Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
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"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.


23. New Pack Members

Nicole Pov.

I wake up to the sweet smell of the woods and chocolate, weird combo, but smells delicious. My two favorite things. I look up at my mates sleeping face and inhale his alluring scent once more. I can almost hum in approval. 

Gabin let's out a deep chuckle, amused about something. I see he is awake now. "You left the mind-link open kitten." He says. I blush, guess he knows how good he smells now. " and you smell just as alluring, like freshly grown fruits ." He says after about a minute or two of silence.

I smile and cuddle into his side more, my wolf let's out a purr of happiness. We haven't been this happy since before Alex got taken. She woke up yesterday and we all spent the day getting back on good terms and catching up. It was so sweet to the look on her face when she got to hold her babies, her face shown with happiness and content, like everything was how it belonged.

Seeing Alex mated and with kids kind of makes me want that, with so much going on lately I haven't gotten a chance to try. I want the feeling of carrying my mates babies, being happily mated with him, but we have not yet.

As if reading my mind Gabin says, "would you like to go on a date tonight? A night we haven't had in a long time, just us, a night for fun and games. I know Alex just got back, but you probably wont have time with her, she will most likely spend time with her mates and kids."

I look up at him and nod excitedly. "I would love to."

"Then it is set. I will come get you at four," he looks at his watch, "that gives you four hours to do what you girls do that take so damn long."

I laugh then give him a hard stare, "its hard work to look this good." I say in all seriousness motioning my hands up and down my body. He laughs and kisses my forehead before leaving the room so I can get ready. Once hes gone I let out a laugh myself and go get the girls.

Alex pov.

"Come on, come on, come on!" Nicole squeals excitedly, "I need help getting ready for my date." Me, Ditte, and Ava trued to keep pace with her walking up the stair, but it is no use, she's pretty much running up the stair in excitement. I smile at this in front of me, happy that my friend has true love and family now.

