Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
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"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.


2. Regret

Jace pov.

I don't know what Jake did earlier, but it was epic, I have never seen that bitch cry so hard before. She looked so broken, it made me so happy. Now i know what your thinking "how could a brother say that about his own twin sister? He must be evil." Well she did kill our parents, and I am only evil to her.

She did not literally kill our parents with her own hands, but she didn't protect them when they were being attacked and she needs to be punished for that. The least she could have done was call for someone, all she did was be a fucking whoreish bitch and cry. Like really. Your parents are being killed and all you do is cry, not call for help or anything.

I made sure that bitch never got any friends or ever had any fun. At first everyone didn't like the idea of hurting someone, more or less the deiced betas daughter, but once they felt the power of being in charge and hurting someone, they were hooked.

Ha! That slut never even had a clue why we were so mean to her. She wasn't even smart enough to figure it out. I am glad I didn't let her go to school she would just embarrass herself and more likely me, for having a stupid ass sister. Who would want to pay for something, when the person getting it is just useless. 

I want to so badly go upstairs and beat her more, but I will let her soak in her own misery for a while before I add to it. I know, I know what an evil boy. I'm not evil, only to her. This is the best birthday present I have ever gotten, someone breaking my sister.

The next day:

When i woke up the next day, I walked down stairs only to see the pack in an up roar. Walking up to my best friend Jake, I asked him, "Dude what the hell is going on, everyone is going bat-shit-crazy!"

He looked at me and said "That slutty ass bitch sister of yours hasn't even made breakfast yet, bitch is stupid isn't she?!"

"Yo, bitch get your ass down here and make the pack food!" I yelled, when she didn't answer or come down I got even more pissed, "NOW!!!" Still no answer. Oh, that is it. I stomped up the stairs, then tried to get into her room. It was locked. By now the pack was watching with anticipation, hoping I hurt her, they enjoyed watching. "OPEN UP!!!!" No answer, so I started full on banging on the door, when it turned into five minutes of my putting dents into the door and still no answer, I quiet everyone down and just listen. No movement, breathing, crying, nothing. All I could tell was that there was a strong smell of blood.

So I break down the door, only to find the room completely empty no blanket, clothing anything only three pieces of paper on the floor, with a pencil next to it. I stomp -very loudly may i add- over to the paper. Once i reached them, I picked them up. One said Pack, another said Jace, and last said Jake. They look like letters, if their letters why would she write one to Jake? Ah whatever, that's not my business. 

I open the one that says Jace, it says:

~Dear Jace,

You hurt me every day of my life almost. You forgot my birthday, the one thing we share no matter what you have ever done. It doesn't matter if you hurt me verbally or mentally, it still hurt beyond belief. No matter what you have done to me, I still love you, but will never be able to forgive you. You are still my twin brother. I wouldn't be leaving now if it wasn't for being rejected by my own mate. Now that hurt the most. I can take being abused, I can take being hated, but my mate rejecting me is something I can not take. Good bye forever. Don't look for me, I'm not coming back. Have a wonderful life.

Love always

your twin Alex.~

Once i finished reading it, I started crying. I finally saw how wrong and terrible I was to her. She wasn't a whore or bitch she always did as told and never ever was slutty. She still loves me, I don't deserve her love, I don't deserve anyone's love. She didn't do nothing to our parents, she couldn't even tell what was going on at that age, as well as I. My job as her brother was to protect her, but all I did was hurt her in every way I could. She even got rejected by her own mate because of how I treated her and told people to treat her. I'm gonna kill the bastard, whoever he is, for listening to me and hurting her when he is destined to love her.

I smelt around the room a little bit more and notices there was blood all over the floor...her blood. I see droplets of blood leading to her closet and follow it. What I see when I open the closet door breaks my heart.

In the closet was a hook with rope hanging down from it, underneath was a chair. She was going to kill her self. I whimper softly. I looks at the chair only to see bloody foot prints on it. I almost lost her.

I looked up and saw the almost whole pack looking at me curiously. That when i finally broke, I started sobbing, feeling how she felt the other day. Broken. I lost my twin. The other half of me.

Grabbing the notes, I put mine in my pocket, and gave the other two to Jake. Then ran to my room and slammed the door shut before falling to my knees crying my eyes out. I haven't cried since the day my parents died. We were selfish bastards, taking her pain as justice and happiness. I am so ashamed of myself and my parents would be too if they were here.

Jake pov.

Seeing Jace break down like that scared me to no end, he hasn't cried like that since his parents death. So seeing him sobbing in his bitch sisters room, made me very curious. The only question I can come up with is 'why?' He went from furious to extremely sad and sobbing all in a couple minutes after reading what was on that piece of paper.

He handed me two pieces of paper and put the other one in his pocket. I looked down at them and realized they are notes, one says Jake (my name) and the other says pack. Why did she write them? Where is she?

