From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


27. Cuddling in Copenhagen

I couldn't believe my eyes! Was I still dreaming or was my boyfriend seriously sitting in my parent's kitchen waiting for me to run to him. My mind was having a hard time figuring the situation out, and even though I just wanted to run to him, my feet wouldn't move! I just stood there with my mouth wide open and looked at Niall. Finally my feet joined in and I sprinted towards Niall, nearly knocking him over when I reached him. He closed his arms around me and just held me. This was really happening! We hugged without saying anything and I just stood there and inhaled the sweet scent of my Nialler. Finally we let go, looked each other in the eyes and I couldn't help but smile. He bend over and gave me a kiss on the lips - oh how I've missed those soft lips!

Nabella: "Oh my god! You tricked me! I can't believe you're actually here!!!"

Niall: "Haha yeh I thought Monday was a long ways away and I missed you too much!"

Nabella: "Wait was this all planned?!" I looked over at my mom and back at Niall and they shared a secret smile.

Without any of them answering my question I figured it all out myself!

Nabella: "So the reason why you never answered my question about when you were gonna visit was because you wanted to surprise me now? And mom.. The reason why you insisted on me waiting until Monday to go to London, was because you knew Niall would come here today?"

Mom: "Haha that's right."

Niall and my mom started laughing at my reaction and the fact that I had been fooled the whole time. I looked back at Niall and gave him a soft punch in the stomach, which caused him to stop laughing.

Niall: "Ouch! What'd ya do that for?"

Nabella: "For lying to me! I was dying just thinking about not seeing you for 3 whole weeks, and then you and my mom are just sneaky little bastards!"

Niall: "Haha - but isn't it a good surprise?"

Nabella: "Are you kidding! This is the best surprise ever!"

Niall: "I thought so too! Nice sweatshirt by the way!"

I gave him an innocent smile while shrugging my shoulder and he pulled me back into his arms and held on to me while we talked a little in the kitchen. We made coffee and moved into the living room and onto the couches. I was still glued to Niall, fearing that he would get up and leave all of a sudden. He had never met my mom in real life, so they had a lot of things to talk about, and I really didn't mind because I was just enjoying every second of this morning.

Nabella: "So how long as you staying baby?" I finally got a word in between the two jabber heads.

Niall: "Well weren't you leaving for London on Monday? I thought we could go back together?"

I smiled over at my mom.

Nabella: "You guys have already booked the tickets haven't you?"

Mom: "Right again honey. It's not the easiest to book tickets for a superstar you know! So we had Niall's management fix it for you guys."

Nabella: "Thanks so much mom!"

Mom: "Don't thank me hun, this is all his idea."

I looked up at Niall and planted a big fat kiss on his lips. This was gonna be great - I just finished the semester and now I had 4 whole days in Denmark with my boyfriend before going back to London to El and the rest of the boys.

Nabella: "So when did you get in?"

Niall: "Just now pretty much. I've came right from the airport. My bag's out by the door."

Nabella: "And no one has spotted you at the airport?"

Niall: "Not that I know of.. no."

Nabella: "Perfect! Let's do our best to keep it that way then. I want you aaaaall to myself!"

Mom: "I think you could share a little! We want to get to know Niall too, and you get him when you go back to London too!"

Niall laughed.

Nabella: "Fine! I'll share him a little!"

Mom: "Geez is she always like this?"

Niall: "Haha pretty much!"

I hit him even though I knew he was being sarcastic.

Mom: "How do you put up with her?"

Niall: "I have no idea haha. Nooo I'm just kidding. She's great! You have an amazing daughter, and I'm lucky I get to call her mine too."

Mom and Niall continued talking about everything and nothing and I closed my eyes while resting my head on Niall's lap - just enjoying the sound of his voice.

Mom: "So Nabella.. You do remember you still have plans with Oliver today, right?"

I opened one eye and looked over at my mom to see if she was being serious.. and she was.

Nabella: "Wait really? Niall just got here. It's his first day off since the stressful promo weeks, do you really think he wants to hang out with Oliver?"

Niall: "I don't mind! He was tight last time I met him!"

