From Belieber to Nialler

Nabella has always been a Belieber, but when she is forced to go to a Meet & Greet with her nephew to meet One Direction, she quickly has a change of mind. Nabella has always been a sucker for blondes, so when Niall start to goof around with her nephew, her heart melts and she can't help the feeling. But what are the chances that Niall feels the same way? They are actually pretty big, and lets just say that the M&G isn't the last time the two meet. Read along and watch how their love unfolds!!!


19. A day in Dublin

I woke up once again to the sweet smell of pancakes. I could really get used to this - Niall wrapped around me and breakfast being served. Just while I was thinking that, Niall woke up too.

Niall: "Morning babe. Isn't this just the best.. You next to me and the sweet smell of pancakes in my nose! Just perfect, I could get used to this!"

Nabella: "I was seriously just thinking that haha! I think we spent too much time together. You're rubbing off on me!"

Niall: "Well don't make it sound like a bad thing. You're not getting rid of me just yet baby!" Niall held me tight and tickled me.

I squirmed out of his arms and but on my sweets and one of Niall's big sweatshirts.

Nabella: "Well good because I'm loving you in my life!" I answered.

We went out to the kitchen where Maura was almost done with breakfast.

Maura: "I was just about to wake you two! Perfect timing, the food is almost ready!"

Niall: "It's great mom. You're the best! I've missed this!"

We helped set the table while Maura finished the breakfast and then we all sat down to eat. Chris had been up early and was doing some errands so he didn't join us.

Maura: "So the plan is Dublin today guys?"

Niall: "Yup! I think Adrian will be here in an hour and thirty and then we are off. We are staying for dinner there tonight though, so no need to make something special!

Maura: "Oh how nice. Thanks for the heads up Niall. I think me and Chris will go out and eat too then."

Nabella: "That sounds like a good idea!"

We chit chatted for a little while and then we were suddenly in a hurry. Seems like time just passes so fast at the table when we are eating!

I showered first since I was the slowest one and then Niall showered while I got ready. He still caught up and was finished before me, so once again I joined the two in the living room when I had gotten ready. I wore my new light wash ripped skinny jeans and then just a plain black tight top with a v - neck with my new cardigan on top. Niall was wearing his jeans, white t-shirt and black bomber jacket on top and his Los Angeles Kings cap. We were just watching the news when Adrian knocked on the door.

Niall let Adrian in, while I went to put on my white air force ones, my leather jacket and my new Chanel purse!. We said goodbye to Maura and headed out in the black SUV with tinted windows. It was about an hour long drive, so we put on some music and enjoyed the ride.

Nabella: "So Adrian, I'm wondering - what do you do when you're not with Niall?"

Adrian: "Haha, I wait for Niall to call me!"

Niall: "Haha that's not true!"

Nabella:" Haha well I'm just so curious. You just pop up all the time. Like on the plane and the airport, and today and all the other days! You're like a ninja!"

Adrian: "A ninja huh? Well a take that as a compliment haha! It's actually not too much of a lie though. I have a job where I have to be 100% available for this guy. But Niall is pretty good at preparing me and planning his schedule. And I'm lucky that I have Niall who loves just relaxing at home which means I have more off time than the other guys do with their boys. My girlfriend loves Niall for that!"

Nabella: "Well I hope Niall treats you very well then! I'm so amazed by your job. You're doing very well at it I think! I like it when you hang out with us, even though I'd like to be able to just be with Niall alone! But this is a good alternative! How long have you been with you girlfriend? And what's her name?"

Adrian: " Niall's good to me, and when he's not ... I beat him up! haha just kidding! No I enjoy my job a lot. It gives you a look on the inside of this whole fame without actually being part of it! Even thoughI actually have some of the hardcore fans asking me for pictures sometimes! It's quite funny! Her name is Michelle, and we've been together for 4 years. She's actually my fiancé!"

Nabella: "Awww congratulations! When's the wedding? The fans are hardcore, I'll give you that! I bet you experience some crazy stuff huh?"

