My Twisted Teenage Life

Rosephine " Rose " Fritton, an Australian, falls for the richest boy in her high school, Jamie Fisherton. But she is always the victim to him.

A huge school project was set up by the school one day. The project brings Rose and Jamie closer . Unfortunately, everything went upside down. Rose was invited to dance in Jamie's birthday party, by a nerd! And Jamie's loved one died few days after the party. Can all this be solved?


3. Sudden Attack


Wake up Potterhead.

" Rose! You're late!"

" What? Don't try to bother me, Jamie. " while Rose puts her pillow to cover her face.

I bet she's having another sweet dream about she and Jamie, together living happily ever after under a rainbow.

"Rose, dreams over. You have school!"

"Mom, I got chemistry test in Friday."

" Why don't you wake up?"

It's only her alarm clock which it wakes her up. Ringing like hell. Rose thinks back of what she said just now. Friday? Chemistry test? Darn it.

"Dahhhhhh!!!!!!" as she throws her pillow to her alarm clock. The alarm clock stopped ringing.

" Stupid alarm clock. If you're a cuckoo, I would have choke you up!" Rose mumbled.

She got down ready as fast as she could. Hair's done, breakfast eaten, she's all set.

She look at her watch. What? It's only 6:3o a.m.! Great. Her annoying little sister, Lara been bothering Rose's alarm clock with one of her pranks again.

Rose felt totally tired. After all the chit chat with Zeneé last night, she didn't know she has slept at midnight. Although she's in senior high, her mom still has to tell her about not to pass bedtime.

I'll just have a catnap on the sofa, for a few minutes, Rose yawned.

× × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × ×

On the skin coloured sofa, Rose, who has planned to have a short nap, ended up sleeping.

" Rosephine Fritton! Wake up! "

" AH!" Rose woke up, letting out a girly scream. "Mum! Did I rested for too long?"

" Yes.You slept for hour. Your bus had ju....." Before Rose's mum could finish her sentence, Rose was gone, from her sight.

" .....just left."

Rose ran out of her house to see whether the bus had been gone to.
Yes, it's still nearby. Rose ran again, this time, to her bus.

"Bus, wait up!"

In the bus, some passengers were looking out of the window, enjoying their view. Unfortunately, their view was ruined, like a ruined painting of a landscape. They overheard a screaming, they wondered as they looked down to find where the screaming belongs to. It's from a girl.

According to their point of view, the girl is in her teens, long dark orange hair that reached her elbows,decorated with a blackish blue hairband. And a mini purplish bag is clung onto her shoulders.
She waved her both hands, trying to get anyone's attention while screaming for nonstop.

Luckily, one passenger was brave enough to ask the girl.

" Hey, what do you want? "

" I late for school. I need a BUS TO GET THERE !"

" Sorry, the bus is full!!"

"What the? No! No! No! Can you give a little space for me?"

" I told you,the bus is full!"

" Oh please, you OLD MAN, I need to go to school!!"

Unfortunately, the bus went faster than ever, leaving the unpunctual Rose behind.

Damn it!

All she could think was the so called stupid chemistry test, Jamie and her phone.

Well, I guess I should use the one and only way.....................walking to school.

Rose managed to reach there, in school, on time.

But she didn't manage to make it for her chemistry test.

" Miss Rosephine Fritton, everyone in your class has been taken the chemistry test. Your test be postponed to next Wednesday. "

" Ms.Tina, can't I just take it today?"

" No. Next time, you mustn't be late for class, especially when it comes to tests. Understand?"

" Understood, Ms.Tina."

I hate studying, Rose mumbled to herself.

Now, she just have to get her phone from her predator, Jamie.


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