Nabella: Yeah but he can be a handful in the long run. Trust me!"

Mom: "Nabella you promised him. He'll be so sad if you cancel. He won't be out of school until 3 pm so you guys have about 4 hours to yourselves. I can make dinner here if you guys want?"

Niall: "That sounds great! I'm always up for a good home cooked meal. Being on the road we really learn to appreciate the homemade ones rather than all the junk food!"

Nabella: "Alright fine. That way we can keep a low key today so no one knows you are here yet. How about we go and bring your stuff to my apartment though, so we don't have to do that tonight?"

Niall: "Sounds like a great idea. Do we maybe have time for a little nap too?"

I laughed. I could already tell that these days would be like the ones in London - Eat, sleep, kiss and repeat. But I wasn't complaining! As long as I had Niall with me, I really didn't care what we did.

We headed to my apartment and as soon as I had opened my front door Niall pushed me inside, dropped his bag and slammed the door behind him. I turned around to see why he was so anxious and intense with his actions, only to be pulled tightly against him and then attacked by his lips. The tension was quickly building up and the scenario was beginning to look like the one we finished off with in London. He picked my up and held my under my butt while I swung my legs around his hips and tightened them. He turned around and held me up against the door and I ran my fingers roughly through his hair while our lips we all over each other. He took my hands and pinned them against my head while braiding our fingers together one at a time. He paused for a breath and to see if it was okay to continue this rough play. We looked each other deep in the eyes and I gave him a playful smile that hinted for him to continue. His lips met mine again and he let go of my hands to get a better hold of me to carry me into my bedroom. While walking to my bedroom I managed to take off my shirt and shoes, so once I was thrown on the bed, Niall only had to worry about the pants. He stood in front of me, staring at my body with a big smile on his face.

Niall: "You have no idea how much I've missed you!"

He took off his shirt and got on top of me. After about 20 minutes of showing how much we had missed each other, we cuddled close to each other with our sticky/sweaty naked bodies and dozed of into the nap Niall had talked about earlier.

I woke up because my phone was ringing. I looked at the display and saw Olivers name on the phone.

Nabella: "Hello?"

Oliver: "Hey Nabella. I just got out of school! What's the plan for today? Wait were you sleeping?"

Nabella: "Yea you kinda just woke me up butthead! I don't even know what the plan is. Have you talked to your mom yet?"

Oliver: "It's the middle of the day! You're not suppose to be sleeping. Remember we're hanging out like NOW!"

Nabella: "Oliver CHILL! Wait for your mom to pick you up and tell you the plan. I'll meet you at my parents house in a little while. I have a surprise for you!"

Oliver: "Fiiiine. Wait what's the surprise?"

Nabella: "Drop the attitude! If I told you, then it wouldn't be a surprise now, would it?! See you soon!"

I hung up. Oliver and I were close, but our relationship was a siblings relationship, which meant that it was a love hate one. And since he was super hyper while I was super tired, I got cranky.

I looked over at Niall who was still sleeping. Poor baby - he must be so tired from all the traveling. I didn't really want to wake him up but considering that we had to be at my parents place in less than an hour, I had no choice. I decided to take a shower first and let him sleep 10 more minutes.

I finished my shower and wrapped a towel around my wet body and went to check on Niall. He was laying in bed still, but awake and on his phone. He turned towards me and smiled.

Niall: "Hey love"

Nabella: "Hi baby. It's your turn to shower."

Niall: "You showered without me?"

Nabella: "Haha yeah, you looked like you needed the extra sleep and we are in a little bit of a hurry."

Niall: "Alright. Next time we're showering together though!"

Nabella: "Haha maybe if you're lucky. Now get you ass in the shower Mr.!"

Niall got out of bed, gave me a kiss as he passed me and soon I heard him turn on the shower. I got dressed while he showered. I had been in sweats in the morning so I decided to put on some casual but cute clothes. I put on my leather legging and black knitted cashmere sweater. I put my hair half up in a bun while the rest fell naturally in wavy curls. By the time Niall got out of the shower I had done my make up as well. He came up behind me with his towel wrapped around his hips so his upper body was still naked.

Niall: "You look nice!"

