My Twisted Teenage Life

Rosephine " Rose " Fritton, an Australian, falls for the richest boy in her high school, Jamie Fisherton. But she is always the victim to him.

A huge school project was set up by the school one day. The project brings Rose and Jamie closer . Unfortunately, everything went upside down. Rose was invited to dance in Jamie's birthday party, by a nerd! And Jamie's loved one died few days after the party. Can all this be solved?


1. The Rich Bully

 '' Rose! Wait up!''

 ''Hey, Zenee, you're done?''

" Yup!"

" Make sure you lock your locker!"

Rosephine Fritton , who's an Australian,immigrated from Melbourne to here few months ago, in Westminster Bridge High School, America's top high school.

Her best friend, Arizeneé McKellen, aka Zeneé, are always there for Rose whenever trouble comes. She's also the school "tour guide" when a newbie got lost in school .That's why she holds the position of " The Most Friendly".

Right after gym class, they went to their class. Phew! Their boring teacher, Mr.Jules still not here yet. Rose then throw her mini purplish bag onto her table. She turns her chair to Zeneé's direction.

" So, any latest news?"

They ended up having a little gossip about what happens in school.

"....and then when Julie is holding a tray of noodles, Ashley Cole accidentally pushed her from Julie's back, and the noodles were thrown right in her face!"
Zeneé and Rose laughed.

" Hey, remember the rich guy, Jamie Fisherton? I heard that he is..." Rose whispers , tries to hold her laugh. ""

"What the...?!No way! Is it really true?"

" I heard that he's in relationship with someone who I seem to be is a guy."

" Any names of that...... guy?" Zeneé stopped, and her eyes went concentrate at Rose's right. Rose suddenly felt nervous and creepy. She looked at Zeneé, gave her a "Is someone behind me?" look. Zeneé just shook her head.

It''s Mr.Jules. Damn.

Detention after school was given for the girls, due to "talking negative stuff about other person behind their back", that's what Mr.Jules called. This is actually not the first time they got this punishment. Rose just waste her time drawing her favourite fictional character, Harry Potter. Zeneé looked at her drawing, her face is coloured of admiration.



"Ok,detention's over, you may leave...."
Once the girls heard the word leave, they sped off from the class, and from Mr.Jules.

"....the class."

"Hahaha! I can't believe that we're faster than the last time!" Both Rose and Zeneé laughed their hearts out, as they open the school door to leave the school hall.

" Hey, wanna hangout this Friday?"

" Sure, at McLean's. 6 'o clock then?"

" 6'o clock for sure!'' as Zeneé wave goodbye to Rose and ran into her parents' car.

Once Zeneé has left her, Rose decided to use her smartphone to call her mom.
She keeps on checking her jeans' pockets. But, the phone is not in any of her pockets.

Oh man! Where the hell is it? Ah! This time, Rose went to check her bag. Her phone's not there either.

Suddenly, something just popped in Rose's mind. She remembers that her phone is back in her class.

She decided to run back into the class, but as she's in the school hall, Rose accidentally bumped into someone. She fell right after that.

She looked back at the "someone". Unfortunately, that someone is her secret crush, Jamie Fisherton, the rich guy,and also Rose's predator. Behind him was two of his bodyguards.

" Stand up, Potterhead. " as Jamie crossed his arms.

Rose stood up, just as Jamie ordered her to. She went to straighten her long, dark orange hair.

She let out a long breath as she asked,
"What now?"

" What do you mean 'what now'? I asked you to buy choco mint chip ice cream for me!"

" No," As she getting angrier, Rose's Australian accent is getting stronger, "since when you ask me to buy one for you? You just said tha..."

"I asked you to buy one for me, because you drop mine already! "

Rose slowly looked down, from Jamie's stern face to the floor, where Jamie's choco mint chip was spilled.


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