the greatness of sister

where two girls where sister one was taken away at birth and finds out her parens ar in iowa the whole time


2. permiere/proposal

As killen get off the phone with niall and harry, Marcie in a pink lacy ress with cute high heels and she put dimond earrings niall gave her, killen wearing a blue lacy dress  with balck tights and a pair of flats when the limo arrives they head out when they get there niall and harry are waiting when we step out there jaws drop later on niall and harry go off to take pictures killen and Marcie just stand there have no clue what to do as the perimere get ready to start niall and harry come and get us me and me and nail walk hand and hand killen and harry walk hand in hand into the perimere


when it all over you niall harry and killen  go to the roof and watch the stars as all four of you got tierd we headed back to the hotel room for some sleep you wake up the next morning and you and killen had to leave harry and niall drove with them back to Iowa  it been 2 years since harry and Killen been together the same for Marcie and Niall before Killen and Marcie were abut to step inside  Niall and harry called our names we look back to see Niall and harry on one knee with boxes with rings in them we both go over and hug them and scream next





we both say bye to Niall and harry and go inside we both ump up and  down like weirdo's we stop get something to drink and go to our bedroom to get some sleep  when we wake up we do some work around the house and relax the rest of the day there a knock on the door we both look at each other  I wonder who at the door at this time we peek out the window and notice camera crews are outside with reporters then we see a limo pull up and the boys get out and walk up to the front door we let them in.




they have bad news they have to go back to London for a month or so we told them it was okay  and told them to get rest when they get there and visit family. Marcie and Killen  went in to the kitchen made something to eat or everyone as they gave the boys there plates Marcie went upstairs and she entered her bedroom and cried into her pillow Killen come upstairs to make sure Marcie was alright when she heard crying coming from Marcie room Killen walk  in an sat at the edge of Marcie bed  and Killen ask Marcie if  she was okay Marcie shock her head no.


As r=the boys are finished they come upstairs and herd crying they entered Marcie room and find Marcie and Killen crying they gave the girls a group hug and leave so they can get pack for tomorrow then Marcie and Killen hang out then there a knock on the door Marcie answer it and it the dude who got out of the car Marcie ask if she could help him and he said I looking for someone and he showed Marcie a picture Marcie  shock her head and closed the door and goes back to watching the movie and playing games but when the movie end there was one more knock on the door.


Killen answer it they say there looking for Marcie Killen yells for Marcie as Marcie comes running and stops and stares  and she cant believe her foster parents are here and she ask why are you here but as she was about to close the door Anna her foster mother grab her arm she said no and look   back and saw Killen run up the stairs  Marcie ran after her yelling her name and she entered Killen room  and she told Killen she was going no where when Killen heard that she knew her sister was going no where so they both marched down stairs said no and slammed the door.


they went to get some snack watch a movie when it stopped both girls went to there room into there bathrooms and got a shower A/N(the next day)  Marcie and Killen left to go shopping at the mall when they got back from shopping for cute shirts ad skirts they decided to go four wheeling to get un bored.


A/N hey my loves thx for reading if you could read my other fanfic that would be great

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