Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
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"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.


11. What is That Delicious Smell

Alex Pov.

"Get up, get up, get up..., get up, get up, get up up." I sang to Lucas and Amy, the last people to wake up today. "Today were gonna have fun..."

"Go away. We don't care." Lucas mumbled into his pillow. Well then...

"Get up were going laser taging." That made him look at me, more interested and listening to me now. Humph.

"Go so I can get ready." He said.

"Go to the bathroom and change, I want to wake up Amy." I said smirking evilly. 

"Umm no can do, you see..." He trailed off looking down blushing. Blushing! The Lucas Sullivan is BLUSHING! OMG. Wait...EWWW, He better not be naked under there!

"Lucas Mason Sullivan!" I screeched disgustedly, "Is getting your mate pregnant that exciting to you?" He just smiled innocently at me, then shook his head yes. Gross.

"Ill wake her up, so get out and let me get dressed" He said smirking. I quickly scurried out, mumbling things on the lines of gross, eww, disgusting... so on, so on. I do not want to see him get out of bed. Ugh! He is like my brother, I will never go to wake him up again, have Jace do it. (Smiling evilly.)

Where is everyone, I cant find them. They just disappeared. One minute they are standing in the open with me aiming at their chest, the next minute they are gone. I look away and POOF, I don't know where they are! I was doing really good for a while until they got good at hiding. We all sprayed ourselves with stuff to hide our scent so we couldn't find each other that way.  

Hum, where are you, where are you?... Oh! There is someone! Who is it? I squint and it is... Jess! I hold my gun up slowly, not wanting to make noise and point it at her chest, aiming to be right on target. I keep a tight grip then pull the hammer back carefully, getting ready to shoot. Then, I pull the trigger.

She screams... in aggravation. "Who did it this time!?!" She screeched. "Who fucking got me out?" She circles around trying to find someone. I hid behind the wall, not wanting to get the wrath of an angry Jess. Ah... the fun of Laser tag.


And the game is over. We all get out of our hiding spot. Oh my god. You got to be kidding me. They were in the most obvious yet best hidden hiding spot ever. I can not believe I did not see them.

"That was awesome to watch, so intense yet fun. But I'm still mad that I still didn't get to play, fuck being pregnant I want to have fun." Amy grumbled. 

"Haha, bitch, I got to play, not well..., but I still got to play." Nicole teased. Amy just glared at her, mumbling about a stupid over-protective mate that takes away all of her fun. 

We all walked out of the laser tag room and into the lobby to get our scores. Every person you shot on target you got 100 points. Me, Luke, and Jace won.

We all start heading to our rooms until I smell something that smells better then cupcakes. Me, Jace, Ana, and Nicole start sniffing the air trying to find where the smells are coming from. Then I spot a group of five people. Four guys and one girl. The girl smells like human, but the others smell like werewolf. Two of the guys are twins and they are delicious looking. They all start sniffing the air, trying to find the source of my smell. My mates heads snap around towards me, to find me frozen in my steps. I look into their eyes and I'm captured, not able to look away. I check them out from top to bottom, only finding one difference, their eyes. One has bright ocean blue eyes, and the other has odd, yet beautiful golden eyes. They were both buff, with dark brown hair. They were about half a foot taller than me, so tall. 

They start walking toward me at a fast pace, almost running. Once they get to my one is against my back, the other is against my front. I feel tingles erupting throughout my whole body. They put their nose into the crook of my neck taking in my scent. "Hello dear mate, whats your name princess." My mate with Golden eyes asks me. I shiver in pleasure at the nickname princess.

"Alex." I whisper out to them. They let out low growls of approval of my name and my shiver of pleasure.

"Sexy name my sweet sweet mate" My other mate told me, " My name is Ian sweets."

"And my name is Ken princess" He told me. "You smell like an alpha."

"That's because I am one, you smell like rogue, I think you guys and your friends should join my pack. Since well they look like their mate to my friends." I reply with hope, hope of my mates coming home with me, not wanting to be apart. 

"Sure princess.." He started but was cut off with a vicious growl. 

"Who did this to you." A guy growls out at Nicole, I'm guessing her mate. Nicole's face saddens, thinking her mate hates her now because of her pregnancy. " I said who. did. this. to. you."

