Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
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"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.


25. Whoa

Alex Pov.

"Where is Freddy?" I write onto a notebook to Ian while we are eating breakfast, Ken is out doing boarder patrol. Ian is feeding Liam and Dante, while I am feeding Abby.

"Open up..." Ian sings to Dante, then he does the airplane with the spoon, "Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum." I smile at them, they are so cute, my little... well big, family. Their great dads, and they don't even care if its their child genetically or not, they treat it as theirs. It make me fill with happiness, even though I cant talk, I still am as happy as can be.

"Oh... well... while you were... gone... me and Ken didn't have time to take care of him, so we asked Mac to watch him, and she got a little more then attached... She wont give him back or let him out of her room, Ria is attached to him now too. We were waiting for you to realize he was gone, not really wanting to tell you that our sister stole him and wont give him back at any costs." Ian says laughing a little. I silently giggle along with him.

"What about the Chinchillas?" I write out next.

"Well the momma died from old age and one got away, so... we only have three left." Ian says and I chuckle, were so irresponsible.

An idea popped into my head and I grin evilly at my mate. "Want to get our monkey back?" I write out.

Ian reads it, looks up and see the glint in my eye and starts backing up slowly. "No, No, No, No, what every you are up to no, I see that glint in your eyes, and I'm not going to be any part of it." He says, I just shrug and silently muse myself, then I'll do it myself.

I skip up the stairs all the way to Macs room.

I slowly, silently try to open, only to find it locked. I dig around in my hair until I find a bobby-pin, I push it into the lock and jiggle it around until I hear the click, signaling that it is now unlocked. I slowly push open the door and tip-toe into the room.

As soon as I get into the room fully, I stop in my tracks and slap my hands over my eyes.

Definitely not macs room.

Right in front of my eyes is Ashlee and a pack member, (I think Logan) getting it on. Like full on getting it on, no clothing, moaning and all.


The noises stop, so I  open my eyes, Ash squeaks and pulls the covers over her head and Logan smirks.

"I thought this was Mac's room, sorry!" I squeak through the mind-link.

Ash's face gets redder. "Sorry." She says apologetically, "Alex meet Logan, my mate."

I squeal, this is so exciting, almost everyone of my friends have a mate now. Only Sam is left to find her mate, we need to send her on a trip to all the packs to see if she can find her mate. I slowly back out of the room to give them privacy and turn to run to my mates when I am out of the room, I faintly hear Logan and Ash laughing while I am running to my mates.

I get to the living room, I leap into Ian's arms, silently squealing. He backs up a little bit, trying to catch himself, not quite expecting me to throw myself at him. He chuckles, "Whoa, princess if you want some of this all you need to do is ask, no need to throw yourself at me."

I blush and hit his shoulder, "I didn't mean it like that, I was just so excited, Ash found her mate, his name is Logan and he is in the pack."

He smiles at me and lightly kisses my temple, "That's great princess. Why don't you go talk to Nicole, I hear she wants to talk to you about your date." He tells me.

"Did Nicole or Gabin set you up to this?" I question teasingly. 

"Nicole."He admits, "She was pretty much bouncing off her heals, I noticed something different about her too but I'll leave that fr you to figure out, I'll watch Dante, Abby, and Liam and you go calm down your friend.." I jump out of his arms, kiss his cheek and dart up starts, trying to figure out what is different, even though I have a suspicion.

I get to the room and for the second time today, I find one of my friends getting it on, I sniff the air and smirk, my suspicions were proven right. I lunge toward the bed, grab Gabin by the collar of his shirt, drag him out of the room, then slam the door in his face. I hear him huff with annoyance, but soon walk away figuring out I'm not going to let him in. HE"S RIGHT! I WONT!

"YOU MATED!! TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH!" I squeal through the mind-link.

She covers her ears but its no use, i'm talking in her head, she groans. "Damn woman, break my brain." She says. I giggle silently. Then she says dreamily, "Our date was so romantic, he took us to the pond about a mile out and we got on a canoe, and canoed around for a while talking and enjoying each others company. Then we docked the canoe and he brought us to a small cabin in the woods, that your dad gave us permission to use, and we ate a small meal under a dim light surrounded by flowers and candle light. then we... ya know."

I laugh at how uncomfortable she got so suddenly, but still in awe at how romantic Gabin is. "Well, its almost dinner time, lets go." She says.

I nod and follow her out, when we get to the living room I am lifted into the air and someones nose is put in the crook of my neck. I look over at Nicole and see Gabin doing the same to her. "I missed you baby." Ken whispers into my neck, I squeal, turn around in his arms and wrap my arms around his neck, giving him a sloppy kiss.

"I missed you too. Why were you gone so long?" I ask him through the mind-link, after he is done wiping his lips off. Oops?

"Me and the guys were enjoying our run so much that we lost count of time."

I smile and kiss him again. "That's great baby, I'm glad you had fun with your friends today." He kisses my temple and sets me down.

Right before we were about to start dinner, Sam comes running down the stairs with a bright smile on her face. I look at her silently asking what has her so happy. "I found it." She squeals.

Ken puts a hand on her shoulder to calm her jumping, "What did you find Hun." He asks gently.

