Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
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"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.


22. Savior

Alex Pov.

Today is about the forth month that I have been here, my babies are still healthy as they can be in this situation. Every once in a while I will feel them all kick me, telling me that they are alive and safe. I cant talk at all now, my throat will clog up and I cant breathe is I even try. 

I know what their doing to me but I have to keep my babies safe. Their drying out some wolves-bane and sprinkling it on my food so it will rub off on my throat and not go into my stomach and kill the baby. It wont kill me though, they don't put enough on my food to do that. By doing this my vocal cords have a reaction with the poison and completely stopped me from talking. Every time I eat I try to wipe off as much as I can, but not all of it can get rubbed off with the naked hand. 

They locked me up in a silver chamber after about three weeks in that god awful smelling tiny room. Silver burns werewolves and stops you from shifting, and is interfering with my pack-link, so I can't tell anyone where I am or that I am okay. I am grateful they are not trying to kill my babies, so I deal with it to keep them alive.

Cameron still beats me to a pulp every day. He makes sure to break my kneecaps so I cant walk and escape. Then hell punch, kick, slap, anything he can to my face. He has broken all of my fingers and a couple of bones in my arm. Good thing I know where bones go so I can pop them back into place and that I am a werewolf so I heal faster or I would be dead.

I have never seen any rogue beside Cameron, he is the only one to take me anywhere, bring me food, or come to beat me. I don't think he really trust anyone enough to let them go near me. 

Speaking of the devil, I try not cower away in fear as Cameron walks into my cell. I hold my belly protectively just in case.

"I cant believe I have not broken you yet." He states, with a evil and angry smile on his face. "I though if I was to hurt you long enough with the chance of your babies get hurt you would make a deal. But I was wrong, so well go with the latter." He claps his hands excitedly. He is a sick man. "I'll just keep hurting you and hurting you until your mates find you then walah, I'll kill them and the pack is mine."

I shake my head no, they would never let that happen, we have more people and are stronger then the rogues. I keep repeating this in my head, we will win, they will find me, I will go home again, my babies will survive, my pack will be okay.

I hear a loud crash and an unknown person come running into the room. "KING, KING!! The girls pack is here and our allies betrayed us." He says out of breath, "Alpha and Luna Prazer are helping her pack."

I try to hold back my smile, ah the perks of having secret alliances. When Cameron's smile faltered and his hard eyes held scared. I could not hold my smile any longer, my mates, family, and pack came to save me.

Cameron roughly grabs my arm and starts dragging me somewhere. Somewhere away from the fight. I frown, oh no, he's bailing on his pack and taking me away from mine. I wish I was strong enough to fight back. I wish my wolf had enough strength to take over my body, she just needs an extra push.

I hear a howl. 

A howl of pain. 

A howl of pain coming from my mates.

And it is not because of loss, its because of physical pain.

My mates are hurt.

Rosa howl in my head, feeling my mates pain.

She's pissed.

This is the extra push that she needs.

She takes over my body and roughly yanks my hand out of Cameron's. And starts circling him like prey.

My claws grow from my fingernails and she starts swinging her nails at him, wanting to do what he did to me daily.

Beat him to near death and then kill him.

Finally she shifts and lunges at him, and starts tearing him apart, protecting her babies, herself, her mates, her friends, and her pack. I am lucky that Alpha and Betas are the only ones who can shift without hurting their pups.
She gnaws on his leg, chewing it raw, showing him how we felt. Once one leg looks like it is about to fall off she goes to the other. His howl of pain only fuel us more, he just sits there, defenseless, powerless. Our only goal is to kill the mother fucker that hurt and tortured me for months. The guy that could have killed my babies, with one wrong move or mistake. Once Rosa is done with his legs she moves on to his arms. Cutting off the last way for him to move, like he did to us.

When she finishes his arms she just sits there and watches him bled out, enjoying his pain and screams of agony like he did ours.

