the greatness of sister

where two girls where sister one was taken away at birth and finds out her parens ar in iowa the whole time


4. birth/school//suspened

As Killen was pregnant with Darcy Marcie was pregnant Megan and the boys were setting up the nursery's Marcie and Killen were 7 months pregnant when Marcie and Niall went out to eat she did not feel good so Niall took he food to go. Harry  and Killen went shopping for suits and skirts but Killen felt like she was about to throw up so harry paid for the suit and skirts and left


A/N back to Niall and Marcie


Niall sat down and rub Marcie back and then we grab the food and ate so Niall showed Marcie the nursery the boys put together for Megan and then when Marcie saw it she could not believe her eyes it was so beautiful


A/N this chapter probably go back and forth  and back to Killen and Harry


Killen rushed straight for the bathroom  and threw up after she got done harry showed Killen the nursery for Darcy she had a huge smile a crossed her face she sat   down pat her stomach  and told Darcy that this was her bedroom


A/N( 2 months later)


Killen and Marcie gave birth too Darcy Marie Ann Styles and Megan lizebath Horan at the same time they were both so beautiful  they took them home the same day Marcie put Megan to sleep


A/N(over to Killen)


Killen put Darcy to sleep  they both turned on the baby monitors and fell asleep Marcie woke up for Meagan crying she feed Megan a bottle and burp her to sleep and Marcie headed back to bed.

A/N( 2 hours later ) Killen got up from Darcy crying  Killen feed Darcy and bottle and burp her and rock her to sleep and went back to bed


A/N skipping when Darcy and Megan go to school


Marcie and Killen sign there daughters up for school there both excited and they went there class Marcie  and Killen go shopping  when  they both had there personal fashion show and later they pick Darcy and Megan from school they both had a good day.



A/N skipping to when there in middle


Darcy and Megan make friend quick one day Marcie was shopping with her brother  she get a call from Killen that both our girls got suspended for fighting when Marcie was done shopping she drop her brother off  and went straight to Killen house Megan was crying Niall  was already there  when you walk up to Megan you ask her what wrong she saying that there was a girl in school saying that we did not look cool and then she start making fun of Darcy so me and Darcy beat the crap out of her and then the security stop the fight nut we got suspended and the girl is the principal daughter so she got off with a warning.


Marcie and Killen were talking about the fight while harry and Niall were talking about the photo-shoot then Marcie had to get home Niall and her got back Killen and harry were talking about Darcy and Megan  story they both match up so Killen went up to the school and told the principal your daughter has to get suspended too or we sew the school


A/N that a whole different story hi my loves how are you liking it


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