Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
  • Status: Complete
"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.



I have been running for hours, and feel like I'm about to pass out and fall to the ground. I am starving, thirsty, and can barely feel my legs. I need rest, badly.

"We need to take a break before we die." Rosa says faintly, her voice cracking from crying so much.

I slow mr run to a jog, feeling some pressure leaving my muscles. Once I am down to a walk I sniff the air and listen, trying to locate somewhere near with water. In the distance, I hear a waterfall, about five miles away.

I start walking towards it, I am so thirsty. I get there in about fifteen minutes, setting the bag down, I happily slurp up all the water I can. I am really dehydrated. When I am satisfied I shift back to my human form.

Still sore, but healing from the beating my brother gave me, I carefully walk over to my bag and get out a set of clothing. When I am done putting the clothes on, I search through the bag and look for my money, once I find it I pocket it.

I listen to determine if a road is near by, and hear cars passing nearby. If I can get there I can ask someone where the nearest convenience store and hotel is.

I reach the road to see a seven eleven just across the street. I look to see no cars are coming and run across the street to the entrance of the store. I open the door and hear a ding sound; I look up and see a bell. "Howdy!" a male friendly voice suddenly shouts near me, I flinch out of habit and jump about a foot. I turn around to see the store clerk. "What can I get cha'?" he says more calmly this time.

"Um... Where are your food and drinks, sir?" I politely and shyly ask him.

"No need to be so formal, call me Jack. The food and drinks are right down in isle 4. Ask me if you need anything else." He voiced. I whisper a faint okay and slowly walk to isle 4 and grab something to eat and drink, then walk back to the front counter to check out. Carefully setting the stuff down, I get my money out of my pocket.

"$3.43." He says. I give him the money, and start to leave but suddenly have the urge to use the bathroom.

"Do you have a bathroom?" I question. He tells me where it is so I follow his directions to the bathroom. Once I get there, I do my business and go to wash my hands. When I put soap on my hands I look up at mirror.




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