From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


22. Girly day

The next morning my head hurt a little and I didn't feel like getting up at all! I could hear that Niall had gotten out of bed and was already in the shower. Poor guy, having to shoot a music video and being all up and ready after a night out, I felt bad for him. I closed my eyes and fell back asleep only to be woken up 20 minutes later by Niall kissing me goodbye.

Niall: "Bye princess! Have fun with Eleanor today and I'll hurry back so we can be together tonight! I'll call you during breaks! Love you"

Nabella: "Bye babe! Have fun on set. Love you too!"

I heard the front door close and I fell back to sleep. I finally woke up and felt much better, so I went and took a shower. Then I got dressed for my day out with El and ate some breakfast. While I was eating my Cheerios, a text buzzed in on my phone. It was from Eleanor:

"Good morning! Are you up and ready? And what do you want to do today? Xx El"

I replied: "Good morning :) Yup I'm up and almost ready to go! I was hoping that you would be in charge of the plans today since I don't really know what there is to do in London! Xx Nabella"

"Sounds good! I'll come pick you up in about 30 minutes and then we'll figure something out! Xx"

I checked my email and the social medias while waiting for El to pick me up. To my surprise there were so many pictures of us from last night! I hadn't even noticed people taking pictures, but then again.. I was kind of in my own zone yesterday - Just dancing and having fun! And just like El had warned me, some people had started rumors of me and Harry dating because there were pictures of us dancing together and laughing while Niall was in the background at our table talking. Luckily it was only a rumor with Harry! I knew Niall wouldn't believe it because he was there and Harry is like his best friend! Still a little shocked to read all the things! The way they had taken the pictures it all looked so real, that I almost believed the rumor. Feeling a little uncomfortable I went on instagram instead. Lots of new followers and mentions. I scrolled through the list and saw that Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Eleanor Calder had followed me on instagram. I followed them all back and uploaded a picture of me and El that we had taken in the bathroom yesterday at the club. I commented : A friend in London and then tagged El in it.

Just as I had finished uploading El texted me saying she was outside. I grabbed my purse and hurried out the door.

Nabella: "Hey you!"

El: "Hey! Are you ready for some fun!?"

Nabella: "Yup. Bring it on! haha"

Our first stop was a nail salon where El had made two appointments for us to get manicures and pedicures!

Nabella: "OMG you read my mind! I need this so bad!"

El: "Haha me too! This is some real girl time!"

Nabella: "I'm already loving this day!"

We sat down next to each other and chit chatted while we got out nails done. I got a dark red on my toes and then acrylics with white tips on my fingers.

Nabella: "So El you were right! I was looking through twitter this morning and there were so many pictures of us from last night!"

El: "Yeah I saw some this morning too! They are so sneaky when they take pictures, but it's just almost certain that someone will spot you whenever you go out from now on!"

Nabella: "I guess it just takes some getting used to it huh? Did you see the rumors about me and Harry?"

El: "Wait what?"

Nabella: "Yeah someone took pictures of us dancing. And I guess it does look a little intense the way we are laughing and dancing.. but people are saying that Harry is like stealing me from Niall and that I'm only using Niall to get to Harry!"

El: "Don't even listen to that! We all know you're madly in love with blondie! Don't worry about the rumors! They will pass eventually!"

Nabella: "I know! They just looked so real. If I didn't know any better, I would almost believe them too!"

El: "You'll learn to deal with that too! Don't worry! Eventually you'll stop reading them because they are so far out and ridiculous. Just post a picture of you and Niall tonight or tomorrow and then that rumor will be dead and done!"

Nabella: "That's a good idea! Man I'm just taking in all this good advice! So glad the boys introduced us!"

El: "Hey I'm so glad to help and hang out with you! I've heard A LOT about you from the boys. You are the first girlfriend Niall's had since One Direction started.. so you are kind of a big deal you know!! Oh and you'll love Sophia too! She's a little new to this whole fandom too, and they've actually not been very nice to her so I bet you two have a lot of experiences you can share and compare!"

