Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
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"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.


7. Birthdays

Today is the third day of our vacation. Yay. Yesterday we went bowling, it was really fun.The only thing bad was that the boys teamed against us most of the games and beat our butts. I guess that's payback for pissing then off and making them jealous. Tehe, my bad. We played all day and had a lot of fun. The bowling alley was also in the hotel, so when we were tired we could just leave and go upstairs to bed.

We played ten games in all, the winners were-    ~Boys ~Boys ~Boys ~Boys ~Girls ~Boys ~Tie ~Boys ~Boys ~Girls.

So we either won or tied in a total of three out of ten times. Now that is a bad bad score.

Right now it is ten O'clock and everyone, besides Ava, Nicole, and Lucas, are with me at a store getting birthday party supplies. Today is Nicole and Ava's birthday, so Lucas is keeping them company while we get the party stuff and set it all up.

They either don't remember its their birthday or they think we forgot about it. If it is the second they are probably happy, they don't want anything big. But I don't think that is going to happen, it one of the most important birthdays of their life twenty-first and eighteenth.

The party is a surprise and we are acting like we don't remember. It is going to be at a small abandoned building in the middle of no where, it is really creepy, but it will be fun to sit around a camp fire, walk around and have fun. The building is really old and torn down, but you will still be able to sleep and walk around in it. It is surrounded by woods. Its about a thirty minute drive there. 

We are buying stuff to build a bonfire, drinks, snacks, and then pillows and lots of blankets. Were going to pull big tree logs out from the woods to sit on. "Okay, so we need, lots of blankets, I know that's a lot but we need something to sleep on. So Carrie, Amy, and Mikey go get those." They left with a cart to go get the things, so I continued with what we need. "Then we need lots and lots of pillows. Jess and Nate you get that," They left with a cart. "Then we need drinks, Water, soda, food, and Juice. What ever sounds good, we don't have a limit on money for this trip, good thing we are rich. So since we are the only ones left lets go.  " We all laughed, then left.

This party is going to cost us a LOT, but it is worth it. At least where we are having the party is free, so we save a little money there. We went to the cast register and paid then left toward the abandoned house to set up the decorations. 

We have been at the abandoned house for three hours and we just finished setting it all up. The decorations are put up, we have strobe lights, streamers, happy birthday posters and more, I think we have it all. The fire pit is ready, we have logs out to sit on and put on the fire, and the blankets and pillows are out to use to sleep and keep warm. Some blankets are in the house and some are outside by where the fire is going to be. Everything looks great. Amy got a call from Luke about ten minutes ago saying that the girls are getting bored and suspicious. They want to go somewhere so we had to hurry up.

We just called and told Lucas that it is ready and gave him the directions. He said okay and that they are on their way. I'm so excited. This is going to be awesome, the first birthday with Nicole and Ava's twenty-first. Drinking rights, whoop whoop.

*We are on our way inside* Luke text-ed me.

"Everyone hide!" I whisper yelled out to everyone. We all hid. 5-4-3-2-1

"Why are we here? Are you going to kill us? Are..." Ava asked.

She was soon cut off when we all yelled "SURPRISE!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"

Ava and Nicole about jumped a foot. We all laughed at their skittishness. "Oh my gosh! I thought you forgot!" Ava squeaked out. 

"That's the point of a surprise silly." Luke said kissing her forehead in a brotherly manner.

"Thank you guys, how long have you had this planed out?." Nicole questioned suspiciously.

"Well I have before the trip but they just found out." I say with a guilty look on my face. 

"Thank you." Ava finally squeaked out, in awe with the building we brought them to. I guess they like it. I smirk, I knew they would. The others had their doubts, I didn't. Haha, Bitches. 

"Aw, your welcome." We all say to them. We told Ava and Nicole what we are going to do tonight. The schedule is First we are going to eat, then presents, next the camp fire and s'mores., then bed.

We just got done with dinner, so I went to the car to get the presents. I grabbed all twenty presents boxes, ten for Nicole and ten for Ava. 

"Ten for both of you." I said while handing them their presents. "Go back and forth on who is opening them. First Ava, then Nicole and so on. Now go Ava."

This is what they got

Ava Got a nook color and a charm bracelet, (She loves reading) a 50 dollar Barns and noble gift card, A lot of P.J. outfits with two pairs of boot slippers, Cute outfit, A diamond necklace, a 100 dollar girt card to Victoria secret, and a 50 dollar Barnes and noble gift card. 

Nicole got A theater ticket to a play, a 50 dollar I tunes Gift card, a New laptop, a New I phone, Huge set of movies, (About 15, good movies) Make up, nail polish, hair supply's, and A bunch of clothing store gift cards.

They thanked everyone, and then we went out side to get to the real fun.

We spent the rest of the night hanging around the fire and talking. Nicole shifted later in the night into a blonde haired wolf, her wolves name is violet.

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