We get her ready and by the time we are done it is 2:45. So we all left the room so she can go on her date, but not with out Ava saying with a wink before we left, "And we want details when you come back." She blushes know where our thoughts are going.

~~~~(Later that day)

"Lets go and talk to the rouges prisoners, I want to see if their okay and feel at home and welcome, to see if we can find their family." I say through the mind-link while laying across my mates laps with my head hanging off the bed, my babies are on our bed smiling, we have been playing and making funny faces at them for the past hour. I have to say though, it has been one of the happiest hours of my life. Mind-link and a notebook is the only way I can talk right now because we haven't found someone to start teaching us sign language. The only ways to get in are our bedroom and door in the hall that has a lock, we are all about protection for our babies.

"The pack doesn't know where they are because we put them in the basement with a scent and sound proof room, so that they can be alone and do what they wish. And yes they are officially in the pack, we did the thingy ma-bob." Ian says.

I nod my head and say with determination in my eyes, "Well we are going to go see them and make sure they are happy and content here." They let out a sigh while laughing, but nod their head.

"What so funny?" I mind-link them confused.

"You so cute when you're determined." Ken says. I smile at them, I grab Abby and motion for them to pick up Liam and Dante, then we start walking toward the new pack members room. 

When we got there what I see breaks my heart, I have two girls all huddled together looking scared as hell and one girl standing in front of them in a protecting position. I slowly walked toward them, only for the girl to let out a growl. My mates took a step forward and I heard their head beats fasten, I hold my hand up to stop my mates. I put my hand up in surrender and walk closer toward them, "Hi, I'm your Alpha/Luna, but you can call me Alex. What are you names?" I mind-link them, trying to loosen the tense environment

"My name is Samantha Luna, but you can call me Sam. I'm from the BloodHound Pack. Do you mind me asking why you are talking to us through the mind-link.".A petite girl with black hair that goes down to her knees and vibrant blue eyes says.

"I was captured by the rogues much like you were and they put dried wolves-bane on my food so it will rub off and cut off my way to speak. And it worked." I say and I walk closer to where I am standing directly in front of them, I put my hand out to shake theirs but they all flinch and the girl that's guarding them lets out another growl, "I only want to shake your hand," I say in a soothing voice.

The girl that spoke to me steps from behind the motherly figure and reaches out her hand also and says, "Nice to meet you Lun-Alex." She says and corrects herself.

I smile and move on the other girls. "And what are your names?"

The last girl hiding behind the other pokes her head out and squeaks out in a shy voice, "My name is Ashlee." Then jumps behind the girl again. But I still got a good look at her. She has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and she is medium height.

The protective girl lets out a chuckle, "Excuse her Luna, she is really shy." She says the puts her hand out, "My name is Lillie but I go by my middle name Ria because the name Lillie is too girly for me." I smile and shake her hand. "We are all from the BloodHound Pack, Me and Ashlee are sisters/ Twins and daughters of the Alpha and Sam is our best friend and the Betas daughter." She says. She has dirty blonde hair, with brown eyes and is short.

I nod and ask, "Was your pack attacked?"

They all nod their head with tears in their eyes. "Yeah, they held us with a gun to our head making us watch our pack, and family get killed." Ashlee says. I Hug them in a soothing manner.

I spend a couple of hours with them talking/mind-linking and getting to know them. I started to get a head ache talking through the mind-link so I got a notepad and communicated with them through that. Ian and Ken left to get some Alpha stuff done a little bit after we introduced each other. Liam, Dante, and Abby love them, anything the girls do my beautiful babies smile brightly at and let out a belly laugh.

Turns out shy little Ashlee is really loud and hyper when you get to know her and she gets used to you. She loves to paint, read, play sports, and draw. Her favorite color is purple. She is really girly, but not the slutty type. Her wolfs name is Kat and she is a pure white wolf.

Sam is just as hyper, but way more lazy and less into sports as Ashlee. She loves to run though. Her favorite color is blue. When she has free time all she want to do is hang with her friends and watch movies. She is a movie maniac. She loves all kinds of movies, going from horrors, to sappy love stories. Her wolfs name is Sally and her wolfs fur is tan colored.

Ria is a quiet girl but when she does talk she is a smart ass and very sarcastic. She is fun and loves to prank people, (Were gonna have fun together. ;)) Her favorite color is black. Music is her live, she like older generation music, hard rock, and scream-o. She is a lesbian, she was scared to tell me, afraid of getting made fun of, but I love that about her and think it is awesome. Her wolfs name is Lillian and her fur color is pitch black. She is also the motherly and protective figure of the three.

We were cut out of our talk when Mac mind-linked me *Your babies are getting annoying and want their mate.* I let out a laugh through the mind-link. My mates are more of a baby then my real babies are. 

I say okay and write down to the girls, *Well it was nice to meet you but my mates want me so I got to go. I think my other friends will really like you, what do you think about going to the mall sometime next week and you meeting them?* They agreed gingerly. I then mind-link my mates to come help me bring my babies to bed. They immediately come rushing into the room eagerly and we walk to our room.

Before I bring the babies to bed I decided to stop by and ask the girls if they want to go to the mall and meet the new pack members. My mates take Liam, Abby, and Dante to the room and wait for me. I call the girls all into the living room through the mind-link, well everyone beside Nicole, who is still on her date, I will ask her later.

Mac is the first one here, when she get in the room she stops in her tracks and sniffs the air. "What is that delicious smell, its like roses and a homey smell?'"(A/N Remember this part!!!!!) She asks with awe in her voice and just stand their smelling the air in delight.

I look at her confused, the hell is she talking about, and that is exactly what I write to her, *The hell are you talking about biotch?* (If you cant tell we have gotten close since we found out she was still alive) She looks as is she has snapped out of a trance and just shakes her head and sits down with a confused look on her face. I just shake my head at her and follow suit and sit down also. 

When everyone got the I told them about Ashlee, Sam, and Ria and how we should go to the mall. They all agreed. 

When I get to the room my babies start fussing and push their arms out wanting me to hold them. I frown, and think of a way to make the all happy. An idea popped into my head and I lay a blanket across the bed and carry them all to it individually and lay down with them, now they all can be by me. My mates who were watching, soon followed suite and lay down next to us.

I soon start to softly sing a lullaby, seeing Abby and Dante's eyes start to close, I look over at Liam to see him carefully watching his brother and sister, once he saw that they were okay and asleep his eyes started to close also. I was in awe, he is only months old and is already protective of his younger siblings.

A little while later when I was starting to fall asleep, I felt my mates get up to put Abby, Liam, and Dante in their cribs. I hear them make sure their warm and comfy, grab a baby monitor. My mates soon join me in bed and we fall asleep. 

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