Nabella: "So do you. You smell good too!"

Niall: "Better than before. That almost counted as a work out!"

Nabella: "In that case it's officially my new favorite work out! In fact, I wouldn't mind working out everyday! hahaha"

Niall: "Haha you're a goof! I wouldn't mind either tho!"

He kissed my neck since he was still just standing right behind me and then he went to get dressed as well. When I saw that Niall just needed to do his hair, I sent my mom a text letting her know were on our way in 5 minutes. She texted me back telling me that Oliver and Emily were already at the house waiting and Oliver was bouncing off the walls just waiting for me to come and show him my surprise. I pictured the scene in my head and let out a loud laugh.

Niall: "What's so funny?"

Nabella: "Oh nothing really. My mom's just saying how Oliver is jumping around the house because he's excited for his surprise."

Niall: "What's his surprise?"

Nabella: "You, silly?!"

Niall: "I get to be another surprise today? Sweet - I feel like Santa! haha"

During the car ride to my parents house we had planned how we were going to surprise Oliver. We agreed that Niall would just ring the doorbell and, knowing Oliver, he would be the one opening the door because he was that excited to see me. We pulled up into the driveway and Niall gave me one last passionate kiss before we both got out of the car. Niall walked up to the front door and I hid against the wall just to the left of the front door. Just like I'd expected Oliver flung the front door open within 20 seconds of him ringing the doorbell. And when he saw Niall, he just froze.

Niall: "Hi Oliver - Remember me? We met a while ago but you were so cool that I decided to come back and hang out with you some more. Is that okay with you?"

Oliver just stood completely still with his jaw hanging. He was speechless and frozen. I went to stand next to Niall so I could get Oliver's attention and fully see his expression.

Nabella: "Hallloooooo? Earth to Oliver! You know it's not polite not to answer when someone's talking to you!"

Oliver finally snapped out of his brain fart and let out a short answer: "Yeah that's be cool!" while moving to the side so we could enter the house.

Niall let out a laugh and gave Oliver a high five as he entered the house. I couldn't help but laugh as well but pulled Oliver in for a hug to help him handle this overwhelming situation that I had put upon him.

Nabella: "How's that for a surprise huh??"

Oliver: "It was pretty cool!" - Oliver didn't want to admit that he was so surprised and shocked by the situation.

Nabella: "Pretty cool? Really .. Is that all you can say tonight?!"

Oliver didn't answer so we walked by him and into the kitchen where I could hear my mom and sister. Maybe Oliver just needed some time to loosen up. After all I had just brought one of the biggest pop stars into my house without giving him a heads up!

Mom: "Nabella? Is that you honey?"

Nabella: "Yeah mom, it's me and Niall"

Mom: "Oh great timing!"

We walked into the kitchen and I went and hugged my sister. Niall followed me giving my mom a hug on our way to greet my sister.

Niall: "Hi I'm Niall. Nice to meet you!"

Emily: "Oh I can see why you have my whole family mesmerized!!" She let out a little laugh to indicate that it was a joke and then shook Niall's hand. Niall let out a little nervous laugh.

Emily: "But it's nice to meet you! I've heard a lot about you!"

Niall: "You too!"

Niall was a little short for words during the meeting and greeting of my family, but I just thought it was cute to see that he was just human after all. I poured him a beer to ease his nerves and went and stood next to him for moral support while he talked with my sister and mom. Soon my dad came home as well and as soon as he entered the kitchen I felt Niall tense up a little. He straightened his posture and as my dad neared him he put out his hand.

Niall: "Nice to meet you sir!"

My dad gave him a nod of approval,  took his hand and shook it.

Dad: Just call me Michael! No need to be all formal here. Nice to finally meet you in person Niall."

As soon as my dad passed on to give my mom a kiss, Niall quickly relaxed again. I looked up at him, poked his side to get his attention and hinted for him to give me a kiss. He leaned down and gave me a little kiss and a smile.

Nabella: "Just relax." I whispered to him.

Niall: "I know I know. Just give me 5 minutes to get used to this family"

Nabella: "We're really no big deal. Just normal to yours!" I joked

He looked down at me again and gave me a smirk.

