From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


28. Guided Tour

Nabella: "Hey babe? I need to tell you something!"

Niall looked up from the movie and made eye contact.

Niall: "What's wrong?"

Nabella: "Okay so you have to promise not to get mad, because technically he did nothing wrong.."

Niall: "Who did what wrong? I don't get what you're talking about?!"

Nabella: "Oliver tweeted that you are in Denmark!"

I gave him my phone for him to read the tweet that Oliver's update account had tweeted.

He was quiet for a little while reading some of the other tweets and I sat there looking at him, just waiting for a reaction.

Niall: "Aww man! That sucks a lot actually. I was hoping for a nice and quiet time with you!"

Nabella: "We can still do nice and quiet here at the apartment or at my parents house I guess. But I know what you mean babe! I'm sorry!"

Niall: "No don't be! You're right. It's our own fault that we didn't tell him to keep it on the low!"

Nabella: "It's still annoying. I'll just give him a call tomorrow morning and let him know that he can't give away our location or anything. We can still do stuff in town if we cover up a little?!"

Niall: "Yea let's not worry about it. If I had to change my plans every time I was spotted, then I might as well just lock myself up in a cage for people to watch me. So does this mean your mom's home cooked dinner tomorrow too?"

Nabella: "I'd like to lock you up in a cage Mr. Horan." I said while giving him a smirk. "But if you want to eat at my parents place tomorrow then I'll make that happen for you. My mom loves the company so I'm sure it's not a problem. Maybe you can even meet my other sister and the baby twins!"

Niall: "Sure why not! I might as well meet the whole family while I'm here! And plus I love babies! How old are they again?"

Nabella: "They are about to turn 2 this summer!"

Niall: "Perfect age for goofing off. Can't wait!"

It brought a smile on my face that Niall was so excited about my whole family.

We hadn't really been paying much attention to the movie and agreed on just calling it a night. We got ready for bed and fell asleep while talking about what to do during our days in Copenhagen.


I woke up the next morning to Niall making drawings on my back with his bitten down nails. I guess he was still a little jetlagged from all the world traveling. Enjoying feeling his fingers trace around my bare back, I decided to stay with my back turned a little longer and pretend to sleep. I gave him about ten more minutes but blew my cover when he reached my sides and it tickled too much for me to keep still.

Niall: "HEY! How long have you been enjoying this missy?"

Nabella:" Haha not too long. I liked your drawing of the house though.. were there 3 or 4 windows on the second floor?"

Niall: "Haha there were 3. You little goof! I can't believe you've just been laying there while I'm been patiently waiting for you haha. This jetlag just kills me! I'm getting hungry too!"

Nabella: "I was just enjoying your touch on my skin. It gives me the goosebumps babe. I love that feeling. But now that you've stopped, my hunger is taking over too, so lets get dressed - I know a real good breakfast place close by!"

Niall: "Oh if it wasn't because I was so hungry, I'd give you goosebumps all day long love!"

I blushed at the thought of staying in bed all day with Niall and his touch. I scooted closer to him under the covers and gave him a little kiss, just to tease him and remind him that I also had the power to give him goosebumps and butterflies. 

Niall: "Wow! For once I'm actually mad that I'm this hungry!"

I laughed at his comment while getting out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Once I got back Niall was pretty much dressed. He had light washed jeans, and a big sweatshirt on along with his snapback. I joined his casual look and put on my light washed skinny jeans and a sweatshirt, which was black like Niall's.

Nabella: "Hey twin!! I joked.

Niall came over and gave me a kiss.

Niall: "I'm glad you're not my twin. Imagine being this attracted to your sister! EW! haha!!"

Nabella: "Haha way to gross out the situation butt head! Get your sunglasses out too. This cafe is pretty small and local but the 5 minute walk is out in the open and I'd love to just enjoy breakfast with you alone!"

Niall: "Oh I'm way ahead of you with that one hun!" He reached in his pocket and pulled out his ray ban sunglasses.