Adrian: "It will be in the spring before the boys start their Where We Are Tour. I do experience some funny things, but it's nothing compared to what you are in for darling!"

Niall: "Well Adrian don't scare her! We have fun don't you think?"

Adrian: "It wasn't meant to be a bad thing, plus you have ninja me by your side to make sure everything is good. And yeah! We have a blast! Plus I get to experience the whole world as well. Not lots of jobs give you that opportunity!"

Nabella: "Well you should bring your fiancé to some of the countries for your honeymoon!"

Adrian: "That was actually part of the plan. Our schedules kind of work along with the boys, and Michelle is real great with dealing and being okay with that. So once in a while I'll bring her along the way!"

Nabella: "She sounds great! I want to meet her!"

Adrian: "Well maybe you will. Right now she is in London busy planning the wedding. Luckily she is all about the planning and I'm just in charge of the paying."

Nabella: "haha that sounds like the roles are divided equally then!"

Adrian: "Yeah we are a good team!"

We continued the talk the rest of the way to Dublin. I think Adrian enjoyed telling us about his life and future wife and I was finally getting some of my questions answered! I felt it was important to get to know the guy since he was with us all the time! I personally wouldn't enjoy a job like his, but I respected him very much! The hour passed pretty fast and soon we were in Dublin.

Niall had been planning everything as a surprise for me and we were going to be quite touristy for the day.

Niall: "So I've actually planned out most of the day babe. I love being a tourist in Dublin so we have two tours and then a little sight seeing before I let you loose on the shopping street!"

Nabella: "You're so sweet! Can't wait to see what you have planned babe!"

We started at the St. Patricks Cathedral. Such a beautiful place! Very classical style and old fashion, but there was so peaceful and pretty inside. There were a lot of people inside because the morning service was about to start! We didn't spend too long in there, but took a cute selfie in front of the alter. The next stop was the Kilmainham Gaol, which is a famous old jail. We joined an arranged tour with a small group of about 15 people. The old building was amazing to walk around in. All the small cells and the tunnels and small halls were kind of creepy and I couldn't imagine people actually staying there, but the tour guide had so many stories from the time it was occupied and I was so fascinated by it all. Niall hadn't been to the jail for about 7 years, so he too really enjoyed the tour. We were so busy listening that we hadn't realized that we had been recognized by two teenagers who were also on the tour. They were polite and didn't bother Niall till the tour ended.

"Can we please have a picture!?!?"

Niall: "Yeh sure guys!"

"OMG thank you soooo much! Can you sign my phone case too?!"

Niall: "Yeh no problem. Do you have a pen?!"

The girls didn't know what to do with themselves. I was wondering how they had kept their cool throughout the whole tour and I couldn't help but let out a little laugh at how crazy Niall was making them. To me he was just my Nialler.. I didn't really see him as a member of the world's biggest boy band, just as the world's best boyfriend.

Adrian was standing next to Niall making sure that the girls didn't get out of control. Everything went fine and once Niall had taken the pictures with the girls as well as the tour guide who all of a sudden also realized who she had just shown around the last hour, we quickly left the location.

Niall: "So we've officially been spotted in Dublin. The next place we are going is the Guinness Storehouse. That's where they make the beer! It's very cool but also the biggest tourist attraction in Dublin!"

Nabella: "Well do you still want to go?"

Niall: "Yeh! I love that place and I love the beer, and I really want to show you! It'll be fun, just don't worry about it okay?!"

Nabella: "Alright babe! Let's do it!"

