Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
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"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.


6. Dolled Up With Jealous Mates

Nicole's pov. 

We Got to Denmark just yesterday, and we were already getting to the fun stuff. Today Alex has a little surprise for us girls. She made us get up really early, so we could go out to dinner with the boys afterwards. The boys, well I have no idea what they are doing.

It has been fun seeing places I haven't seen in a long time. Yes, I used to live here. I lived here with my mom before she met my step dad. (Shiver) I wasn't very happy when she said we were moving. But I did like my step dad Sam back then, he was actually nice. He started being an ass after my moms sudden death.

I remember the place that we are at, it's what we call in Danish, kongens nytov. It's a big place where there is a lot of shops and such, kind of like an outside mall. 

Alex turned and went up some stairs to a place called 'art of beauty'. It was so beautiful and there was some really relaxing music playing in the back ground."I have a full make-over for 6" Alex says to a lady.

The woman standing at the counter looked up and smiled. "Well welcome, my English is not very good, but please stay here and I will see if everything is ready" she said smiling and walking through a door. We waited 5 minutes with excitement and then she came and said " everything is ready, come with me". 

First we will get our face treatment while we get our pedicure. Then we will get our manicure, then we will get our hair done. Last we will get our makeup done. It will take a while to get this all done.

She came back with the things that they were going to use on us. Then they began out beauty treatment. 

Alex got purple nails with white tips, Ava got white nails, Amy got a French pedicure, Jess got red, like blood red nail, Carrie got black nail and I got blue nails with a kind of silver tree on. Like art nail thing.

Next we went to the hair salon, it was next door. We then told them what we wanted. "I want my hair colored into a light brown, I'm sick of this ugly bleach blonde, and then get a lot of layers, but still keep it long." Alex said and smiled into the mirror at the girl standing behind her. The girl found this big bag and opened it and there was a lot of colors. Alex chose a really pretty light brown color. 

"I really want my hair cut to my shoulder, and layered a little, keep my bangs though. Can you do that?" Ava asked. The really pretty girl standing behind her nodded and began cutting Ava's long hair.

"Can I get my hair trimmed and my tips dyed blond?" Amy asked in her sweet voice. The girl behind smiles and shook her head yes and got to work.

"I only want a trim" Jess says. The girl also nodded and began trimming Jess' hair.

"Could I get my hair dyed darker and my eye brows trimmed?" Carrie asked.

"Well of course you can" the girl said and smiled, she found the big blog and Carrie chose her color.

"Kan jeg få min poser farvet blond og bare trimmet mine tips lidt?"  (Can I get my bags dyed blonde and just trimmed my tips a little) I asked the lady standing behind me in Danish.

"Ja, hvilken farve?" (Yes, which color) She asked with a really heavy accent.

"denne ene" (This one) I said and pointed at a really pretty blond, like a clean blond.

The girl nodded and said "godt" (Good one) she said and winked at me. 

The whole hair process took around 2 hours. I think my butt is numb, that is really how long we have been sitting. It felt so good to be pampered once again. I'm always so tired, my feet and back always hurt, hungry, with dangerous mood swings. I'm about 4 and a half months pregnant now. Werewolf pregnancy are shorter than human pregnancy, you only carry the baby for about six months. I look about seven months pregnant to human eyes. I am really nervous to have the baby. I want the baby at the same time I don't. I do because I have become attached to it (We don't know if it is a boy or girl), but I don't because I want my baby to be my mates. I feel like my mate is going to hate me because of me being pregnant, even though this is not my fault.

The Girls finished getting pampered they stretched out their muscles, then told the ladies what they want for their make up.

Jess got a really pretty cat eye look, with bright red lips. Ava got a natural makeup on that got her eyes to look like they were shining. Amy got a little makeup on, it make her look so good. It was really pretty and it showed her face better. Carrie got a black look, it really made her eyes look big and it was really pretty, even though it was heavy it didn't look like it. Alex got a silver night out look. It really suited her, and the hair did to.  And I got a pretty butterfly look in all kinds of blue, okay not all kind a blue, but maybe like 4-7 different colors. That was it, we thanked the people  and left to go back to the hotel and get ready for dinner. 


Alex Pov.

Today has been very enjoyable so far. I think it took a lot of stress off all the girls. Right now we are getting ready to go out to dinner. Nicole -who knows all the good places- said that the restaurant in this hotel is delicious. So that's where we are going, I'm really excited to just chill with all of my friends.

We sent a text to the guys telling them to get ready and be done by 6 because that is when we have a reservation. They have not seen us all dolled up yet, it is going to be funny to see the girls mates reactions. They all look really beautiful, not that they did not before. I have a little something planned for the girls mates before we leave, its going to be epic. (Evil smile)

It is currently 5:00 and we are finishing getting ready.

"I look so fat in everything..." Nicole complained stretching out the word everything, "I can't even walk, all I can do is waddle." We all just rolled our eyes at her, so over dramatic, but that's just our shy drama girl. She does this everyday 'I'm fat' 'I can't walk' 'My feet hurt' 'I'm hungry' Blah blah blah. We all love her but I can not wait till she has this baby, she wont be so crabby or hungry anymore. We have to keep the house packed or else she will eat it all and not leave us any.

