Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
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"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.


26. Eplogue

Ian Pov. (12 years later)

"Daddy!" I hear my baby girls screech at me as I walk out of my office, "Tell Liam and Dante to stop chasing me!" I chuckle, their so cute. 

"Come here baby girl." She comes flying into my arms. My oldest boys come flying into the room and come to a halt when they see Abby in my arms.

"Alex! Ken!" I call my mate and brother into the room.

"Yes?" Alex questions while walking into the room. She hasn't aged a bit in the last twelve years, with the werewolf gene, and neither have my brother or I. 

Yes, you heard it, my princess can speak again, we found the last plant about a year after we found the cure, and a week after drinking it, she could speak again. It was quite funny the first time she tried the drink. 


"Come on baby, you can do it, drink it." Me and Ken chant. She sticks her nose in the cup again and gags with a disgusted look on her face. I couldn't keep my laugh in this time.

She just glares at me. She take a deep breath, plug her nose and starts to chug. Her face starts to turn a little green and she looks like she is about to throw up. 

"I'm sorry baby but you can throw up or you'll just have o drink more. And then we wont have enough for the whole week." Ken says with a sympathetic look on his face. She just once again glares at up and takes deep breaths. 

"Go get me a strong tasting smoothie or something." She orders us through the mind-link. We do as she said and when she drinks the extra strawberry, strawberry smoothie her face turns to relief.

~End of flashback~

"Would you all like to go to the park today with everyone?" I ask, Alex, Ken, and my babies nodded their heads. "Alex, you go get Sally and then we will be off." Sally is our newest daughter, she is ten months old and the most lively baby you will ever meet. Anything you do excites her and the only time she is not talking baby talk is when she is asleep. She is also a very advanced baby.

Sally is definitely a mommy's girl, while Abby is a Daddy'd girl, no matter which dad. The boys just do their own thing, go with the flow. They are very protective of their little sisters, as expected. Me and Ken are also very protective of our girls.

"Lets go." Alex says after calling our friends and family telling them to meet up with us. I grab a bags of toys and baseball and basketball stuff. Alex puts Sally in her stroller and we were off walking to a near by park. 

When we get there I see everyone, all of our friends and family.

Mac and her mate Ria. They adopted a baby girl named Karlie about three years ago. They have been a very good couple, treat each other well. They never fight, and love each other to death. They don't listen to the people who are rude to them about being lesbian, they just smile friendly and walk away, I am proud of them for that. My brother, mac, and I's parents did not care either and you can not even explain how happy and relieved Mac was because of that.

Lucas and Amy have only had the twins, they are a little over 12 years old. They are very quite children, the only people they talk around and have fun with is our close little family. Their only friends are the triplets and they are okay with that, but luckily they don't get made fun of. Lucas and Amy are happily married and are currently trying for another baby. They already spoil the twin  rotten so I cant even imagine how it is going to be with some new babies around.

Micheal and Carrie are still baby-less, they have been trying for a while and just found out that she can not bare children. They were very devastated, but are thinking about adopting. The only bad thing about adopting is they are going to have to find a werewolf, 3rd in command baby and it is hard to find babies given up with 3rd in command blood. But their going to try and that is all that matters. They are going to be good parent, and having a kid will take Mickey out of his adult-childish stage. And yes Mickey is still a man-child.

Nate and Jess are currently four months pregnant, Nate is being very protective and being a doctor and all, making sure that she is eating healthy and getting the just right amount of food. They are really excited. Jess is a very emotional and hungry pregnant woman. Everything she eats is weird and disgusting looking and smelling, but she likes it so that is all that matters. They are naming their baby if a girl Caitlin, and if a boy Joey. They asked Luke and Amy to be the god-parents the other day and Luke and Amy were ecstatic. 

Xavier and Peyton are just as happy as everyone else, they and the rest of the parent just got back from a around the world trip and it sounds like they had a lot of fun. They love their grandchildren and want to see them anytime they can. Even though he is happy to be free to do what he wants, Xavier misses being with the pack all the time, so he just comes around when ever and everyone enjoys it. 

Nicole and Gabin had a baby of their own and have completely gotten over her whole step-dad drama. Their little girl is named Lilly, after Nicole's mother. She is three years old, just turned three a couple days ago and we threw a huge party. That little girl is full of life and her smile never leaves her face. You can totally tell she is Nicole's daughter. Nicole and Gabin are happy with their little family, and would repeat their whole life again just to have it like that, which most people would not do, so that tells you how kind at heart and happy they are.

Jace and Ditte don't have any children and they are fine with that. They love their nieces and nephews to death, and consider them their children also. They are completely in love and still in the honey-moon stage of their life. I think they are going to have a baby though, they have that certain glow to them, just waiting to tell everyone. I can not wait to see Alex's reaction, she is going to be so excited if they are pregnant. 

Ava and Jacob have SIX kids. Yes I did say SIX. None of them were even twins or triplets. I thought Ava was in love with kids when Amy and Alex had babies but I never knew she want that many kids. Five out of six are boys and they are very protective of the baby sister. Ava and Jacobs baby girl was born last, and will be their last since Ava got her tubes tied. Their boys names are Aaron, Adam, Ace, and Aden, that is oldest to youngest. Their all about a year apart, the oldest is 11 and their little girl is 6. Their little girls name is Aemilia. And yes, they love names that start with A. I don't think Ava and Jacob ever stop going at it, I bet if she didn't get her tubes tied, they would have more kids.

Jake and Sam are doing great. He told her everything he has done and she was mad but soon forgave him and they happily mated. Like me, Alex, and Ken they got pregnant the first night they mated. Pure luck. They had a baby boy, they named him Cole. They are happily in love like all of our friends. Me, Jake, and Ken are friends now, and Jace has forgiven him, after a long, long time.

Ove found his second chance mate in the pack, and she was a widower. They soon moved out to be on their own, and made a cabin out in the woods, and have lived happily and in love ever since. His mates name is Sophie. He still stops by and spends time with Nicole and us every once in a while, which makes Nicole really happy.

Mom and Dad also moved out into their own house, and come visit a lot to see their grandchildren. I am happy they were accepted into the pack so easily and happily. 

Logan and Ashlee are a very shy yet happy couple. Although, Logan can be very cocky when he is around his close friends. Though Ashlee is shy, she is also very hyper. They are good for each other. Like the rest of out friends mates, Logan was easily accepted into our group of friends. They mated about 10 years ago and now have two cute little boys, which are two years old. Their names are Jack and Joshua, just like their parents, they are also very shy. 

We greet everyone and send the kids off to play. I sit down on a bench next to my brother and pull our mate into our laps. I brush my fingers through her hair, she purrs in content. "I'm so happy with our family." I say while looking at my triplets playing baseball and Ava playing with her kids and Sally in the portable play pin we brough.

"Yeah." She says dreamily, "Our perfect little family."


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