We drove away from the Jail and about 20 minutes after we were at the Guinness Storehouse. The brewery was shaped like a huge pint which was actually quite cool! I got out my phone and started acting like a real tourist! I made Adrian take a picture of me and Niall infront of the big gates and then we entered. Somehow Niall had timed this as well, and a few minutes after we had arrived, we started the tour. It wasn't guided, but there were touch screens all over that informed us of the different steps it took to produce the beer. It was amazing. The further up the building we got, the closer we got to the beer being made. We took lots of pictures, my favorite being the ones in front of the beer fountain. We had a cute romantic one where we were kissing, and one where Niall gave me a kiss while I was smiling. A regular smile one and a stick out our tongues and be ugly one! Here there were a couple of fans who wanted a goofy picture in front of the fountain with Niall like I had just gotten. The age limit for entering was 18, so the girls getting pictures were pretty mature and cool about the photos. Or at least they acted like it until they walked on. Niall kind of got caught up at the fountain, since allowing two girls to take a picture kind of started a chain reaction. Soon there was almost a little line for a picture, and Adrian eventually had to let the girls down to let him know he was enjoying a day off and wanted a little privacy. Niall went over to be, gave me a little 'thank you for being patient' kiss and then grabbed my hand. I tried to enjoy the rest of the tour but I noticed more and more people walking behind us rather than passing us and enjoying the brewery! It was almost like me and Niall were the tourist attraction.

Niall: "Babe just ignore it!"

Niall had noticed that I kept looking at the fans rather than the whole brewery setup.

Nabella: "Sorry babe! I am!! It's just hard to concentrate with all the people taking pictures!"

Niall: "I know hon, but you look great so don't worry. Let's just enjoy this yeh? We're almost at the top where we get to taste the beer!"

I let out a little laugh. He was such an Irish man! We reached the top which was actually a bar. There was a panorama view with windows all around so you would look all over the city. Amazing! Niall walked up and grabbed two glasses of Guinness beer and joined my by the window.

Nabella: "This is amazing!"

Niall: "I know right! Great view, great beer, great girl! CHEERS BABE!"

Nabella: "Cheers!"

We tapped our glasses together, took a sip and shared a little kiss. And then I had Adrian take another picture! This was too much of a picture perfect moment to let it slip! To be honest I didn't like the beer, it was too dark for my taste, so I let Niall finish my glass as well.

Niall: "So babe, there's actually a restaurant located downstairs that I thought we could grab a little late lunch before heading into downtown and shopping a little.. What do you say?"

Nabella: "You're the boss babe! Sounds great to me. The pancakes are still occupying my stomach so I'm not too hungry!"

Niall: "Great! Let's take the elevator then!"

We got in the glass elevator by ourselves, and once we reached the ground floor Adrian exited first and then escorted us directly to the restaurant. We were quickly seated in the back and ordered a salad and fries for sharing. I got out my phone and twitter was just filling up my home screen with notifications. Niall noticed and smiled.

Niall: "Let me show you how to turn those off. It will drive you insane if you receive one every time you're mentioned or being tweeted about!"

He took my phone and turned off the settings. Then he typed Nabella and Niall in the search felt and saw all the pictures and tweets about us being in Dublin. He got out his own phone and checked his timeline! Some girls were kinda mad that he had said he was just a home and other girls were calling him sneaky! We were both looking at our phones and showing each other pictures of ourselves that others had posted. There were lots and loads!

Nabella: "So now that it's not a secret where we are, can I post a picture on instagram?"

Niall: "Babe you never have to ask me that! Do whatever you'd like!"

I couldn't decide on which one to post, so I posted more than one. First I posted one of Niall looked in a cell at the jail with the caption : "Someone's been bad!"

Then I posted a collage of 3 different pictures from the brewery. One of us in front of the gates, one where we were goofy in front of the fountain, and one where we were doing our cheers at the top. I wanted to post the one of us kissing, but I knew some of the fans would be sad about seeing 'their' man kissing someone else. Even though it seemed like most of the girls 'shipped Nabiall' (our ship name that fans were calling us) I knew some of the girls weren't a fan of me stealing Niall. The photos hadn't been posted for longer than 3 minutes before I had over 9k likes and over a thousand comments. And then Niall started laughing.

Niall: "Cute pictures babe"

Nabella: "But you havn't even seen them?"