Oliver came running into the kitchen and was suddenly his good old self again - with lots of energy and jokes just sparkling out of him.

Oliver: "Hey Niall. Wanna go play some ball in the yard before we have to eat?"

Niall: "Yeah sure! Let's see what you got little man!"

He put down his beer glass, gave me a kiss and followed Oliver out to the backyard.

While the boys were laughing and playing around outside, my sister and I helped my mom finish dinner and set the table.

My sister couldn't help herself and was babbling about how cute Niall was and how she was jealous that she wasn't my age either. I laughed at her and took it as a compliment that she approved of my boyfriend. 

As my mom was placing the food on the table, I went and called boys in for dinner. They were by my side before seconds, but considering that it was so cold out (We were in the middle of November) and that it was food, that didn't really surprise me!

Dinner was quiet to start off with - but it was usually like that in our family! We needed the silence to just eat and enjoy the food. But soon Oliver had finished his plate and was ready to hear all about one direction from Niall's point of view. Niall was very polite and answered his questions and I sat there just admiring my boyfriend and the patience he had with Oliver. I spaced out for a little bit while my family got to know Niall. I was so lucky. There he was - just sitting at our family dinner table being a normal guy and bonding with my family. Niall Horan had flown to Denmark straight from his promo just to see me and words couldn't even even begin to explain how lucky I was feeling.

Dad: "Nabella will you pass some more potatoes for Niall." 

I snapped back to reality and the whole table laughed at me. I guess they had noticed me spacing out a little bit. I smiled and grabbed the potatoes and gave them to Niall who was sitting next to me.

Niall: "Thanks love!"

He smiled at me and gave me a little kiss on the lips.

Emily: "Oh how cute he calls her love. Elliott can you please learn to speak with an accent and call me love as well? I'm jealous!" She looked over at her husband who just started laughing.

Elliott: "Niall can you stop setting the bar so high, my wife has been talking non stop about how I should be more like you. First the guitar lullaby, then you just come flying in out of no where and now an accent and cute nicknames all the time? Geez you're making it hard for us to keep up!"

We all laughed because we could tell his tone was sarcastic.

Niall: "Sorry mate. She just brings out the best in me. I can't help it. And as far as the accent goes - you're danish accent is pretty cool as well!"

I smiled over at Niall and put my hand on his thigh under the table. He grabbed my hand and put my fingers between his.

After dinner was finished Oliver and Niall went into the living room to play play station. Since it had gotten completely dark outside and temperatures were just above freezing, this was the only soccer they could play at the moment. I joined the boys in the living room and cuddled up next to Niall while they played their second match of the evening. Niall was playing as his favorite team, Derby, and Oliver had chosen our favorite home team, FC Copenhagen. The game was pretty intense but for the second time in a row, Niall won!

Niall: "Give it up little man! I am the best!"

I helped Oliver translate: "But you know my team is better in reality! This is the only place Derby wins!"

Niall: "Oh no you didn't just say that about Derby!!"

Oliver kinda understood what Niall was saying, but he could defiantly tell by his tone that he was sarcastic and joking. I got why Oliver enjoyed playing FIFA and soccer with Niall - they didn't really have to have long conversations to have fun.

Elliott and Emily joined us in the living room, letting Oliver know that it was almost time to go home for the night.

Oliver: "But moooooom! We're having so much fun! Pretty pleeeaasseee can we stay a little longer. I mean COME ON - it's not everyday that there's a famous person at grandma's house!"

I couldn't help but laugh and neither could Elliott or Emily. Niall looked confused, so I quickly translated so he could be part of the conversation.

Niall: "Tell him that we can hang out again before we go back to London! I'd like that!"

I told Oliver and a huge grin formed across his face.

Oliver: "Alright fine! But you have to promise then!"

I looked over at Niall and nodded my head, and then I made a promise on behalf of Niall and I that we would hang out with Oliver once more before he left for London.

Oliver: "Hey Nab, do you think you could ask Niall if he would follow me on twitter?"

Nabella: "Ask him yourself.." I encouraged him and whispered in his ear how to say it in english.