"I found a way to fix Alex's vocal cords, so she can talk again."

Everyone stops what their doing and turn to her. My eyes go wide with excitement. "How?" My mates ask at the same time.

"Well, what I did not tell you was that before my pack was attacked I was studying to be a doctor, so when I heard that you couldn't talk I searched everywhere to find a cure. And just a few minutes ago I found something, its a mix of rare liquids that if you drink it three time a day for a week it will cure any wolves-bane injury in your body." She says and I start bouncing with excitement.

"Okay so whats the catch?" Ian asks. I nod, also wanting to know, everything this good always has a catch.

"Their three different liquids are really, really, reallyyy, rare, but the thing is, I know where two out of three are because a witch that lives near here, she grows and sells it. The last one isn't as rare as the others so we will have to look into it." My and everyone in the room smile excitedly.

"We need to call a pack meeting and telling everyone," Ken says ecstatically. 

So doing as Ken said, I say through the pack-link, "We will have a pack meeting in an hour by the pond." They all reply with a yes, Alpha or Luna.

Soon after a anxious dinner the whole pack is waiting impatiently for us to tell them the news. "We have some good news." Ian says and the whole pack hoot and hollered, yelling for us to tell them already. "One of your fellow pack members, Sam here," He raises her hand and she blushes at all of the attention, "have found a cure for your Alpha/Luna. A cure that will help her talk again!" The whole pack howls in happiness, I smile at them brightly, happy that I make them happy.

"How?" Someone (I think a pack member named Zac,) yells out. So Ken and Ian explain what Sam told them and any other questions the pack had Sam answered. The meeting soon turned into a gathering and we all just talked and bathed in our happiness of their Alpha/Luna being able to talk once more.

~~~~~ (Month later)

I am currently doing a perimeter run with my mates hot on my tail being the protective men they are. I sniff the air and stiffen, my mates let out low dangerous growls. I smell the air again and realize this person is not a rogue and smells familiar. I take off toward them in full Alpha mode, with my mates on my tail once again. When I get there I intake a huge breath of air out of shock, I hear my mates let out another threatening growl. The person puts their hands up and says, "Down boys, down, I'm not here for your mate, I tracked my mates smell to here."

This person is Jake.

I stare wide-eyed at him. I sign to Ian, *Found. Mate. Here.?'*

He nods knowing what I was asking. "So you smell your mate here?" Ian asks Jake. Jake nods, but looks confused as to why Ian is talking for me. "She got captured by rogues and damaged her vocal cords so she cant talk, we found a cure and are currently looking for the last part of it." He explains. 

Jake stares at us in shock, "Shit Alex, I'm so sorry." I wave my hand in dismissal, motioning that its okay. "So... can i go find my mate already, my wolf is anxious and about to take over and break a lot of rules."

"Yeah go ahead, as long as it isn't my mate."Ken says stiffly.

"You know our bond was broken, she isn't my mate anymore, she is yours. Now good-bye, gonna go find my mate." Jake says and then takes off.

"I think I am okay with him now that he said that." Ian says, and ken nods in agreement, "It calmed my wolf down, a lot, I don't feel like ripping him apart anymore."

I smile at them, "Good, now lets go because I have a feeling I know who his mate is and I want to see her reaction." I mind-link them. They looks at me with confusion on their face, wondering who I think it is.

By the time we get to the pack house my suspicions were proved to be correct, I see Sam and Jake looking at each other lovingly, with Sam pretty much wrapped around Jake.

"Let's go so I can tell you about my past before you find out by someone else." Jake says to her with sorrow in his voice and they walk up to her room to talk. I smile in approval, good boy, she will be more understanding if her tells her and not finding out by someone else and being in the dark about it, it will make her feel trusted.

"Lets go play with our babies, sweets." Ken says. I look up at him and nod. So we go and pick up the babies from Ava, she adores them, every time we need a babysitter, she shoots anyone a glare that offers and excitedly take them from us, I think she wants kids.

They have grown so much, they are now about eight and a half months old.

Abby has hair down to her mid-back, her bleach-blonde hair got darker to a dirty-blonde that just cascades down her back, she gains a lot of weight yet is still tiny compared to her brothers. Her blue eyes have gotten even more vibrant them when she was born. She is still a quiet baby, only cries when I am gone for a long time or really hungry. She is going to drive her brothers and dads crazy with her beauty when she is older, boys gonna be chasing her.

Dante has hair that covers his fore-head, his brown hair hasn't gotten any darker or lighter. Like his sister his already vibrant blue eves have just gotten more vibrant. He is a lean baby, tall and skinny, not chubby like most babies. He is gonna be a heart-breaker when he grows up.

Liam has short, dark brown hair that doesn't grow fast like his siblings, his eyes are still golden but haven't changed since he was born. He is also a very lean baby, tall and slender. And like his brother hes going to be a big heart-breaker.

Once we get the babies we take them to their room to play with them. We set the blanket and toys out and start playing with out kids, our whole life. Just hearing their little laugh brings happiness into my heart or their face breaking smiles and I cant keep one off my face. This is my family and it is all going to just get better when we find the last ingredient.

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