Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
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"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.


10. You Suck Huh?

Alex Pov. 

"Awww, look at them. They finally made up. Brother and sister love." I hear two moody hormonal squealing girls say the next morning and a groaning boy not knowing what to do.

"Nicole, Amy calm down. " I hear Lucas groan out to them. Awww... the perks of having to watch after two pregnant girls. Tehe. I start giggling out loud. I hear squealing and someone squeak 'oops' then sneak out the door as if pretending they have not been here. I heard you I sang inside my head.

'I'm a little jealous' Rosa tells me.

'Why?' I ask her.

'Their pregnant, carrying a child their going to love and we got rejected by our mate three years ago and haven't even found our second chance mate. I know Nicole hasn't found her mate but she just turned 18 and has a baby to love. I guess having our mate hate us for so long is finally getting to me now that were am around lovey dovey mates all day long.' She says sadly, 'Ever since Ava talked about how shes missing out on having a mate I have been thinking about it.'

'I understand' I reply, now realizing what shes saying. I feel a lot of sadness hit me all at once. I hear Jace moving around, now he wakes up. I guess my face and body movement says it all because he asks "Whats wrong little sis" I smile a little when he calls me sis.

"Just thinking about not having a mate anymore and all." He tenses at the word mate. I guess he has not forgiven Jake yet. 

"Fucker" He whispers thinking I didn't hear him but I do. I giggle a little at that, my mood becoming a tad bit happier. "I know what you mean, I want my mate too. Its kind of weird that so many people in our newly formed pack are older and haven't found their mate but the younger ones have. It makes me really jealous."

I get out of bed later that afternoon and grab something comply to change into, and go into the bathroom to change. Once I got out of the bathroom I say to Jace "Go to your room and get ready. Wear something that covers your skin."  I text-ed everyone what to wear, then turned off my phone. Jace left the room so I went back to bed to take a little nap before we leave.

I can still see it before my eyes. The way she was holding it. They way she was holding it like it was nothing. The way she was like standing there for minutes just focusing on her target, with one eye open and one closed, just focusing. The way she let go, let everything loose. The way the arrow slew and hit it right on target.

Wait, let me tell you the whole thing. We are going archery today, like planed. Nicole knew the right place to go.

It was not a big place but I was quite comfortable. "Hey Ove, how are you" Nicole asked a man. He was around 60-70 years old. Smells like a werewolf. Gives off a friendly vibe.

The man looked at Nicole and smiled. "Well hello Nicole, long time no see, how are you, should I speak Danish or English?" He asked in a really heavy accent.

"I'm good as you can see, a little bit bigger than the last time I saw you though, and please speak English, so my friends can understand you" Nicole said and smiled at us and pointed at her stomach when she mentioned she was bigger.

"Well that I'll do" he said. "So how many bows do you need" he asked.

"9 and of course me too" Nicole answered and smiles at him.

He walks away, "Who's that" I ask Nicole.

"He's an old friend, like a grandpa to me. I really have missed him." Nicole replies in a happy tone.

Soon Ove comes back with 4 bows. He gives the boys one each and says. "Nicole show them how to make the bow" and walks away again. "Okay guys do the same thing I do, and let me borrow one of your bows, so I can show you what to do" Nicole says. Jace gives Nicole his bow and Nicole shows them how to do it.

While she was explaining what to do to the guys, the man came back and gave us ours to use. "Here take one and do the same as the boys" he said and smiled at us. Then he walked away. But there was no bow for Nicole.

"Where is my bow?" Nicole asked.

"He didn't get one for you" I answered.

"Okay, I will wait until he gets back, while I do that I can help you guys. When everyone had made their bow. Well not made made. But tied it up. We got each a bracer (also known as a arm-guard, to protect the inside of the bow arm from being hit by the string). Then we got a finger tab (protects your fingers from the bow string). And last we got our arrows.

Then the man came back with a big suitcase. "No way!" Nicole screamed. And ran over to the man hugging him.

"You kept it?" She asked or more like stated, pure joy and happiness filling her facial features.

"Well of course I did" he said and laughed at her joyful expression.

"What is it?" Amy questioned curiously.

"It's my bow" Nicole said and opened the suitcase. "It's was my first and last bow, I got it about a year before I moved away and I gave it to Ove, this bow means a lot to me." Nicole said with tears filling her eyes. She took out the bow and tied it and got the same things we did, but they were all in the suitcase. Then she took a thing around her waist and put her arrows in it. Ove had sat the target circles up and we where ready to shoot. I saw Nicole bow, it was a little different than ours. It was the same bow, but it had more things on it than ours does.

"Okay we are shooting 12 meters today, and maybe Nicole can shoot from 18 meters later if she wants to" Ove said and looked at Nicole.

"Maybe" Nicole said. Then Nicole and Ove walked around showing us how to do it. First there was this line you should have on of your feet on each side of the line. Then you have to stand sideways. So your target was on the left side, where your left shoulder was pointing. Next you should put on the arrow and stretchy he bow and then shoot. Not one of us hit the target. You had 3 arrows each. So you had more than one turn. We kept doing it and we got better and better. But still not good enough.

After about half an hour of watching Nicole joined us. She put each of her feet at the right place and took a deep breath. Then she took the bow and stretched it. She was holding the bow for what seemed like 3 minutes and in those 3 minutes you could see that she was doing some thing with her back and her chest and then she let go. It hit right in the yellow target. We all clapped at her and she did the same thing with any other bow she fired. The hours went bye quickly and we finally convinced Nicole to shoot some arrows at 18 meter. And Nicole again hit the targets. Ove told me that Nicole was the best one in the club and probably the best in Denmark for her age.

Suddenly this dog came running in and attacked Ove. "Well if it isn't my favorite dog" he said and laughed. We all laughed and the the dog looked at us. Well not at us but at Nicole. "Hi iger" Nicole said and the dog walked over to her, wagging tail and all. It smelt her hand and then the dog looked at Nicole with such sweet eyes. Nicole sat down on the floor and the dog attacked her with kisses. Nicole was so happy to be around old family and friends.

"Well if it isn't Nicole" a man said. 

"Hello Michael, long time no see" Nicole said and got up on her legs again, walking over to the man happily and hugged him.

"How is it going?" He asked Nicole after they broke apart fro their hug. "I'm fine, but my belly is getting big" she said with a laugh.

We stayed there for another hour talking and having fun, far too soon we were saying our good byes and left for our hotel.

If Nicole should have a weapon, it will most definitely be a bow and a arrow. Actually, before we went I stayed a little to talk to Ove. I asked him if he could make a lot of arrows and sent Nicole's bow and arrows to the pack house and he said yes. He will make about 4-6000 arrows and send them with the bow. You will properly asked why so many arrows. But we need to have a lot of them, because you could loose them pretty fast, and he already had 4000, so he just needed to make some more and send them off. That will be a great surprise for Nicole.

We got back to the hotel and decided to go to the arcade. Jace is currently beating the crap out of Nate in Pac-man. It is awesome. I have never seen anyone beat Nate, he is the champion in arcade games. Ah... but I guess we have a new champ. "Come on baby!! Lets go! Lets go! Lets go! YES! Whose the winner?!? I'm the winner!" Jace does a little happy dance while singing about him winning. Nate just huffs and stomps out of the room with his worried mate in tow. Worried about his sanity. Tehe, see what I did there. ;)

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