I laughed at him as I grabbed my own pair of ray ban. The situation was a little ironic. Niall and I were both blonde with blue eyes, were dressed alike and had the same sunglasses on. If people didn't recognize us on the street they would defiantly think we were at least siblings - Good cover up, I thought!

We made it to the little diner without being noticed and got a table in the corner of the little place. Within 15 minutes we were drinking out freshly pressed orange juice, drinking our coffee and waiting for the food to arrive. I decided to call Oliver while we were waiting to let him know the deal about being an insider and having an update account. Even though I was mad at him, I couldn't make myself yell at him because he was so sad and sorry about what he had caused that I felt bad for bringing it up again. He knew it was stupid of him, but word on twitter travels so fast that it was too late to turn back.

Oliver: "So does this mean that Niall will un follow the account again?"

Nabella:" No of course not! Just please promise me not to take advantage of this situation Oliver. If you want me to be able to tell you things like I usually do, and if you want to hang out with us, then you have to promise not to share everything on twitter. Of course you can post a picture or two and tell your friends about what you have done with us, but just don't tell the whole world. Because trust me! - your update account is not only viewed by fans anymore but also a lot of media sites because they found out that you are one of the co owners!"

Oliver: "Nabella I am so so so so so sorry! Please tell Niall I didn't mean to do any harm! I was just so excited and I wasn't thinking! I promise I won't do anything stupid ever again!"

I felt bad that he was feeling this guilty because I understood that he was excited about the situation.

Nabella: "Oliver I know you're sorry! And now that we have set down the rules, let's just have fun and learn from this okay? How about we hang out this weekend before we leave for London Monday morning?"

Oliver:" OMG YES! If you guys still want to hang out with me! Maybe you guys can come over and I can show Niall my room and my guitar and drum set and stuff?!?! Can we do that Nabby?"

It seemed like he had already forgotten that he was sad and I told him that I would ask Niall and arrange everything with him mom (my sister) and then let him know. I decided not to tell him that we were going over to dinner with my other sister and her kids tonight, because Oliver would just want to join in and take all of Niall's time.

After breakfast I suggested that we touch the tourist boat ride so I could show Niall Copenhagen like he had shown me Dublin. Being on the boat would also mean that we wouldn't be bothered by more fans then the few that might be on the ride as well. The boats are pretty long and seat about 100 people in rows of 5. It lasts about 2 hours and it's a gorgeous way to see most of the big tourist attractions. The bonus for me being that I could just enjoy Niall while some guide told us all about the monuments and old buildings! We agreed on the boat tour and before leaving the diner I checked the departure times, so we could just jump right on the boat instead of waiting with a big group of tourists.

When we arrived at the harbor and the boat, we had just enough time to buy the tickets and jump on the boat as the last two passengers - Perfect! We grabbed a seat in the way back so we could have some privacy. Niall had his snapback on and his sunglasses and was looking down while I guided him to the back row. So far so good I thought. The boat pulled out of the harbor and the guide welcomed everyone on board. Through out the whole tour she would explain to us which attraction we were looking at in Danish, French and then lastly English.

Besides the fact that we were in the beginning of December and it was pretty cold out on the water, everything was going good. We had the back row to ourselves and I had cuddled up close to Niall while he had his arm around me to keep warm. We were having a great time and the boat trip was actually a little romantic. We were sharing kisses and making jokes about the different words the guide was saying in French, which neither of us understood. I had noticed a few stares from some of the other passengers but I thought it was mostly because we were being loud and laughing a lot. We passed by the little mermaid, which is like the statue of liberty in Denmark. Niall and I posed for a selfie with her in the background and Niall couldn't help his laugh when he actually saw how little she was.

Niall: "No wonder she's called the 'little mermaid'.. That things tiny!"

Nabella: "Haha ssshhh! You can't just be making fun of her! We're very proud to have her here mister!"