When he looks about all bled out she lunges at him and with no regret or hesitance tears his throat out with no mercy. I hear someone come up behind me so I whip me head around and get in a fighting stance. Then I see that it is my pack with victory smiles on their faces.

I shift back and run and jump into my mates arms. Not caring about my nakedness. The whole pack gasps at my cuts, bruises, broken bones, and scars. Oh yeah, and the size of my stomach. But I don't care, I just want to be in my mates arm. "I missed you so much. Are our babies okay? Are you okay?" Ian and Ken sobbed. I was about to say something back when I felt my self loosing consciousnesses. "Baby? Baby?!? Baby?!?!?" Is all I hear before everything blacked out.

I wake up to see my self surrounded by really thick blue and orange fog. Am I in heaven? Did me and my babies die? Are my mates okay? I keep questioning myself until I hear the most beautiful voice I have ever heard say, "Will you stop questioning your self? Its giving me a head ache?" How does she know what I am thinking? " I know what every werewolf in the world thinks, does, and says." I look at her confused, the only person who has that power is...the Moon Goddess. "Ah, so you know who I am." I shake my head yes, in awe.

My eyes tear up when I see the next two people come up to me. *Mom? Dad?* I ask through my mind. They shake their head yes. I run over to them and pull them into a bone crushing hug. Soon I start to cry, *I missed you so much* I say through my mind.  My mom says, "We missed you too sweaty. Were here to give you a choice, Hun." I nod my head telling her to continue.

I look over to see the moon goddess looking at us with a smile on her face. "You are in the in-between." My dad says, he sees my confused face and says, "This is between life and death."

"You have a choice." My mom says, "You can either stay here with us or"

"Go back to life with your mates and children." My dad finishes. My eyes tear up. How do I choose? "Even though we have missed you dearly I suggest you go back to life with your mates, you will always see us in the afterlife later on." He says with tears in his eyes.

I nod my head. And say through my mind. *I would like to go back to my mates and family.* The moon goddess nods her head and start chanting something in another language. I see my birth parents give me a sad smile before everything goes blurry and I start to hear an annoying beeping noise. I try to open my eyes but they stick together. I try to talk by my mouth wont open, I try to move my body but all my muscles are stiff. But the one thing I don notice is that my babies are not in my tummy anymore. I start freaking out. Flailing my arms, wanting to know where my babies were.

"Nathan! Nathan!" I hear someone yell. Sounds like Ian. I open my eyes to see Ian, Ken, Mom, Dad, Nancy, Mac, Brad, Nate, Luke, Amy, Carrie, Jess, Mickey, Ava, Nicole, Jace, Gabin, Jacob, and Ditte. All of my friends and family and their mates in a tiny room.

I see Nathan walk into the room and hand me a glass of water, he says, "Here drink this it will stop your throat from burning." I chug the water down wanting to sigh in relief. "It looks like they burned your vocal cords with wolves-bane so you wont be able to talk anymore. You have been out for two months." He says with sadness and sympathy in his voice. 

They must have saw my panicked expressing while looking at my belly. So Ken lightly says, "To keep our babies alive we had to give you a C-section because you have been getting so little food. We only gave you the C-section about a week ago. Our babies are healthy, but oddly quiet. They don't even cry. Right now they are sleeping in the next room. We think they are so quiet because they miss and want their mom. Well take you to see them when they wake up. We haven't named them yet, we were waiting for you to wake up." I nod in understanding and smile at the last part. I am happy they waited for me. This is something I want to do with them.

I point to a notepad and pen, motioning i want to use it, they give it to me. I write down *How are my two little babies?* They look at me with a confused expression. 

"Two? No baby, we have three little babies." He says with pride, I look at him with shock and happiness.

Xavier and Peyton leave the room and come back holding two little blue bundles and a tiny pink bundle of blanket.