Oliver walked over to Niall with his phone out to show him the twitter page and then asked him.

Niall let out an easy laugh and nodded his head.

Niall: "Yeah of course I will. Here, what was your name on twitter again?"

Oliver showed him the twitter page again and Niall followed the update account that Oliver showed him.

Niall: "There ya go! I will follow as long as you promise not to write any rumors or mean things about me or the boys.. Deal?"

I translated for Oliver and made it clear to him that even though Niall was saying it in a polite way, he absolutely meant every word!

Oliver: " I promise! We love one direction too much to be mean anyways."

Niall smiled when he heard love and one direction in the same sentence and gave Oliver a high five. It was nice to see that they had a good chemistry even though they could barely communicate with each other. Emily came and grabbed Oliver and literally carried him out to the entry hall for him to put on his jacket and shoes. Niall laughed at our goofy family and we walked out to the front door to say our goodbyes.

Nabella: "Should we head home as well babe?"

Niall: "That's up to you love."

Nabella: " I say popcorn and movie on my couch then!"

Niall: "On a second thought - your place sounds good right now haha!"

We hurried up and got ready to leave so we could walk out the same time as Oliver, Emily and Elliott.

Niall: "Thank you so much for helping me out with this whole surprise trip and once again thank you for an amazing home cooked meal!"

Mom: "Oh you are very very welcome sweetie! It's my pleasure, and I'm so glad to finally have met you!"

Niall hugged my mom and gave my dad a hug as well. I did the same and told my mom I'd talk to her in the morning. We walked out onto the dark and empty street and towards the cars.

Mom: "Drive safely!" My mom yelled from the door while waving and watching as we neared the cars.

We said bye to my sister and Elliott and lastly Oliver who got a huge sandwich hug from me and Niall, which he loved!

On the way home I chose to drive through the city instead of the freeway so Niall could enjoy the pretty lights.

Niall: "Your family is so nice and down to earth! I really enjoyed tonight!"

Nabella: "Aww thanks! I know they enjoyed meeting you as well! I'm so thankful that you're doing all of this for me!"

Niall: "Stop saying 'doing this for me' .. I'm doing this for myself too! I want to get to know your family so I can see how you grew up like you saw how I grew up. It's part of the 'getting to know each other' stage you know!"

Nabella: "Alright smarty pants!"

I stuck out my tongue and Niall stuck out his back at me. We entered downtown Copenhagen and Tivoli where Niall and I had spent our last night in Copenhagen when he was here for the tour.

Niall: "Oh I know what this place reminds me of!" He says while leaning over towards me and planting a kiss on my cheek.

I just smile, because that was exactly the reaction I had hoped for when I chose the route home. We finally reach my apartment and soon we were in our sweats, on the couch, all bundled up with popcorn and watching 50 first dates. It wasn't really our first choice of movie, but it had just started on the tv and we were too lazy to decide on another one. I've already seen the movie a couple of times, so about half way through I decide to multi task and take out my phone to check it.

I go on instagram - nothing too exciting.. A few new followers and lots of likes on random pictures from Niall fans.

Then facebook - I've been invited to a couple of parties this upcoming weekend but besides that facebook is just the same old boring site. Ive blocked my inbox so people who aren't my friend can't write to me, as well as send me friend requests. I was getting spammed by directioners, so Niall suggested that.

Lastly twitter - I always check twitter last because there's always so many things happening on my TL.  I scrolled down for a while not really reading the tweets fully, until one hit me:

@1D_DK_Update: "An inside source confirms that Niall is in Denmark visiting Nabella and meeting her family. How sweet. Hopefully we'll have some pictures soon."

That exact update account just happened to be Oliver's, so I wonder who the inside source was! I looked over at Niall afraid to say anything and continued scrolling, except now I was reading every tweet. It was all over twitter - how did I miss this earlier. The fans were going crazy and update accounts were tipping fans to where they could spot me and Niall and others were trying to hunt down any information on when Niall got in and if there were pictures of us yet. I can't believe Oliver tweeted that Niall was in town! But then on the other hand, we hadn't told him that he wasn't allowed to tell anyone either!

Uggh stupid mistake!!!!

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