Niall: "Hahaha my bad!"

Niall couldn't control his laughter and I had to shut him up before he caught the whole boats attention. The laugh was one of a kind and anyone would recognize it without a doubt if they heard it. I leaned in and kissed him. I kept on giving him small kisses on his lips until his mouth turned from the smile he was laughing through, to puckered lips that were kissing me back. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the kisses he was giving me. For a second I imagined just Niall and I on our own boat somewhere warm and tropical with dolphins jumping around our boat. Unfortunately that wasn't the case when I opened my eyes again. Pretty much the whole boat had their attention directed at us and 4 girls had found the courage to walk to the back of the boat to ask for a picture and an autograph.

Niall: "Heya girls. Where are you guys from?"

Fan: " We're from France actually."

Niall: "Oh yeh? How are ya enjoying Copenhagen?"

Fan: "It's good! Very pretty buildings but it's a little cold!"

Niall: "Ya this place is gorgeous I agree! Isn't it cold in France too right now?!"

Fan: "We live in southern France where it's not that cold actually."

Niall: "Oh okay - Well then if I were you guys I would hurry back home haha. Did you guys want a picture?"

Fan: "We leave in 2 days, we were just passing through from visiting relatives in Sweden! Yes please. Can we have a picture each maybe?"

Niall: "Oh Sweden's cool - cold too though! Yeah of course you can!!"

I got up from my seat, so the girls could take turns sitting in my spot next to Niall for the pictures. All of them got selfies and Niall signed a sleeve, a phone cover, an iPhone and a girls tourist map.

Fan: "Can we have a group picture where you're in it too Nabella?"

I was pretty surprised they knew my name, but flattered over the fact that they wanted a picture with me in it as well. Niall answered before I could even open my mouth.

Niall: "Yeh of course ya can!"

He pulled me down so I was sitting on his lap and the girls crowded in around us. The girl on the far left held out the camera and pointed it towards us. We all smiled into the lens and let the camera capture the moment.

Niall: "Alright guys. Thanks for the pictures! Great meeting ya!"

This was Niall's way of politely telling the girls to leave us alone.

Fan: "Thank you so much for the pictures! You two are so cute together - we're so happy for you guys!"

Niall: "Thanks girls! Enjoy the rest of your stay!"

The girls went back to their parents and even though they were 9 or 11 rows ahead of us they kept their eyes on us, rather than the beautiful city, for the rest of the tour. Niall noticed too but decided to ignore them. We enjoyed the rest of the trip trying our best not to focus on the fact that we now had become the main attraction of the tour rather than Copenhagen itself.

When the boat got back to the harbor we waited until everyone else had exited the boat. That way we wouldn't be crowded by more people. As we were getting off the boat, the tour guide stopped Niall and asked for a picture as well. Niall posed for the picture and thanked her and the captain for the tour and ride. We walked up from the harbor and entered one of the small restaurants that was located along the water. Niall ordered a hot chocolate and I ordered a cup of tea to keep warm as well.

Niall: "So I think it's a good idea that we are staying low tonight at your parents house. I have a feeling fans will be on the look out the next couple of days. The fact that I've stopped to take pictures with some fans, usually attracts more fans!"

Nabella:" Yeah I agree. I just hope we don't get mobbed or even worse.. that they find out where my parents live or my apartment is."

Niall: "Naw I wouldn't worry too much about that babe. We've been spotted here in downtown, so this is where they'll be looking."

I nodded and leaned in for another kiss. I loved having him here and decided just to enjoy his company rather than keep on worrying about the fans and papz.

We sat and enjoyed our hot beverages while checking twitter. The guide from the boat had uploaded a picture on her instagram that some fans had already found and reposted all over twitter. I showed Niall and he just nodded, turned his phone and showed me the group picture of the girls and us on the boat. It was actually really cute! We were all happy and smiling and the water in the background was a nice mix with the colors!