"These are your babies." Dad says. I reach my arms out and take my little girl into them. They set my boys between my legs. I pull the blankets off of my babies. Their beautiful. Their quiet, just observing me, their eyes following my every move with curiosity. My boys are larger than my little girl. I can already tell they are going to be protective of their sister like their daddy's are of me and their sister. 

"Their mixed fathers, our baby girl and smaller boy is genetically Kens and the oldest is genetically mine." Ian says. I smile, not taking my eyes off of my babies. My little girls is tiny compared to her big brothers. She has bleach blonde hair with blue eyes. Then my littler boy has dark brown hair with blue eyes. Their my biggest boy has dark brown hair like his brother and golden eyes. "Do you know what you want to name them?"

I smile and nod. *I want to name our baby girl Abigail Ivy Bryson, after my birth mom. Then My Alpha baby, Liam Roy Bryson, and last but defiantly not least, Dante Xavier Bryson. Do you like those names? I would name them after you parents too but I asked them once before and they said they wouldn't like that, because we should honor someone special and missing in our life..*

"I love it." They both smile.

*Who would you like to be the god parents?* I ask them. 

"Well I think Ava and Jacob should be Abigail's god parents." Ian says.

Ava squeaks and jumps out of her seat bouncing on her heals. " Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!" She squeals, and pounces on Ian squeezing him to death. Gabin just laughs and pulls her off of him and they shake hands. Ian laughs also and says a your welcome.

"Nicole and Gabin should be Liam's godparents." Nicole was excited but didn't lung at my mate like Ava. She hugged us and thanked us while Gabin shook out hands. I smile at the different reactions, I love all my friends, their all different and unique in their own way.

"You choose the last one Alex." Ian says. I think about it for a while, then I write, *Lucas and Amy.* They smile and thank us but don't get up because they are holding their babies. I do a double take... I look over at Amy and see she is holding a pink bundle of blankets in her arms. I turn to Lucas and see he is holding a blue bundle of blankets. I smile and motion toward the pink bundle wit my head. "This is my baby girl Naomi Marie Sullivan." Amy says.

"And this is my son Asher James Sullivan. They were born about three months ago." Lucas finishes for her. Dad and Jace come up to me to put the babies in the crib next to the bed. I smile and write down, *Can I see her?* Since Amy is closest to me. She nods pulls the blanket out of in front of her face. Once I see her tiny figure, the only thing I can think is that her and Abby are going to be besties. She has light pink puckered lips with vibrant grey eyes and bleach blonde hair. *Shes beautiful.* They all nod in agreement and smile at the small baby. *Who are the god parents* I ask them.

"The god parents of Naomi are Jess and Nate, and you, Ian, and Ken are  Asher's godparents." If I could I would be squealing in excitement, but I cant so I give them the brightest smile I can, practically bouncing with excitement.

My smile falters after a bunch of un-welcomed thoughts come into my head. *How am I going to communicate with you guys and the pack?*

"Everyone will learn sign language." Ava says with a firm look on her face.

I nod but write down, *Did they all agree to this?*

"Yep!" Nicole says popping the P. *Actually their all excited to learn this for their Alpha/Luna. They are happy because they can do something for you like you always do for them." I smile. 

*Did anyone die? Did any rogues survive?*

"Only a few and none of them had an alive mate. The rogues had a few other prisoners that we took in and gave a home to. I think there were three and they smelled like Alpha and Beta blood. They were all girls. We have been trying to find their family... " Jace trails off, make me realize its not going so well. I nod frowning that someone in my pack died trying to protect me, then became happier that we saved people that there also. "The only people that have been to visit them are Ian and Ken."

"And no rogues that we know of survived the attack, you did quite a number on the King though. You couldn't even see his arms, legs or face." Mickey says with a goofy smile.

I blush and look down. *My wolf was really pissed and took over when we heard her mates howl of pain.* I write.

We go on with the rest of the day just enjoying each other company, finding out on what has been happening in their lives while I was gone, trying to get rid of my horrible memories. The whole pack went out to the pond and we just ate and talked/wrote.

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