From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


15. Dinner Date

The photo had literally been posted less than 30 seconds before my phone started buzzing crazy time. Niall had his notifications turned off since he constantly got tweets from fans trying to get his attention.

I was actually so nervous to see the reaction from the fans but Niall smiled at me and gave me a kiss and reassured me that everything was going to be okay as long as we were in it together. That made me feel a lot better and together we opened our twitters to take a look at the responses. I opened my twitter and had already gotten 6.000 new followers. Girls were spamming my twitter with questions about where I'd met Niall and if it was true love or just a media stunt. Some were threatening me about killing me if I didn't leave Niall alone and others were warning me to take care of him or else "I'd pay". The comments and tweets were so intense but having Niall next to me made it easier to shake it off.

Niall:"How ya feeling?"

Nabella: "Uhm it's a little intense I'll admit that. How do you deal with this kind of attention every single day?"

Niall: "Well most of the attention I get are declarations of love. So its not bad to read. It's nice to know that people like our music and that doing something that makes us happy, makes so many others happy too!"

Nabella: How are you so sweet and positive all the time? It amazes me how calm and down to earth you are with all of this being you everyday life!"

Niall:"Sweetheart, it's about to be your everyday life too. Theres no backing out now babe haha. We are official!"

Nabella: "You're worth every rude comment babe! I'm not going anywhere. Don't even worry about that!"

Niall's management and publicist were calling Niall over and over again, so eventually he answered the phone. Apparently the media was going crazy about the news of him and me and they wanted Niall to confirm the relationship. Niall simply told them that we would be going out for dinner tonight for the first time as a couple and tomorrow in the E! news UK interview, he would be answering questions about it. He was so professional about this whole thing. It was almost like our relationship was a object or a job that had to be taken care of rather than enjoy. I told Niall what I was thinking about the whole object thing and he reassured me that it would all settle down in a week or two. Niall suggested that he would introduce me to Eleanor and Sophia (Louis and Liams girlfriends) and maybe talk to them about what was about to happen to my life! I loved that he cared so much. Our talk was interrupted by my mom calling me. 

Mom: "Since when did you get a boyfriend that I didn't know about!!"

Nabella: "Hey mom! Well you did know I was going to visit Niall!"

Mom: "But I didn't know you were DATING the guy!!"

Nabella: "Haha neither did we. But everything is just going so well and we've been spotted so much in London together that we decided just to make it official. I was going to tell you! I promise."

Mom: "Well he does seem so sweet, so congrats honey! I do still want to meet him soo though! And he better be taking good care of you. If anyone hurts my baby girl I will hurt him, even if he is Niall from One Direction!"

Nabella: "haha mom! You sound just like the way of the fans are talking about me! We are both taking good care of each other! And I promise you'll get to meet him sooner or later! Oh and please.. If the media contacts you, will you just tell them 'no comment'.. Me and Niall are going out tonight for the first time as a couple, and I think Niall will make an official announcement tomorrow in his scheduled interview with the press. After that feel free to talk your opinion, as long as you're nice!"

Mom: "You got it sweety. Can I tell Oliver? I know he will be so thrilled!"

Nabella: "Can you just wait until tomorrow? I know he will be so excited that he won't be able to shut up about it. So after tomorrow around noon you can tell him!"

Mom: "Alright. Well I just wanted to confirm that the news about my new son in law were in fact true. I love you honey and talk to you soon! Tell Hr. Horan hello from me please"

Nabella: " I will mom! I love you too! Bye"

I hung up and looked over at Niall who was now on the phone with HIS mom who was giving him the same lecture as my mom had just given me. I guess we probably should have told our mothers before posting the picture, but everything was just happening so fast, so we didn't really have time. Niall got off the phone and walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me, not letting go.

Niall: "So my parents are dying to meet you. Would you maybe want to go home to Mullingar during your stay with me? I'd like to show you around my hometown too!"

Nabella: "I'd love to babe. As long as you promise to come and meet my parents soon too then."