Nabella: "Haha you're making me blush! But trust me! I do feel so special when I'm with Niall. He's the best! Everything has just gone so fast! I mean I met him just 2 months ago at the concert. But it's just been so natural and everything feels so real between us, so I guess we're just going with our feelings and letting them take us on this amazing love adventure! I really do want to meet Sophia soon, I can't imagine getting hate for loving someone! That's just horrible!"

El: "You're right! I'll admit it too.. The first time Louis told me that Niall had fallen for a girl that he'd met at the meet and greet I thought you were only using him for the fame and money! But now I see that you actually really don't care about that!"

Nabella: "I really don't! To be honest, I almost wish he was less famous so I could have him to myself! But I'm just so surprised that he's trusting his heart and showing me off to the public this fast as well.. I mean what if it didn't work out"

El: "Oh I totally know what you mean! I was actually thinking the same thing to be honest with you! But I think Niall has learned from some of the other boys mistakes. Keeping secrets from the fans actually just makes them more curious. So just stating the facts doesn't give them a reason to dig up information themselves as well as starting false rumors!

Nabella: "Yeah I guess you're right! And so far so good right! haha I mean I'd never do anything to hurt Niall"

El: "We know! Niall will always be the baby even though he's not the youngest. So the boys are putting their trust in your hands to take care of him!"

Nabella: " Yeah I kind of figured that part out already! haha"

El: "And that wasn't meant as a threat or anything by the way hahaha! Are you ready for lunch?"

Nabella: "No offense taken! Yes I am!"

We left the nail place and went to get lunch. Right as we sat down my phone started ringing - It was Niall! Eleanor smiled at me as she could see my big smile appear as his name turned up on my display.

Nabella: "Hey baby!"

Niall: "Hey love! How is everything? You okay?"

Nabella: "Yeah I'm great. Me and El just got our nails done and now we are out for lunch!"

Niall: "Oh nice! Well I don't want to interrupt anything. I just wanted to check in and say that I love you! The shoot is going really well so I'll be back for dinner time around 7 I think!"

Nabella: "I love you more!! You're not interrupting, we just sat down and are about to order! Dinner sounds great though!"

Niall: "Alright well the guys say hey! Tell El hey from me too! Take care and have fun girls. I'll let you know when I'm on my way back!"

Nabella: "Sounds good! Tell everyone hi from me! Bye babe!"

Niall: "Bye love!"

Eleanor smiled at me.

El: "You guys are too cute! I remember when Louis would check in on me like that haha. Now I just get a text saying everything's good and what time he'll be back!"

Nabella: "Haha the first stages of being in love are always the most intense haha. You two seem so happy though?!"

El: "Oh we are! I love Louis! He's very good at spoiling me and making sure that I feel like I'm his first priority even though the band takes up most of his time!"

Nabella: "He's a good boyfriend!"

El: "Haha yeah he is! We're lucky!"

Nabella: "We are .. but so are they!"

El: "haha right you are! ahhaha"

We had our lunch and sat around and drank some coffee. Before we knew it, it was already 4.00 pm and we had just been chatting away!

Nabella: "Hey El! I want to get Niall something before I leave tomorrow. Would you help me?"

El: "Yeah sure! What are you thinking?"

Nabella: "Well I've noticed he always wears a bracelet or two, so I was actually thinking of getting him a leather bracelet that kind of looks like the one he has. That way it will blend in and fit his style."

El: "That's a good idea. And then he'll think of you whenever he looks at his wrist!"

Nabella: "Yeah! I actually saw one when we were shopping last week at Saint Laurent! Will you take me?"

Eleanor brought me to the store and I showed her the bracelet. It was leather and in front it had 3 silver "bumps" that stuck out!

El: "Oh he's gonna love that! Harry might get jealous over it though! This is his favorite brand!"

Nabella: "Haha well this is for Niall. I hope he'll like it!"

I had the sales assistant wrap it for me and then we headed home.

El: "It's been great hanging out with you today Nab! I really hope it won't be the last time! Don't be a stranger and feel free to call me anytime!"