"Oh my gosh, you look fine. Stop complaining, were going to get food soon. and your pregnant, all pregnant woman look like this." Amy said annoyed. All the while Nicole just huffed at her, but a little more happy about the mention of food. I think she is obsessed with food.

"Are you calling me fat." Nicole snapped. We all sighed, ah got to love the mood swings.

"No, Nicole, you are beautiful." Carrie said. Nicole just smiled at her, then finished getting ready.

Amy is wearing an blueish greenish colored dress. With a brown belt and brown knee high heal boots. And then a brown leather jacket with a brown messenger bag. Jess is wearing a baggy plain white shirt, a black leather jacket and a pair of shaded black and gray skinny jeans. Then a pair of grey flats. And a black hand bag. Carrie is wearing a white, lacy, long sleeve shirt with dark blue jeans. Grey scarf, then fluffy, grey ugg boots Nicole is wearing a dark blue dress that is longer in the back and shorter in the fount. With blue flip flop, and a white bag that goes over you shoulder. Ava is wearing a pink new York shirt tucked into a black skirt. Then a pair of black bejeweled tennis shoes. And a Neon pink scarf. Then a grey handbag. I am wearing a grey leggings with a black skull shirt tucked into it. And a pair of black buckle up ankle boots. An black messenger bag. 

"Lets go girls, make your boys faint," I giggled out. They giggled with me. We got up and walked out of my room, and into the lobby.

*Meet us in the lobby when you guys are done* I sent a group text to all the boys so they would get it.

*Okay, we are almost done, be there in five* Nathan replied.

Ha, bitch, that was over thirty minutes ago, what are they doing? Getting some action. Jkjk. Then we would have some major mate drama. I can tell the girls are getting bored so I asked them, " Do you want to mess with the guys, have a little fun?" They replied with an immediate, curious yes. "Then go along with me, Okay? Now open your mind link to the guys." When I got all the replies I opened up the mind link and started talking. "Since the guys still aren't here you want to talk about our ex's?" We all smirked. Oh yeah, the boys are so going to throw a hissy fit.

"Oh yeah..., my ex Samuel, I dream about him all the time, his sexy abs..." Carrie said in a fake dreamy voice, drawling out all of the words. There was more to what she said but its not too pleasant or appetite friendly to listen to, if you get what I mean. We heard a really loud and furious growl coming from up stairs. Ah, my plan is working, the guys don't sound too happy. Tehe.

So I then asked Jess, " What about you."

"Oh my god, Jackson was awesome in bed..." Again she said in a fake dream voice, and there was more but like I said I don't really want to repeat that nasty ass stuff, I'm not your own personal porno. Their was once again a growl that if I wasn't alpha, their mate, or their friend I would be shitting my pants right now.

It sounds like Jace and Lucas are holding them back. Time for Amy, now this one is going to be epic, and most likely nasty, eh what ever. "What about you Amy?"

She got this devilish smirk on her face and said, "Well I have had so many one night stands that I don't even remember the number." Now that was the breaking point. I hear 3 thundering pairs of foot steps, then three piss ass angry mates storming into the room. Oh, look their dressed.

Lucas walks up to Amy, picks her up and puts her over his shoulder. Then put his nose into the crook of her neck, Trying every way he can to calm down his wolf Liam so he doesn't shift in front of all these humans.

All the while the other girls are laughingly trying to calm their mates. Key word 'trying', its not working. "Its not funny," Nate bursts out looking even more pissed than before, "I can not believe you would do that stuff with someone when you knew you had a mate out there. And then talked about it when I was right up stair AND had the mind link open" She said oops to him. I can breath I am laughing so hard by now.

This is awesome, but I need to end it before someone gets hurt, like really hurt. "We were joking, trying to get you down here, this all wasn't true, Amy isn't a slut,"

I let a giggle slip when Lucas let out a sigh of relief and said  ''thank god''.

"And the others haven't has sex, well I don't think" I about gagged when all the guys smirked and the girls blushed. They. Did. Not. Okay one ewww and two why the hell did these bitches not tell me. "I thought you girls just got marked!" I shrieked out. They blushed impossibly more. Okay, ewwer. I just about gagged again, I closed my eyes, Trying to keep the terrible images out, it wasn't working very well. "Lets just leave before I loose my appetite, then throw up and ruin hours of pampering.." Nicole let out a 'YES! and started toward the door. When I said pampering the guys finally realized that their mates looked different. Their eyes looked like they about popped out of their socket. They started complimenting us, babbling on and on and on, " Shut up, I'm hungry, lets go." they agreed and then we were off.

We got to the restaurant at six O'clock exactly,  it is Italian food. Nicole was right, it is a very nice place. We got to the check in counter and the waitress took us to our seats. Then we enjoyed a wonderful dinner with our friends.


"Hey hey, you you, I don't like your girlfriend, no way no way, I think you need a new one." We are all currently singing, well more like screaming in very unpleasant voices, Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne in my hotel room. If you can't tell we are really bored. 

I am so stuffed, the food was Amazing with a capital A. I stifle a yawn "I'm tired, so get out of my room." They all agreed and left leaving me to my dreams.

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