"

He replied with a picture from twitter. Wow news travel fast! This was the picture the girl had taken with me inside the gym. I was sweaty and red in my face but I was smiling and the little girl looked so happy.

I answered him back:

"Haha I promised her to tell you hi. I seriously don't get why she would want a picture with me though."

"Because you are my girl now. Everyone wants to be you, and since that's not an option, they want to be with you! Better get use to it"

"I don't get it! haha"

"Don't worry about it. Looks like you made her day and as long as you are just your sweet self then you're doing everything perfect! We just finished the interview. They loved our story! I'll be home in about 40, we are just going to say hi to some of the waiting fans! Xx Niall"



Niall's POV at the interview:

I had only been away from Nabella for 10 minutes and I was already thinking about her. I was totally crazy about her, but I was also excited to see all the lads again. I hadn't seen them for 5 days now and I had to update them on everything! We pulled up to the building and there were hundreds of girls just screaming outside. I went to say hi to a few and smiled for a couple of pictures. One girl asked for a picture and after she asked how Nabella was. That was so sweet! I smiled at her and told her that Nabella was great!

I got into the building and the other guys were already there being styled and prepped for the interview.

Harry: "Well hello lovey dovey"

Niall: "Aha! Hey guys!"

Liam: "How are you mate. Good to see you!"

Niall: "Good to see you too. I'm great as you all probably know."

Louis: "Yes. Welcome the the couples club lad! Glad you made it."

Zayn. "Ya welcome on board mate!"

Niall: "Thanks guys! Nabella says Hi to all of you! She's excited to see you soon!

Harry: " Well tell her hi back then! Where is she now?"

Niall: "Uhm I think she's at the gym now actually. She wanted to work out a little."

Liam: "Oh she's an active one huh? Maybe her and Sophia can work out together then!"

Niall: "Yeh I was actually hoping that I could introduce her to Sophia and to Eleanor as well Louis?"

Louis: "I think they would get along great! Eleanor has been asking about her actually. We can double date!"

Liam: "What about us?!"

Louis: "We can triple date then!"

Harry: "What about me then?"

Louis: "Well Harry I guess you can come along as a 7th wheel!"

We all started laughing. It was good to be back with the guys again.

We were shown to the interview room and put on our mics.

The interview was starting:

Interviewer: Welcome guys! It's so good to see you all here back in London!

Liam: Thank you! It's good to be back home again!"

Interviewer: I bet! That was quite a tour you guys were on!

Louis: Ya! 134 shows and here we are. It was amazing.

Interviewer: Wow guys! So ya. 134 shows.. a whole world to explore and millions of screaming girls! What was the best part."

Harry: Niall do you want to answer that one? No haha, I think for me the best part was defiantly just being on stage almost every night and having a blast! 

Liam: Yeah I agree with Harry that the best part was being on stage. And I mean the fans are just amazing! No matter what country we were in, we had fully sold out shows every night, and the fans are so dedicated all around the world. It's just amazing to experience!

Louis: Yeah for me it was also just experiencing how dedicated our fans were and then also seeing the world! We went to places I had never imagined going, and we're just so blessed that we get to see new places all the time.

Zayn: I guess we are saving Niall's answer for last huh? haha well for me it was also the performing part. I love being on stage and hearing the fans sing along. It gives me he goosebumps every time!

Interviewer: Alright and  Niall, the boys are hinting that you have a little different answer than the others?

Niall: Well the best part for me was also being on stage and performing. I love what we do and I wouldn't trade it in for anything! But yeh I guess this tour for me was extra special.

Interviewer: And how so? We already know the answer, but let's just hear you say this!

Niall: I met a wonderful gorgeous girl on tour haha.

I was blushing just thinking about the meet and greet where I met Nabella!!

Interviewer: And can we just talk about this for a little bit please.. so you met a girl? and then what?

Niall: Haha yeah so you know we have the meet and greet before every show. Well we were in Denmark and this girl just walks in the room and I just can't focus on anything else. I've always been open to dating a fan if she was the right one for me, and apparently she's been hiding in Denmark until now.

Interviewer: Alright so then what? You have to give us the inside scoop? Her names Nabella right?

Niall: Yeh! Her name is Nabella. So we got the picture taken and I just couldn't stop staring. Like it was almost like she was the famous one and I was the stalker fan haha. No but I decide to go talk to her and get her name, you know.. just normal stuff and then I end up playing a little soccer with her nephew. And she's later told me that that was what totally won her over hahaha. So anyways.. they are escorted out into the arena and I still can't stop thinking about her. So during the show I luckily spot her in the crowd and during little things I make eye contact with her and try to flirt a little, which is so hard from stage by the way!

Interviewer: How sweet! And then what?

Niall: Well she actually sent a tweet after the show thanking for an amazing experience and I just happened to see it. So I tweet her back and DM her and invite her to the next nights show. So she comes to that show too with her friend and we do the meet and greet again like the night before and once again I try and flirt from stage. By now I've made up my mind that I want to get to know her. And I guess this is one of the advantages of being famous because I actually got security to have her stay till after the concert and then bring her backstage to me. And then we all went out for dinner and we went to that amusement park and ya... the chemistry between us is just great and she's just so herself around me which I love.

Interviewer: So then what? we want the juicy details Niall!!!

Niall: haha uuuhmm... well we may have shared a little goodbye kiss before I left Denmark and then we just kept in touch through skype and the phone you know. And you know Denmark was one of the last places before the tour ended, so I just took a chance and invited her to come to London and now she's here and she's great and everything actually went so well that we are officially dating!

Interviewer: So Niall Horan is no longer single?

Niall: Nope! Sorry ladies hahahaha

Interviewer: Well I bet that millions of hearts across the world will be broken when they hear this, but I'm glad you are happy. And guys you've met her too right? What do you think of all this?

Harry: Nabella is great! Actually when we stopped her at the meet and greet it was a 50/50 between me and Niall, but that little shit was just faster than me!

Zayn: Ya she seems great and we're happy that Niall is happy!

Interviewer: That's so sweet you guys! Well congrats on that Niall.

Niall: Thank you!

Interviewer: Now back to one direction business.. You guys have a new album coming out soon?

The interview went on for about 10 more minutes but I wasn't really paying attention. I was letting the other lads take the questions and my mind went back to Nabella. hehe!

After the interview Louis came over to me.

Louis: Hey Niall, check this out!"

He showed me a picture on his phone of Nabella and some little girl. I could tell the picture was from my gym so I guessed that the picture had just been taken.

Niall: "Haha I did try to warm her that she would be noticed!"

Louis: "Well it looks like she is a natural at that fangirl thing! Good work Nabella!"

Niall: Haha yeh I'm gonna send her a little prank about this."

I sent her a text:

"You look good in your work out clothes!"

"How do you know?"

I replied with the picture from twitter.

"Haha I promised her to tell you hi. I seriously don't get why she would want a picture with me though."

"Because you are my girl now. Everyone wants to be you, and since that's not an option, they want to be with you! Better get use to it"

"I don't get it! haha"

"Don't worry about it. Looks like you made her day and as long as you are just your sweet self then you're doing everything perfect! We just finished the interview. They loved our story! I'll be home in about 40, we are just going to say hi to some of the waiting fans! Xx Niall"

I was so ready to just go home to Nabella now! I really did miss her! So weird, but weird in such a good way! I loved this feeling that being in love was making me feel! We went out to say hallo to the fans and then I had Adrian hurry me home to my girl who was waiting for me!


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