When he walked away I opened the one that said pack and silently read it over:

~Dear Pack,

I am so sorry that you all hate me and for what ever shit I have ever done to you. I have been beaten by my own twin and the whole pack since I cant even remember. I had my own ways of dealing with that, but being rejected by my own mate is the last and final straw. This I can not deal with, much less living with him and seeing him with other women. I am ready to start a new and better life without you all. Good bye bitches. Don't  look for me, i'm not ever coming back.



I let a few tears slide down. I treated my mate so badly that she ran away. I walked over to where Jace had his final breaking point. I soon understood why. I could literally feel my heart breaking. My mate want to kill my herself. More tears start to slide down my face.

I handed the note to my friend Corey and quietly asked him to read it to the pack as I walked out the door and toward my room, now understanding why Jace looked so broken. I am too, I just lost my mate, and its all my fault. The person I am and was supposed to cherish and love I rejected and treated so badly that she wanted to kill herself.

Once I reached my room, I closed the door and slide my back down it. I opened the note with my name and read it over quietly:

~Dear Jake,

I am sorry you got me as a mate, I am sorry I am not pretty, and I hope you can get a new mate and live a happy life without me. All though you don't love me, I will always love you no matter what you did to me, but I will never forgive you for what you did and have done. I will never be able to live a normal life because of you, I guess you wanted that. I will put you out of misery and give you your wish, I'm running away and will most likely get killed. I cant take it, you all hate me so much, and I don't even know why. My own mate rejecting me? I was so excited to meet you, I though I was actually going to be happy for once, but I was wrong. Don't look for me, I will be long gone before you all even care to come look for me or even realize i'm gone. I hope this makes you happy, i love you.

Love always

your unwanted mate Alex.~

She though she was ugly? We made her feel that way? She doesn't even care if she gets killed? I am so happy to hear she still loves me, I love her too, of course i do, shes my mate, I cant believe I did that to her.

"Yeah me either you dick, you made me loose my mate" My wolf Deans said.

"ours, she is our mate." I reply. "

Your lost her the moment you rejected her, she isn't yours, I am the only part of you that has a mate now, but she is gone because of you" He spat then blocked the link to him. He was right we did loose her, it was my fault, and I hate myself for it.

We have to find her.

Alex Pov.

I think I have stopped breathing. 

I just could not push the air out of my lungs. 

I didn't recognize the girl in the mirror at all.

She was beautiful beyond exception. 

This can not be me, this is not me.

She was skinny, yet still had sexy looking curves. She wasn't unnaturally pale, had a natural tan. She had great deep sea blue eyes. 

I was never any of these. I was fat. Extremely and unnaturally pale. I had ugly, dull, grey eyes. The only thing that did not change was my hair, and it now looked good and sexy because of my new changes.

I haven't looked in a mirror since before my first shift, I guess that is what affected me and my new looks. "was that the reason why" I asked Rosa.

"yes," she said hoarsely. I guess I'm still ugly though because Jake still rejected me after I shifted. I shake my head, trying to get rid of all thoughts about my past.

Once I was finally done looking at the new and improved me. I walked out the store with more confidence then I have ever had in my whole life, yet still a shy little girl on the inside.I think I am going to rent a hotel room to stay in for a while, hoping I can afford it. So I started off down the road.

As i was walking down a street, I notice someone watching and following me. I pretend not to see them, but all the while I am watching them in the corner of my eye, stalking their every move. My wolf is in protective mode. I can smell their a werewolf. But there too far to tell if their an alpha, pack member, or rouge, so i keep walking.

They slowly fade into the forest, so my nerves calm down a bit, thinking they left. As I turn the corner finally spotting a motel after about half an hour of walking, I am forcefully tackled to the ground. I open my mouth to scream, but a rough hand covers my mouth. I smell the air and realize not only are they a werewolf, but an Alpha at that. Oh shit...

Unknown Pov.

"alpha, we have a rouge on our territory, by that old seven-eleven, she seems to be walking toward a motel. Its a girl, and she looks to be 15-16ish." My beta James said.

"Thank you James, you go stand by the hotel and ill watch her," I replied. Ugh, rogues are such a waste of time, everyone thinks their a danger, but when you have the strongest pack in the world, you don't take much notice to them. I don't know know why they even bother, they know were just gonna kill them or take them to the cell anyways. Well most packs, we usually let them off with a warning to not come into our territory again, or we will kill them. They don't usually come again, unless they are trying to attach. 

When I get to the wood I start running toward the old seven-eleven store. Once I get there I catch a gimps of the girl, she is a beautiful young lady. Too bad i'm mated and old. Just kidding, just kidding, I don't perv on little girls. When I see her turning a corner around a building, so I went around the other side. I get to the other side just as she does. I tackle her to the ground just in case she tries to escape and to let her know I am here and who I am. I cover her mouth, so no humans will hear her scream. Just as she tries to scream, realization come on to her face. Ah, she finally realized i'm a alpha, and shes on my territory, but it doesn't look like she knows what packs territory. Soon her face goes from realization goes to terrified. Ha, looks like someone actually has a brain.