Nabella: "Aww thanks! It really means a lot! I've had a lot of fun today and it's great getting to know you! I promise it won't be the last time you see me or hear from me haha!"

She dropped me off and I went in the empty apartment. I laid on the couch and before I knew it, I had fallen asleep watching the reruns of last nights reality shows.

I woke up to Niall giving me a kiss on the cheek and rubbing my back. I slowly opened my eyes..

Niall: "Hey sleepyhead!"

Nabella: "Hey baby!"

Niall: "How come I always feel like you're sleeping haha!"

Nabella: "Haha I guess I fell asleep watching TV. My bad! What time is it?"

Niall: "Haha I'm just jealous! I wish I could sleep! I'm exhausted after today!"

Nabella: "Well do you just want to stay in then?"

Niall: "No way! It's my last night with you in London! I'm thinking dinner and a movie maybe?"

Nabella: "Awww I can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow night! I don't want to go!"

I pouted my lips and made a sad face. Niall kissed a smile back on my face and I agreed that dinner and a movie would be perfect!

We headed off to dinner. We decided on something not too fancy because we only had an hour before the movie started! We sat, we ordered, ate and left. We were running a little late, but Niall told me that it was perfect timing to enter the movie theater when the lights had already gone down. Before we left the car he put on his baseball snapback and then went around the car to let me out. We went to pick up to tickets that were ordered in Nabella Andersen's name. We were going to watch the new Hunger Games movie! We got popcorn, soda and some chocolates and entered the movie theater. We were sitting in one of the first rows so people wouldn't keep looking back at us. I looked at Niall a little confused by his choice of seating. He knew what I was thinking..

Niall: "It's so people don't look back at us all the time!"

Nabella: "Did you just read my mind?"

Niall: "Your facial expression gave it away haha!"

We took our seats and the commercials ended. Niall grabbed my hand, laced our fingers and kissed it 100 times until the film started. He was the sweetest and I really didn't want to leave him tomorrow! When Katniss and Gale were saying their goodbyes I couldn't help but start crying a little as well. It was cheesy but the scene reminded me of me and Niall and I couldn't help it. Niall looked over at me and noticed a tear falling down my cheek. He leaded over my and wiped it away with his other hand not letting go of my hand with the other.

Niall: "It's just a movie babe!" He whispered.

Nabella: "I'm not crying because of the movie silly, the scene just reminded me of me leaving you tomorrow, and I can't stop thinking about it!"

Niall: "oh!"

Niall was speechless. I guess it hadn't really gone up for him that I was leaving so soon. He leaned in and gave me a kiss.

Niall: "Let's just enjoy this night together then and make the best of it!"

I sucked it up and got my act together. Niall was right! We had to enjoy the last day together rather than being sad about tomorrow. So we did! The movie was so long so by the time it was over it was past midnight and the streets of London were quiet since it was only Tuesday.

Niall: "Want to take a walk?"

Nabella: "Sure!"

It was almost like walking through ghost town but I loved the silence and the peacefulness that it spread through the city that was usually so chaotic! We walked hand in hand through the empty streets and talked. We took a couple of pictures together and then agreed to head back to the car. Niall was so tired and I almost felt bad because he had been up all day working and I had just been pampered and taken a nap.

When we got home Niall crashed the couch as the first thing. I went over at sat next to him so he could put his head on my lap. I turned on the TV and scratched his back.

Niall: "Oh that feels so nice!"

And a second or two later, Niall let out a soft snore and I knew he had fallen asleep. I didn't want to wake him up because he looked so cute and peaceful, but I wasn't too comfortable sitting up and sleeping, so I gently woke him up and told him to move into bed. 

Niall: "Will you carry me please!?"

I knew he was just joking, but I decided to play along with the joke. I went to pick him up and as soon as I thought I had him, I fell backwards and fell flat on the floor with Niall on top. We both cracked up. I got a stomach cramp from laughing so hard and Niall could barely breath! His laugh was the best sound in the world. This was such a good ending for the day and once we finally managed to pick ourselves up from the floor and stop laughing, we went to bed. We were cuddling so close that we were sweating, but we didn't let go or move.

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