Niall: "Deal! I'd love to meet them. But right now we need to focus on tonight! I'm excited for dinner, and actually kind of hungry already"

I laughed at him. He was always hungry, but you couldn't tell by looking at his body. I was excited for tonight. It was a perfect occasion for me to wear my new black dress that I had just bought before coming to London.

Nabella: "I'm excited too. Actually maybe I'm more nervous. What time is dinner?"

Niall: "There's no need to be nervous love, dinner is at 8 so maybe we still have a little time to relax and maybe squeeze in a little nap?"

He was still holding me tight against his body and he started walking towards the couch, which forced me to walk backwards with him. He let himself fall on the couch and me since I was under him. He rolled over and laid next to me. He turned on the TV and put his head on my chest and his arm around me. We both fell asleep right away.

I woke up from a sudden sound from the TV, Niall was still sound asleep. I kissed him on the forehead and ran my hands through his hair. He was slowly waking up so I continued to rub his head while watching some TV.

Niall: That feels so nice. I wish we could just lay here all night and cuddle. You are my new favorite cuddle buddy! But my stomach is telling me that it needs food, so maybe dinner is a good idea."

Nabella: "Haha cuddle buddy? Really Niall? Can't wait till it's my turn for a back rub then! Yeah I'm actually pretty hungry too. What time is it?"

Niall: "We have reservations in about and hour and a half babe, so maybe we should get ready!?"

Nabella:" Well I can't really move with you laying on me, so after you my love!"

Niall rolled on top of my again and put his face less than an inch from mine. He made a kiss face that made our lips touch. Then he got up and pulled me up with him. I went to my room to shower and get ready and Niall went to his. About 45 minutes later Niall came and knocked on my door.  I had just finished my make up and hair but was still in my bathrobe.

Niall: "You about ready babe? Adrian will be here in about 15 minutes."

Nabella: "Ya, I just need to put on my dress and I'm good to go."

Niall: "Perfect. I'll be waiting in the living room."

Niall left the room and I went to put on my dress. It was so gorgeous on me and I was so happy that I got to show it off for Niall. I waited to put on my blazer so Niall could see the bare back that I had in the dress. It was warm enough outside for me just to have bare legs as well, and since the dress was long sleeved I wasn't going to be cold. I slipped into my stilettos, took a last look in the mirror and took a deep breath. I hadn't straightened my hair, so my hair had that natural wavy look to it. And for makeup I had some a mild version of the smoky eyes, nothing too fancy! This was how I was going to present myself to the world, and this is what Niall's new girlfriends looks like. Was I satisfied? Well even if I wasn't, I didn't have time to change it because Adrian was about to be here and I didn't want to make anyone wait. I sent a quick text to Clara:

"Wearing the new black tonight for our official first date as a couple. Wish me luck! Thinking of you and missing you! Love always Nabella."

I walked out into the living room and Niall turned around as he heard my heels head towards him. His mouth opened when he saw me but he didn't say anything. He just stood there and looked at me.

Niall: "WOW! You look absolutely stunning babe! I really don't know what to say! Get over here!"

Nabella: "Aw thanks babe! You don't look that bad either!"

Niall was wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt with a leather pocket by the left breast. I was way more dressed up than he was, but I loved the casual Niall, and when he put on his blazer he looked so good.

Adrian knocked on the door and we left the apartment together. When we arrived at the restaurant there weren't any paps or fans which was nice, but also surprising since this was our official dinner. I guess Niall hadn't told anyone where we were eating yet, which meant that we would be able to eat in peace and quiet! Throughout the whole dinner there wasn't any disturbance. The food was sooooo good and the dessert even better!

Niall: "Alright so when we leave there is probably going to be a lot of paps and fans waiting outside. I purposely didn't inform anyone of where we were going until my publicist told a few paps about 20 minutes ago. Just so you know what to expect."

Nabella: "That was very thoughtful Niall. I didn't know you were smart too! Damn!... You look good, have a great voice, amazing sense of humor AND brains? Wow I really did get the whole package!"

Niall: "No I did!"

He grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes. We just sat there in silence and enjoyed each others company for a few seconds.