Niall: "They're already shared by so many fans and update accounts on twitter!"

Haha once again the fans amazed me! The food arrived and I put away my phone.. There was too much going on for me to keep track of everything! Almost a little stressful!

Nabella: " Alright no more phone right now! Let's eat!"

Niall: "Smart words haha!"

We ate pretty fast and soon we were on our way out. Once we got outside the restaurant there were lots of fans waiting. I guess word travels fast. Niall didn't stop for photos but just smiled and waved at the girls and we quickly got in the car again.

Adrian: " I really hate to ruin your plans Niall, but I think we have to time which selected store you guys decide to go to! Let's see how the crowd is in the walking street. Maybe you can blend in a little!"

Nabella: "It's really okay with me if we don't go! I don't wanna cause trouble or steer up a scene."

Niall: "Nabella, how many times do I have to tell you that you don't need to worry about it! You can't let the fans control your moves. They are going to be there along the whole way, so you just need to enjoy it and get used to it!"

Nabella: "It's not that easy for me. And they aren't my fans either! They probably think I'm annoying!"

Niall: "Don't even start that missy! Let's go and enjoy the rest of the evening. Dinner isn't until 8pm anyways."

Nabella: "Alright let's go then!"

I leaned in and gave Niall a kiss to show him that I wasn't mad and that I was sorry for being annoying. Even though Niall and I hadn't had a fight yet, I still didn't enjoy when we didn't agree on anything or when he got serious in the non happy way.

We got to downtown and Adrian pulled into an underground parking lot that was attached to one of the bigger stores. We got out, walked through the store and quickly blended in with the crowd. Adrian was walking behind us at all time keeping a look out. I think we managed to get through 4 shops and actually buying a new sweatshirt for Niall and souvenir shirt saying "I'm in love with the Irish" before we were spotted by two girls. Adrian joined our side and kept the distance between us close. We got through two more stores and then Adrian recommended that we walked back towards the garage. We agreed and changed directions. We passed a topshop that I was dying to have a quick look inside, and we agreed that I would go in alone while Niall went with Adrian to the almost empty subway next to the store. Going into a topshop would be suicide for Niall. We agreed even though Niall didn't like me going by myself! I assured him that I could take care of myself and that no one would notice me. However the girls did recognize me. I was in line to purchase the few things that I had found and then I heard the girls behind me whispering about me. The girl ahead of me kept turning around and I knew that they knew who I was. I just smiled and ignored it. Then one of the girls behind me poked me on the shoulder.

"You're Niall's girlfriend right?"

I turned around and smiled at them and then politely answered "Yeh"

I turned back around wished that the line would go faster. Then they poked me again.

"You're like the luckiest girl in the world! Have you met the other boys too?"

I turned back around and looked at them.

Nabella: "Yeah the boys are great."

I was a little tired and actually beginning to be hungry and the line was taking forever, so I wasn't really in the mood to answer questions or talk to the girls. But I didn't want to seem rude either. They continued asking me questions:

"So is he a good kisser? Where is he now? Why are you in Dublin? Did you meet his parents yet? and the rest of the questions I zoned out. I simply just turned around and answered politely:

Nabella: "Niall's great. And the rest is between me and Niall."

Luckily the other cashier opened and I hurried over there and paid. I rushed out of the store and entered the subway where Niall was hiding in the inner booth in the corner.

Niall: "Whatcha get?"

Nabella: "Nothing special. Just a cute top, 2 t-shirts with some print, a flower printed dress and a black mini skirt!"

Niall: "Can't wait to see it on. you good?"

I think Niall could tell I was a bit off and I just smiled at him.

Nabella: "Yeah I'm fine. Just had some girls asking me about you in the store and I think my blood sugar is low because I wasn't really in the mood for answering but I didn't want to seem rude either."

Niall: Aw I'm sorry. Dinner is in 30, let's just head there now then"

Nabella: "Don't be sorry! It's not your fault. I was the one who insisted on going in there haha!"