"Leave her alone." I hissed at him, pissed at the way he is talking to my friend and his mate. "She didn't have a choice in the matter of her getting rapped. She is not a slut so don't make that assumption. I would tell you whats happened in her life but its not my choice. We will all leave you alone so she can tell you." I ground out through clenched teeth, but was brought out of my madness when I smell my mates arousal.

"That was sexy." They say at the same time. I would be aroused from their smell if I weren't so pissed. I glared at them and stomped off toward my room, but not before telling everyone to leave Nicole and her mate alone. My mates followed me to my room like lost puppies trying to calm me down.

Nicole's Pov.

I looked at my mate sadly, thinking he is going to reject me. So I started my story...

Once I was done the room was so torn up that the only thing that you could actually tell what it was, was the chair I was currently sitting on. He got so pissed of when I told him that my step dad raped and beat me that he couldn't control his wolf. My crying didn't help much to that matter either.

Once he calmed his wolf down a little he shifted back and said, "I'm sorry. I just don't like seeing my mate pregnant with someones baby that is not mine. But if you want to keep it, Ill help you raise him or her as my own." I looked away blushing, not being able to look at him. "Hey, look at me" He said with hurt in his voice. 

I shook my head and squeaked out "Your naked." He chuckled and got a towel to put on out of the bathroom. 

"I at least know my mate is innocent mentally now." He chuckled out. 

"Thank you" I said.

"For what?" he asked.

"For not rejecting me the moment you saw me and hearing my story out." I said softly.

"I would never reject you. I could never reject you." He said firmly. I smiled at him and crawled over to him on whats left over of the bed. We cuddled for the rest of the night, talking about life, each other, our family's, and about other random stuff. I figured out that his name is Gabin, his family died protecting his pack so he went rogue, his only family now is his new friends, he has a tattoo of the word family on his chest and an diamond ear ring (Don't tell him I said this but it is sexy.) He is really weird, not gross and annoying weird, more funny and cute weird.

He has shaved  black hair, very tall and muscular, African American, and light chocolate colored eyes. 

Jace's Pov.

She is beautiful, her short, petite, curvy little body. Dirty blonde hair that flows down to he cute little bottom. Her bright green, playful eyes. 

"Whats your name love?" I asks her like a love sick puppy. Hey, at least I can admit it.

"My name is Ditte, and what about you big boy?" She asks me putting a hand on my arm. I shiver in delight. Her name fits her just right, with her bubbly personality.

"I love the nickname." I smirk when she blushes, " My name is Jace baby-girl." I put my nose into the crook of her neck trying to calm my yipping and yapping wolf Jaxon that wont stop talking and howling with joy of meeting his mate in my head. "Do you have anywhere to stay?" She shakes her head no. "Have you been staying in random places with your friends?" She shakes her head yes this time. "Since you and your friends are mates to mine, would you like to move into my pack house with me?"

"YES! YES! YES! DEFINITELY YES!" She practically howls with joy, only she isn't a werewolf. After this we get to know each other, talking all through out day and night. I figured out that her family hates her for not being a werewolf and kicked her out of the pack (Her parents are Alphas,) and a lot of other little things. She wont stop calling me big boy and I love it. I already know I love her, but shes human so I wont tell her until she is ready since she doesn't get the mate feelings as hard. I told her about my past and how I have changed also that Alex has mainly forgiven me. She was upset at first, but accepted that I have changed and if my sister that I hurt most can forgive me she can too. Thank god. If my mate was mad and could not forgive me about my past I don't know what I would do. Haha, now I sound like a girl. I am so whipped. Don't tell anyone I admitted that to you though.

Ava's Pov.

My sexy mates name is Jacob, but have been calling him Jakey. I can tell he hates it, but I love it and will keep calling him that. He has dark blue eyes, with blonde hair that makes them pop. Tall and buff. He has a bad temper, gets mad easily as he says. So I guess that is his way of saying don't get him jealous. Hes a rogue because his best friend Ditte, which is Jace's mate, got kicked out of the pack by her parents and he didn't have anyone left alive in the pack so he came along with her. Then they met the other and became fast friends, then started travailing around with each other, met his other friends. He is going to join the pack because obviously the rest of his friends are joining the pack because of their mates rank. Probably like the others we spent the rest of the day talking and getting to know each other. 

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