Niall: "Alright! Are you ready to be shown off to the world?"

Nabella: "Yes! Let me just go to the bathroom and freshen up real quick. Can't have me smiling with a piece of lettuce between my teeth!"

Niall laughed at my joke and let me go to the bathroom. When I got back he was standing by the table waiting for me. Another security guy had joined Adrian and I could hear and see the paps outside. Niall grabbed my hand and gave me a kiss.

Niall: "They're gonna love you! Don't worry!"

I squeezed his hand to let him know I was ready. We walked towards the front doors and waited for Adrian to let us out.

Adrian: "Ready?"

Niall nodded and the doors opened.The screams were insanely loud and people were yelling questions to me from all directions. It was hard to keep focus and listen to the things being said but some were more loud than others and I did get a couple of comments like:

"How long have you and Niall know each other?"

"What's your name!"

"Is it true love?"

"I swear if you hurt Niall we will hurt you"

"We don't want to share Niall"

"You guys are such a pretty couple!"

and so on and on!...

Niall held onto my hand tightly while we stood just outside the doors of the restaurant and let them take a few pictures. I was so nervous I felt like my whole body was shaking. Being judged and shown off like this was so terrifying and overwhelming and I was experiencing feelings that I had never felt before. Niall looked over at me and smiled at me. I smiled back and tried to relax a little. I think he could tell how uncomfortable I was by how hard I was grabbing his hand. We didn't answer any questions, we just smiled and waved.  Then Adrian pushed us softly from behind and we slowly moved forward towards the car that was parked just 10 feet ahead of us. Niall led me in front of my and let me into the car first. He paused before entering the car and turned around to wave at the fans. Then he turned back around and joined me in the car. Adrian closed the door behind us and the scariest moment of my life was over.

Niall: "You did great baby!!"

He knew what I was going through and that I needed to hear those comforting words!

Nabella: "That was literally the craziest, most scary thing I have ever been through!"

Niall: "I know it was and I am so proud of you! We make a HOT couple!"

He was trying to calm me down and his soothing voice and sweet words were indeed helping.

Nabella: "Thanks babe. I think it will take me a little to get use to, but maybe I'll get it eventually!"

Niall: "I'm sure you will! And I will be right here by your side through it all. Please remember that in the end, it's just you and me babe!"

I kissed him and looked out of the windows as we pulled away from the crowd of 'judges'.

I was so tired when we finally got home. It was hard being in the spotlight like that!

Niall: "Why don't you go change into something a little more comfy babe?"

I went into my bedroom and changed into some hot pants and a oversized t-shirt. Muuuuch better I thought. I walked back into the living room and Niall had also thrown on his sweats and was laying on the couch. I curled up next to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He was worth every second of feeling weird and awkward in front of the press.

Niall: Let's wait until tomorrow to look on the internet, ya? So no more phones for the rest of the night! Deal?

Nabella: "Sounds good to me. I'm not sure my head can roam anymore anyways! I'm so tired!"

Niall: "Let's just go to bed then babe. And now that I have you awake, unlike the first night, I just want to let you know that you are more than welcome to sleep next to me. I don't bite, I promise!"

Nabella: "Haha are you sure?"

Niall: "Well, I'll try my best not too at least! How's that?"

Nabella: "That's perfect! After all .. we are cuddle buddies and you owe me a back rub!"

Niall: "Fair enough! Let's go to bed then!"

I went to my bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. Then I joined Niall in his bedroom, who was already in bed. I jumped in bed and cuddled up next to him and placed my head on his chest. He closed his arm down around me and started tickling my back. 

Niall: "Good night beautiful! Thanks for today and for being you!"

Nabella: "Sweet dreams babe! Thank you for an amazing experience tonight"

I closed my eyes and let my thoughts run wild. Knowing that when I woke up, the whole world would have had hours to judge me and comment on our relationship was haunting my brain, but the sound of Niall's heartbeat in my ear was calming and I convinced myself that I was ready to face whatever tomorrow brought along! With that last thought on my mind I fell asleep in Niall's arms.


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