Niall grabbed me and gave me a kiss which magically made everything feel better.

Nabella: It's amazing how your lips make everything better babe! Thanks!"

Niall: "Hey! Anytime! It's my pleasure!!!!"

Adrian walked towards the front of the subway and looked out to see if the coast was clear. It was and we quickly moved down the street, through the store and into the car. SAFE AND SOUND!

Adrian got us safely to the restaurant and we were shown to our table shortly after arriving. I excused myself and went to the bathroom to pee and freshen up! I was so tired. We had been up so early and seen sooo many things today, my mind was almost full for the day! When I got back to the table Niall was on his phone and laughing.

Nabella: "What's so funny?"

Niall showed me his phone. Harry Styles had commented on my picture collage from the brewery: Thanks for the invite guys! Jeeeez!

And then Louis had commented on twitter on the picture of Niall in the jail cell: I knew you were an undercover cop! Good work Nabella!

The boys were such pranksters! Niall was laughing while I was reading it out loud again. His laugh made me laugh. Niall seriously has the best laugh in the whole world!

Niall: "Oh and I think I found the girls from the store that you talked to!"

Nabella: "What? How?

Niall: "haha they tweeted you and a picture of you browsing through the store."

Nabella: "Seriously? Let me see?!"

I took Niall's phone and there they were. First they had tweeted the picture of me looking at the flower dress, with the caption: Niall dates girls who shop in topshop

Then they had tweeted: So nice to meet you @NabellaA7. You're gorgeous. More than a shopper than a talker though?

Then I looked at the replies and saw that Niall had answered them: Sorry girls, but she doesn't kiss and tell! ;-)

I started laughing!

Nabella: "Niall Horan you are too much!"

Niall: "Haha it's true though! They don't need to know that these lips do magic!"

Nabella: "Hahah oh okay Mr. Cocky! Thanks for having my back I guess!"

I leaned over the table and stole a kiss from him. The food arrived rather quickly and I remembered that I hadn't even ordered, Niall had done that while I was in the bathroom I guess!

We finished dinner pretty fast and like always my eyes had been more hungry than my belly and I was FULL! We skipped dessert and agreed that the next stop was Mullingar! It was almost 9.30pm and before we would be home it would be almost 11pm. We got the check, Niall and I fought about who should pay and him being more stubborn than me, won! We got to the car and before we had left Dublin, I had fallen asleep with my head on Niall's should while he was holding his arm around me.

I woke up when the lights turned on inside the car because Adrian got out to open out door and help carry the bags inside. While he carried the bags inside Niall woke me up with a millions small kisses on the cheek, the forehead, the nose, on my eyelids .. all over the face. I kept my eyes closed on purpose for him to keep going but I couldn't keep my smile from appearing which gave away the fact that I was awake!

Niall: "haha busted babe! Let's get you inside and in bed!"

Nabella: "Hehe I was just enjoying those magic lips" I joked!

Niall laughed and tickled my side. I unbuckled myself quickly and ran into the house. Maura had gone to bed but Chris was sitting on the couch watching tv.

Chris: "Ey guys! How was Dublin?"

Nabella: "Amazing! Ireland is so much more different than I'd imagined!"

Chris: "Yeh most people say that when they first come here!"

Niall interrupted our beginning conversation.

Niall: "Let's talk tomorrow though. This little girly is very tired!"

Chris: "Sounds good! Good night you two! Sweet dreams!

Nabella: Good night! See ya tomorrow!"

We said goodbye to Adrian who was waiting at the door and the we carried our bags into the room.

Niall: "I want to see what you got!"

Nabella: "Can I please show you tomorrow babe? I'm so tired! I'll try everything on tomorrow I promise!"

Niall: "Alright! Just promise then!"

Nabella: "I promise!"

We got ready for bed and got comfy. I laid on my side with my legs bend a little, and soon Niall laid up close to me forming the bigger spoon! I was once again safe in Niall's arms and I fell a sleep with that in mind.



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