From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


14. Going public

I woke up the next morning in the guest room by myself. I guess I must have fallen asleep on the couch by Niall, and then he carried me into bed. What a gentleman he was. I went out and brushed my teeth and entered the living room. No sign of Niall anywhere though. I quietly opened the door to his bedroom and there he was just sleeping like an angel. He must be so tired from the whole tour and crazy schedule, so I decided just to let him sleep in a little. I got in the shower and got ready for the day. Jeans and a t-shirt was a sure winner every time! Niall was still sleeping when I was done getting ready. I looked at my watch and it was actually only 10am. I decided to make him breakfast and hoped that the smell of bacon would wake him up. I opened his fridge which was surprisingly full considering that he just got home after 7 months on the road, but then again, he probably had someone do his groceries.

I finished breakfast and set the table in the kitchen and then went to check on my angel, who was STILL sleeping. I went over to the side of his bed and sat down next to him.

Nabella: "Good morning sleepy head. I made you breakfast in the kitchen."

Niall smiled even though his eyes were still closed.

Niall: "Well I could get use to this. Waking up to your voice and the smell of bacon. How amazing is that!"

I laughed and told him I'd be waiting for him in the kitchen and gave him a kiss on the forehead before I left the room. Niall joined me in the kitchen just a few minutes later. He was wearing his adidas shorts and sweatshirt, such a normal guy I thought to myself.

Niall: "Wow this looks great babe, thanks"

He leaned over and gave me a good morning kiss on the lips before taking a seat next to me. We ate breakfast and Niall confirmed that I had fallen asleep on his lap and he had carried me into bed. We talked about what we wanted to do today and I told Niall that it was totally up to him. I did want to see London but the most important thing for me was just being with Niall. All this quiet alone time was just what the both of us needed to get to know each other, after all we had only know each other for a little over 2 weeks and everything was happening so fast. The more we talked the more we realized we had in common. Of course we had our differences on a couple of things, but that only made our conversation more interesting.

Niall told me that even though this was his time off he still had a couple of interviews and a photo shoot as well. I was very understanding and suggested that I would just go shopping or exploring and keep myself busy while he worked. Niall was so happy that I understood for how demanding his work really was.

Niall told me that he had plans for us to go see the Buckingham Palace today and then get some lunch. That suited me just fine, and while Niall went to get ready I went to check the social medias. I had barely been in twitter, facebook or instagram since I'd arrived, so it was good to get a quick update on how everyone back home was doing. I sent my mom and Clara a quick text to let them know that I was okay and everything was going great!

Niall: "Ready babe?"

Nabella: "Yup, just give me one sec to get my purse and jacket!"

Adrian was waiting out by the elevator. I guess it was necessary to have him along now that we were going to be in public places. I actually liked having him with us. It meant that Niall sat in the back with me and we could worry less about everyone else and just focus on each other.

We got to Buckingham Palace and the place was packed with tourists.

Niall: "Hopefully we'll blend right in"

He put on his sunglasses and cap and waited for Adrian to open the door for us. We got out and walked towards some of the guards. I told Niall about the Queens Castle in Denmark and we compared the two to each other. Niall grabbed my hand and we walked around for a bit to get a better look at the Palace and we had Adrian just a few steps behind us at all time.


Niall: "Oh boy, we've been spotted, so much for a relaxing day with you!"

Niall squeezed my hand tighter, which surprised me because I thought he would let go of it to not make a big deal out of us, but I guess he wanted to. Adrian closed in on us and walked with his hand around Niall while the other one was in front of us. Niall stopped for a couple of photos but our main goal was to get back to the car quickly.

We reached the car, quickly got in and pulled away from the palace.

Nabella: "I'm becoming a pro at this whole getaway thing!"

Niall: "Haha yeh I'm so sorry you have to experience this all the time."

Nabella: "Just stop apologizing. It's your everyday and it's my own choice to be apart of it. And if this is the price to be with you, then it's no big deal at all."

Niall gave me a kiss and I think that meant he liked my answer.

We agreed that lunch was just going to be drive thru Chinese food and then we would head home and hang out.

We got back to the flat and ate our food while watching a movie.

Niall: "You know, I'm really happy you're here with me."

Nabella: "And I'm really happy that I am here with you. I never thought in my wildest dreams that this would ever happen. Out of millions of girls and you decide you want to hang out with me! Can I ask why?"

Niall: "Haha of course you can. But I'm going to ask you the same thing so prepare your answer girly!.... The first time I saw you at the meet and greet it was actually Liam who spotted you. We have a secret language between us boys so we can talk about our fans without them knowing, and quickly all the guys knew that there was a hot girl in the room..."

I was blushing and the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy, but I stayed quiet and just smiled while Niall continued...

"So I took the chance, and since the other lads are all dating except Harry it was a 50/50 chance and you decided to stand next to me. You did have me a little nervous when you and Harry were talking while I was playing soccer with your nephew though! There was just something special about you. You were so calm and so you when you walked in compared to everyone else and the reaction we are used to. And then under the concert I felt like we had a connection during "little things". You know.. If I hadn't found you on twitter, I would have had management track down your information. That's one of the pluses of being famous - we have power! haha! And yeah.. after that I just fell in love with your personality."

Nabella: "Fell in love?"

Niall: "Yeh, I mean I don't think I've really been in love before, so I don't know what it's suppose to feel like, but I've never felt like this with anyone else and I really like you! But now it's your turn to embarrass yourself in front of me like I just did for you!"

