Life as the Rejected One

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  • Published: 22 Nov 2013
  • Updated: 4 Jun 2015
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"HA!" he laughed, " Your my mate, haha. The moon goddess
messed it up this time. Me? Your mate?. That's really funny.
Who would want you?" I was full on sobbing by now.
"b-b-but i'm your m-mate!" I sobbed out to him. "Lets get
straight to the point, yeah? I Jake Robertson , Alpha of the
BloodMoon Pack, Reject the Alex Nicole as my Mate and
Luna forever and always" He harshly whispered, so no one
in the pack could hear, I guess I'm just an embarrassment to
him and everyone else.


3. 3 Years Later

Alex Pov.

3 years later: 

"Get up" I hear someone whisper into my ear.

"No" I mumbled into my pillow.

"Get up, you have to do patrol." Again I said no "Well i guess ill have to get the water...", whose voice I now recognize as Lucas says. I said no once again, he wouldn't do that to me, he knows I would kill him. So I went back to sleep. After about five minutes I hear my door open and close again, "Alpha, get up or ill pour water on you" Lucas sang. I shook my head no into the pillow, I hate mornings. "Don't say I didn't warn you..."

I felt a cold liquid pour all over my body. I leaped off my bed and glared at Lucas. I was dripping water all over the carpet. He looked like he was going to piss his pants. From laughter and being scared shit-less at the same time. 