"Is there a reason your on my territory?" I ask quietly, as if saying I mean no harm.

"uh, um, n-no, s-sir, i d-didn't know I was on y-your t-territory." She stuttered, aw poor girl is terrified. I stand up and put my hand down to help her up, but she flinches. Poor little girl. She gets up by herself. "s-sorry sir, ill l-leave your t-territory as soon as p-possible." She looks like she needs a home. 

"Do you have any money or anywhere to stay?" I ask softly. Not wanting to scare her anymore than she already is.

"N-no, sir. Only a l-little bit of m-money." She mumbled so quietly, that if I wasn't a werewolf, Alpha at that, I wouldn't have heard her. I raise my hand to run my hand through my short black hair, but when I do she flinches, and just back, she almost fall over. I look at her sympathetically, poor girl must have been abused or something.

"Has someone ever hurt you?" I ask, she said a faint yes, "will you tell me why or who?" She shakes her head no."Well okay, but would you like to stay at my pack house for a while and maybe join my pack, when you decide to tell me your story and your not a danger to us?"

"M-maybe sir, b-but do you m-mind me asking w-what pack your f-from?" 

"The SilverStone Pack" I said proudly with my back straight and puffing out my chest. I see her eyes go wide and her legs start swaying, I jump forward and catch her just before she hits the ground. I guess she knows who I am, and where she is. 


Alex Pov.

Dream: I was running, through the woods, not knowing where i was going. I turned my head only too see a wolf chasing after me. I tried running faster but my legs feel like they are gonna give out, like they were turning into jello. I am tackled to the ground and feel sparks going through my body, Jake... He started snapping at my neck, trying to kill me, once he got a hold of my throat, he held on as hard as he could. Trying to drain the blood from my body. I felt the life slowly slip out of me, all because of my mate and his hate for me... -End of dream.

I sat up as quickly as I could, my breathing raging, but soon regretted it because my head was pounding, and my body was sore. I put my hand on my head and felt a whelp and wondered what happened. Then I remembered what happened. Running into the alpha, him asking me if someone hurt me, then him telling me what pack he is from. Everything went black after that. Guess I fainted because of the shock. 

I suddenly realized I was in a room I haven't seen before and my clothes were changed. I hurriedly got off the bed and softly walked to the door so no one would hear me. Once I opened the door I started to walk out. Being careful to not make a noise, I don't want them to see me or hear me. My thought were cut off when I ran into the alpha himself. 

"I'm so sorry" I squeaked out terrified.

"Its fine" He said. After a while of me just looking at the ground he said, "I guess you want to know what happened after you fainted" I nodded. " Well you looked really sick, so i took you to the pack doctor and he said you'll be fine, but you have some pretty bad looking bones, they look really fragile and look to have been broken many times..They might heal in about a couple days with this medicine. I would like you to tell me who did this to you someday if you want. You looked very worn out so I took you to the spare bedroom room and had my mate change your clothes."

"Okay, thank you." I said. "Do you have a water so I can take these pills?" He handed me a water. I put the pills in my mouth and gulped the water down. My parched throat instantly feeling better.

"Breakfast is downstairs, if your need any help ask anyone. We are all friendly, no need to be scared. Oh and by the way my name is Alpha Xavier." He announced then walked away.

I slowly follow the scent of food. Once I got to the kitchen, I realized how hungry I really was. I hear my stomach growl really loudly, I blush and look down at my stomach, not wanting to meet the stares I know I have attracted. 

While grabbing a plate, I tried deciding on what I want, it all looked really good. I have not had a good meal like this in a long time. I turn around to see the whole pack looking at me. I blush once again and look at the ground. "What?'" I wondered shyly. They just stared as if questioning as to who I was and what I was doing here. "H-hi I-i'm Alex..."

"Hello Alex." Everyone says at the same time and I burst into a fit of giggles. A little bit after everyone else chimed in with laughter too. I was already feeling comfy with everyone, they all seemed nice, not as bad as I was told by my old pack. I guess rumors are rumors after all. Once we all calmed down from our laughter, we all continued on what we were doing. I got a whole load of food... I'm so hungry. I didn't get to eat that much back at the pack house, well more like they didn't give me much.

About an Hour later: Mm, that was so good. Who ever made this food is a awesome cook. I got up from the table to go to my room. Then ran into a crowd of friendly looking people. Literally. "Sorry" I mumbled.

"Hello" The cheerfully said. 

"Its okay, we were wondering if you wanted to hang out with us today?" A friendly looking girl asks me.

"Sure" I said nervously, fiddling with my fingers

"Well my name is Ava(Lucas sister), his name is Lucas (Ava brother,Going be future beta), his name is Micheal (going to be 3RD in command), and last but not least his name is Nathan( he is the Pack healer). And yes I am friends with all these idiots" I think I just made some friends, my first friends. Were all going to be good friends, I can already tell.

"My name is Alex...

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