Nabella: "Niall you did not embarrass yourself! But you did confirm that our feelings are mutual. I came to the meet and greet for Olivers sake. When I entered the room I was a total belieber, no offense to you guys or anything! And then you and I made eye contact for the first time, and I immediately got butterflies in my stomach and that came as such a surprise to me that I had to get next to you in the picture so I could get a closer look. And then you started playing soccer with Oliver, and that just completely melted my heart. But I honestly didn't consider this as an option after that though. The fact that you retweeted me was ridiculous to me and then you DM'ed me and I just knew I had to take the chance! And ya, here we are and I've never been more happy than I am right now!"

Niall just sat there and smiled at me. I couldn't tell if I had said something wrong or if he was just dazing off and hadn't really listened to me. Then he leaned in and kissed, long and passionately. I kissed him back and things heated up. He leaned over me forcing me to lay down under him and we continued kissing. I had my hands running through his hair and up and down his back and he was squeezing onto my sides and thighs. Niall paused and looked at me. He smiled and then took off his shirt. I put my hands on his abs and ran them up to his neck and then I grabbed him and pulled him down towards me and we started kissing again. We were moving around all over the couch and I managed to position myself on top of Niall with one leg on each side of him. This way I was in control and I could kiss him all over his face and neck and chest.. Which I did .. A LOT! I could feel Niall's phone going off in his pants pocket but then it stopped, so I continued to tease him while kissing him all over. Niall's phone kept going off so I stopped and told him to get it. It was Harry!

Niall: "Harry! Your timing is once again just perfect mate. What's up?"

Harry: "Why didn't you tell me that Nabella was visiting you in London?"

Niall: "How do you know?"

Harry: "It's all over the tabloids. Your twitter is exploding and the press is even calling me and asking who your mystery girl is."

Niall: "Oh no way! Are the pictures from Nandos last night?"

Harry: "Well have a look for yourself. The most recent ones are from Buckingham Palace today. Some of the fans are taking it pretty hard. I don't think they are ready to share you!"

Niall: "Oh man! Alright, I'll have a look at it. Thanks for the heads up mate! I'll talk to you later."

Harry: "No problem mate. Tell Nabella hey from me and tell her I'll see her soon! Oh and by the way.. You two look pretty cute together!"

Niall: " Hahaha shut up Harry! I'll let her know you said hey!"

Niall hung up the phone and looked at me. I had been so close to him that I could hear the whole conversation. What a mood killer that was.

Niall: "Well.. Let's look at the chaos you've created babe!"

He got out his computer and opened twitter. A bunch of girls were tweeting him asking about me. Some were saying they were happy for us while others wished I would die. It was kind of hard being judged by girls who didn't even know me. Niall looked over at me with his eyebrows raised and the opened up the daily tabloid web pages. There we were! Hand in hand at Buckingham Palace. Harry was right though, we did look good together, but it was so weird looking at myself on the web.

Niall: "Well it's out! I'm not really sure what to say. I had honestly hoped that we could have kept us a secret for a little longer. That way the fans wouldn't bug you that much, but I guess it's kind of too late."

Nabella: "How do they even know all this? I'm so in shock I don't even know what do say or do babe!"

Niall: "Well I kind of have an idea. But let me call my publicist and hear what she has to say. And of course we won't do anything before you agreed to it!"

Nabella: "Let's talk to your publicist and see what she has to say!"

I smiled at Niall and gave him a kiss on the cheek while he was dialing the number. It was important for me to let Niall know that I wasn't mad at all. Niall got up and left the room while he was talking on the phone. I was sure that him and me would be able to make it work. I mean the other guys in the band had girlfriends too! No biggie right?

Niall came back in the room with a thumbs up and a smile on his face.

Niall: " Alright babe, So Sabrina says GO for my plan so let me fill you in!"

Nabella:"I'm all ears love..."

Niall: " Alright so first of all I need to make sure this is for real? And not just some lusty fan game you're playing with me, which I'm really hoping it's not haha.."

Nabella: "Haha you're such an idiot! Of course I am ALL IN and ALL YOURS Niall."

Niall: "Already then. We need to introduce you to the fans and the rest of the world. Sabrina suggested that we go out to dinner tonight and make it official, and I agree with her, but I'd also like to upload a picture of you or us on twitter now. As you could probably tell the fans aren't good at sharing, and a lot of them will be heartbroken when they realize that I'm also off the market, so I feel like if we warn them with a picture then they will be more prepared for tonight."

Nabella: "Haha listen to you, all that self esteem and breaking hearts.." I was teasing him trying to change the mood to being less serious... "But alright, I'm in! And excited for dinner! Thanks for the invite babe!!"

I gave him a quick kiss, winked at ham and got up to freshen up before I was letting him take any picture of us. I came back to the living room and sat down on the couch with Niall. 

Nabella: "Hello World" I exclaimed while putting my hands in the air.

Niall: "Haha god you're great. Ready for our first couple's selfie?"

I put my legs across his while sitting next to him and put my head on his shoulder. He put the camera up in front of us and turned the lens facing us. Niall took a couple of pictures and after a few where we were smiling we both started doing silly faces without planning anything. We started laughing and Niall was catching the moment! We decided to post a picture where I was sticking my tongue out at Niall and he was laughing at me. It was cute! Niall posted it on twitter with the caption:

This girl @NabellaA7 and then the picture was uploaded!

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