the greatness of sister

where two girls where sister one was taken away at birth and finds out her parens ar in iowa the whole time


5. photoshoot/lazy day

A/N hey my loves thank for reading also I want to give a shout out to niallrockstar


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while Killen  was at home on Saturday doing whatever Darcy had friends over harry showed up at Marcie and Niall place to pick up Niall to go to the photo-shoot then Megan friend  showed up as they went upstairs Marcie decided to turn on her favorite TV show  Killen did the same  Marcie and Killen got bored so they told there girls to be good they were going out and don't do anything stupid



Marcie meet Killen at the mall the went to there favorite stores and bought some cute clothes when they get home the girls were still upstairs so Marcie decided to cook dinner for Niall and the girls Killen decided  to chill and her daughter came downstairs and asks if her friends could stay and Killen said not tonight (A/N let head over to Marcie)



Marcie was done Megan ask if her friends could stay Marcie said no and also dinner ready all Megan friends came down and ate then Niall came in sat down and ate Megan friend left Marcie crashed on the couch   (A/N over to Killen house) Darcy friend left Killen fell asleep harry walks in so Niall and harry put a blanket on Marcie and Killen  when Marcie and Killen get up and Darcy and Megan  Niall and harry made breakfast for them and took Megan and Darcy  to school


when Niall and harry got back they had a surprise for Killen and Marcie   they walk them outside there was a romantic diner then Simon came and Killen and Marcie they were signed to a recorded deal they both squealed and went to recorded there albums Marcie album was called the start of a new beginning and Killen was called spiral forward  the had to get tour dates ready but they made them wait


A/N should  I do more I should I stop here

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