My Twisted Teenage Life

Rosephine " Rose " Fritton, an Australian, falls for the richest boy in her high school, Jamie Fisherton. But she is always the victim to him.

A huge school project was set up by the school one day. The project brings Rose and Jamie closer . Unfortunately, everything went upside down. Rose was invited to dance in Jamie's birthday party, by a nerd! And Jamie's loved one died few days after the party. Can all this be solved?


2. Oh Well

Rose looked down at the floor, she saw Jamie's choco mint chip ice cream was spilled.

She gasped.

" It was only an accident.....fine, I'll buy you one. Give me 5 dollars for that."

Jamie gave the 5 dollars as Rose wants.
Rose stormed out from the school hall and then to the ice cream van nearby school.

The queue is not too long,it took 15 minutes to buy one. But Rose brought two choco mint chip. She, too, loves this flavour very much.

She ran back into the school hall to find Jamie . Unfortunately, he's not there. Where the hell he went right now?

She ran again, this time to the outside.
She finally found him in the school garden.

"Here you go."as Rose handled the ice cream to Jamie. Jamie watched Rose, sitting two miles away from him, eating her ice cream.

As Rose went to turn back to wait for her mom, Jamie open his mouth and said,

"You, potterhead.Stay ."

Rose stopped walking, turn herself at him,"Sorry, what?"

" I.Told.You.To..." just then, there's a horn.

" Oh, it's Mom! Gonna go, see ya! Just tell me tomorrow! "

Rose rushed in her mum's car, feeling nervous, scared for life.

Did I just said "see ya" to my secret crush?Rose thought.

All the thinking makes the situation in the car so quiet.

" Rose? What's wrong? Did someone bully you again?" her mum asked, breaks the silence.

", no. Don't worry, Mom. "

Rose went to find her phone in her bag, thinking that she had kept it in the bag.
Oh shoot! Did I just left my phone in the garden table?

She remembered, back in the moment where at the garden, two 17 year olds , one tall, bulky boy and a dark, orange haired girl are eating ice cream,which both had the same flavour. And then the boy keeps staring lovingly at the girl, who is two miles away from him. Just then, the girl leaves, and left the boy....and her phone behind...

Maybe my phone is on Jamie's hands? Rose thought.If so, he is so doomed!

Meanwhile, in Jamie's Mercedes, Jamie has the same feelings as Rose.

Did I just asked her to stay? And why did I watched her eating her ice cream

Neh! Maybe because I had problems today.

He went to check his bag, but Rose's phone was there.What the hell her phone is doing here?

Jamie smiled to himself,as he holds her phone.

We'll see, Potterhead, we'll see.

× × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × × ×

Oh well, tomorrow I just need to ask him for the phone.

I went downstairs to call Zeneé, by using the house phone. I picked up the phone, dail her number off and wait for someone to answer.

I'm waiting, waiting impatiently.....

" Hello? "

" May I speak to Zeneé, please? "

" Sister, we known each other for years already, and you're still don't recognise my voice?"

" Neh, I'm just a bit...frustrated, that's all." as Rose scratch her hair.

" What's wrong now? Did you caught up with the rich guy while I was gone home?"

" Yes, yes, whatever with him, jeez, you sounded like my mum."Rose mumbled.

" What does he want from you now?"

Rose went to tell the whole story to Zeneé, everything about the ice cream, the garden and her phone.

"And one more thing, he and I are not friends , but how come he knows that I'm a Potterhead? "

" Ehm....I got a logical explanation for that...."

"Don't tell me that you'd tell him about me!"

" I........what?"

" I thought you guys were never close, what's going on here?"

" The truth is.....both of us are childhood friends once."

Rose was about to open her mouth, and scream with all her might. Her secret crush and her best friend? Childhood friends?

" Miss Rosephine Fritton, I know you're trying to freak out."

" Sweet mother of Hades, why?"

" Ok, it's a bit of long short story. Back when you're still in Australia, before I met you."

Yes, it's true. Arizeneé McKellen and Jamie Fisherton are once friends. Ever since middle school. Both of them do have great childhood memories. But, both of their parents had planned on their both children's marriage after graduate university.

" And that's the reason we both can't be seen together. It been a year that I have been JF's fiancé. "

" Whoa, although we only have few months to graduate, you're already engaged? It's like you'd been treated royalty. "

" I like being friends with him. But I'm not ready to tie the knot with him, even after graduation. Please don't tell anybody else about me and JF."

" As a best friend, I promise. "

" Thanks. So why you're so shocked when things happen to the rich guy?"

" I..I don't know what you're talking about. "

" You like him, don't you?"

" No. I'm not going to have a crush on a bully."

" Suit yourself! Good nighty then."

" Night.And thanks."

Phew! That was so close. I nearly tell about my secret crush on my best friend who was been engaged to him. Rose thought.

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