Since we had already been spotted and everyone knew Niall was visiting me, I uploaded our selfie from in front of the little mermaid on my instagram with the caption "Tourist in my own town with @NiallHoran" and then shared it on my twitter as well.

Nabella: "Might as well be part of the picture posting! If there are gonna be pictures of us they might as well be good haha!" I joked and winked at Niall while showing him my post. He was once again ahead of me, and turned his phone towards me while laughing.. He had just posted a picture of me from the boat where I was looking very focused, pointing out towards the queen's castle with the caption "My very own tour guide!" I liked his picture and put down my phone. I knew all the social media accounts were about to blow up since we had leaked where we were to the world. Niall's phone started buzzing like crazy and after a while we realized that the vibrations were from the phone ringing rather than from the notifications. He picked up the phone..

Niall: "Hello?"

Adrian: "Hey Niall. How's it going?"

Niall: "Oh hey Adrian. I didn't have this number in my phone! Everything's great man. How's your time off so far?"

Adrian: "That's because I'm calling from the office. Apparently my little vacation has been cut short by Modest."

Niall:" What's that suppose to mean mate?"

Adrian: "It means that I'm on the next plane to Copenhagen. Looks like I'll be joining you guys the last 2 days."

Niall: "What? Why?"

Adrian: "Well management thinks that it's too risky to have you there by yourself, and something about you guys being too obvious about your location makes them worry too much!"

Niall: "Aw man they must be talking about our recent instagram pictures! Look man I'm sorry! We won't post anymore pictures, you don't need to come here! I'm sure you and Michelle have better things to do!"

Adrian: "Unfortunately that's not my call bud! Just called to let you know I'll be in Copenhagen in about 3 hours!"

Niall: "Aww shit Adrian I'm so sorry!"

Adrian: "Don't be! It's my job remember!"

Niall: "Yeh but still. Oh well! Looking forward to seeing you my man! Call me when you land, we are having dinner at Nabella's parents house tonight, so maybe there's a homecooked meal for you as well!"

Adrian: "I'll call you Niall. Tell Nabella hey!"

Adrian hung up the phone and Niall looked over at me.

Niall: "Looks like Modest isn't too pleased with us sharing our love life like that on twitter. They are sending Adrian in for backup in case the fans become too much!"

Nabella: "Aww poor Adrian! I bet him and Michelle were planning the wedding and enjoying each other!"

Niall: " Yeh I know! He's only had 1 day off as well! I feel bad!"

Nabella: "Well like he said it is his job. Let's have him join us for dinner at least! I'll call my mom and tell her we'll be one extra!"

Niall: "Yeah he didn't sound too excited about the invite I gave him, but I guess he was being professional! We'll convince him to join us when he lands!"

Nabella: "Yea we will. Even though I wish it was just you and me these days, I'm excited to see A! I haven't seen him for 2 weeks almost haha!"

Niall: "Trust me you'll be seeing him more and more I think! Modest is gonna have us under surveillance  24/7 I feel like! It's way too much sometimes! They kill Eleanor and Louis too, I hate how they do it!"

Nabella: "They're just protecting they most prized possession babe!"

Niall: "No love! You don't know half the story about Modest! They are too much trust me!"

Niall's tone got serious and I decided to cut the conversation short instead of digging into something that was obviously a sore subject for the boys. Oliver had told me that the fans hated the boys' management because they were so bossy with the boys but I guess the fans weren't the only ones fed up with Modest!

Nabella: "Let me call us a cab so we can go back to my apartment and get ready for dinner hun!?"

Niall leaned over for a kiss and as soon as I gave him one, his smile returned on his face. We waited about 10 minutes before getting out to the cab. We wanted to make sure the cab was waiting for us rather than we were standing out in the cold and open waiting for the cab. We got in unnoticed and headed back to my apartment. This was luckily still one of the safe zones, where we were out of sight and had our privacy.




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