"You better run." I said through clenched teeth. I am really pissed off. He took off out the door as fast as he could, looking terrified. I flew out the door after him, chasing him through the house. He better be glad he has beta blood in him. When we got to the kitchen most of the pack was watching curiously, as to why their alpha was soaked and chasing their beta. Wait! let me tell you what has been happening the past three years.

~~~Well I was right,  I got really close with Michael, Ava, Nathan, and Lucas. After a few weeks I finally had enough guts to tell the alpha and my friend all that happened with my old pack. The Alpha got so angry we had to have five pack members hold him down from going and killing all of my old pack. My friends got just as mad but had more self control, Lucas almost lost control of his wolf. 

Once Xavier was calmed down he said I could join the pack, if I wanted. So I did, I already loved everyone so why would I not? 

After a while of being in the pack I learned that Xavier doesn't have any children, so he adopted me, I am a big daddy's girl now. Soon after all my new friend found their mates beside Ava. Lucas+Amy, Nathan+Jessica(Jess), and Michael+Caroline(Carrie). I was happy fot them, but was sad a little on the inside because of my loss. 

About a year ago Xavier, the alpha said he was getting too old and tired to be Alpha and gave the position to me. I was so surprised, I thought he was was gonna give it to Lucas, since Lucas is Beta. Guess I was wrong though. So that's why I was called Alpha.~~~

Once Lucas realized he was trapped in the kitchen he put his hands up in the air to surrender. "Don't hit me" He pleaded, knowing how hard and hurtful my hits are.

"Please don't" I hear Amy say, not wanting her mate hurt. 'Too late' I thought. My hand was already clenched and going straight to his Ribs. Once I hit him Lucas and Amy both hissed in pain. Amy because of her mate getting hurt (Note that their mated, that's why she felt it, and Alex cant feel her mates pain because they are not mated), while Lucas bent over holding his ribs in pain.

"Too late, already did. And you dick you know how much my sleep means to me." I hissed at him, sleep was really important to me, it was like my baby, I could not live with out it. If I don't sleep or take a nap every couple hours, I will be crabby and bitchy as hell. Not kidding. "So you said something about patrol?" I asked calm now, no I am not bi-polar... Well maybe a little. Tehe.

"Yeah its our turn to do it." He said softly as to not get me mad again, he still looks scared. Good.  I nodded and started walking toward the back yard, motioning my hand to the door, saying to follow. Once we got out side I striped my clothes off behind a tree, put them in my chest, and shifted.

While circling the territory I smell people near that aren't in the pack. I dart toward them with the people on patrol right behind me, already in protective mode of my pack, not knowing if its rogues or another pack. Not know if their here to hurt us.

But the smells were oddly familiar, wonder who they are...

Patrol and I are trying to track down the people on my territory, me and Rosa are pissed off that someone is stupid enough to cross into our territory. I caught their smell again and it was stronger this time, this meant we were catching up to them. So I tried to go even faster, even though my legs were already burning like hell.

I finally started to see some unknown wolves that are not from my pack and stopped to a halt. While smelling the air, I realized they are not rogue, so I calmed down a bit, just a bit, they are less of a threat.

I let out a very fierce growl and saw them all surrender by laying on the ground, then roll over and show me their belly's. Then the alpha shifted to human form. Oh shit... 

Its Jake.

Good thing  I mastered at hiding my scent, so he wont be able to smell me or figure out who I am. He put his hands up in surrender also and politely asked me to shift. I did as asked, still in full protective mode. 

When I walked out from behind the tree the whole BloodMoon Pack gasped from surprise that the Alpha was not only beautiful, but a girl. Haha you racist mother fuckers.

"Lucas, go shift" I said using my Alpha command. He put his head down in submission, and goes behind a tree also to shift. He came out and walked over to my side, and looked at me as to ask why the hell they are here. "The hell to you think I know why there here, you ass" I said through the mind link. He started laughing along with the pack, from hearing our small chat, the ass wholes looked absolutely confused and that made me laugh even harder. "So," I said getting right to the point, Then questioned, "Why are you on my territory?"

"Umm... Sorry miss, but we want to talk to the alpha not his mate..." Jake said trailing off at the end.

"Umm.. Sorry sir" I said mocking him, "Oh I mean Jake, the Alpha of the BloodMooon Pack, but you are talking to the Alpha and I don't have a mate anymore." I said harshly. Jake flinched and hurt flashed through his eyes, then looked confused as to why he was hurt by my words, not realizing his mate just said they aren't mates anymore. 

My whole pack let out loud pants shitting growls when they heard his name and the pack. At the same time Jake looked shocked, amused, and scared shit-less at the same time. Shocked because I know his pack and name with out him telling me, Amused because a girl is the Alpha (Which pisses me off), And scared because he realized my pack hates him and he doesn't know why. 

"Why do you know who I am? Whats your name? Why are you Alpha? Why does you pack hate me and my pack?" He asked rambling on and on. It got quiet annoying, so I used my werewolf speed and picked him up but his neck. He look very shocked that I could do this, but more shocked as to I had enough guts to do this. I let a growl slip out of my mouth and he shut up. But soon realized that when we touched their were shocks going through our bodies. "Alex?" He quietly questioned as if having an internal battle on what to do, Hug me or hate me. His whole pack gasped in surprise.

"In all my glory." I said loudly and proudly, Then smirked, " Missed me?"

Jace came running up to me, picked me up, and spun me around. "Oh my gosh, I've missed you!!" He literally screamed at the top of him lungs. Then he started rambling on and on and on, about how he missed me and blah, blah, blah... bull shit.

"" I said calmly, but with pure venom in my voice. He frowned but still set me down. I think I saw hurt in his eyes. Yes, I have turned cold toward this pack. Ah whatever, they deserve it. I turned to Jake."What is your pack doing here, on MY territory?" I asked him.

"Can we talk about this in your pack house?" He asked. I don't understand why we cant do it here but whatever. At least their not lazy asses.

"Sure" I said. So we all started walking toward the pack house, then all of a sudden I heard.

"Jake baby," A girl practically purred to him. "When we get there do you want to go have some fun?" She said rubbing her body all over him. He muttered a sure.

My heart just broke all over again, I couldn't help it I let a tear fall. Rosa is crying again, and she hasn't done that in 2 years. 2 Mother fucking years, ya'll mother fuckers are gonna get it for making her cry. 

I guess Lucas saw a tear slide down my face, and most likely my whole pack, because they all let out angry growls. Mad at who made their Alpha is upset. So Lucas came up to me and gave me a hug. Then said through the pack link, "Don't worry, hell get it when we get to the pack house. Once Xavier hears his and his packs name, hell go all ape shit on them." I quietly laughed, along with my other pack members, now this will be funny. Xavier is really protective and has some anger issues when it comes to me And Peyton. I'm pretty much his daughter. Well adoptive, but were still as close as real mother father.

Xavier's mates name is Peyton were not as close, but still close. She is the motherly figure to me. And dad is like my best friend, then there is the others.

Once we got to the pack house I called everyone in my pack to the conference room. Good thing the room is big, stupid mother fucker Jake brought his whole pack, why? Like I give a flying fuck or know why. Everyone was sat in their seats, so we then started the meeting. 

"So what brings you here?" I said in a firm authoritative voice. Trying to sound scarce and make them uncomfortable. And boy were they uncomfortable, mainly Jace and Jake.

 "We were wondering if we could conjoin packs. The two strongest packs put together."

When he said "The two strongest pack" my whole pack stood up and started growling besides the people that already knew who they were. Xavier flung himself across the room and attacked Jake, pretty much beating the shit out of him. He was successful. I was actually enjoying this. When Jace came up to help Jake by pulling dad off of him, Xavier smelt the beta on him and figured out that was Jace, my brother. So he started to beat him too. All the while letting out a ton of crude curse words I do not want to repeat to you. I told you he was protective and had a bad temper. The only way to get him out of this is when he see me or his mate sad.

I slowly and carefully walked up to him and tried to pull them apart. When that didn't work i said "Daddy, stop, I don't like it when you fight!" Faking a tear knowing the daddy card and the tear, will pull him out of it and try to comfort me.

The whole BloodMoon pack stared at me confused, yet my pack just smirked, knowing what I was doing. He looked at me, saw my tears and dropped Jake and Jace, literally, He had them in the air. He came up to me and wiped my tears away.

"I'm sorry" He said softly. "Once I heard who he was I lost control of my wolf, well... I had a part of it too. But I cant help it, you know what they did to you. They hurt my baby." He said with a look of pain in his eyes. From seeing me cry and seeing my past tormentors.

I got up, hugged him and said a faint its okay. He turned around and glared at a broken looking Jake and Jace, then stormed out the room

"What just happened" Jace whispered, then said harshly, "He is not your dad." 

"My real Family wasn't family at all. Xavier treated me like family, and to me he is my dad. You have no right to be mad at me. I still love you through, your my brother, but out of everything you did, it does not mean I will forgive and forget. Your the one that hurt me. He isn't my biological dad, but he treats me better than my own brother. So that makes him my dad to me." I replied harshly, not caring about the sadness in his eyes, he did it to himself. He has a choice to treat me that way or not and he choose the wrong one.

I got up then walked away, but not before seeing that whore (Vanessa I figured out) checking Jake's wounds and flirting. What hurt the most was that he was flirting back. "I accept, we can conjoin Packs, but that does not mean I am friends with any of you all, or have forgotten what you did to me." I then walked out, starting to cry once I was in my room, the big bad alpha crying, i haven't cried since the day I got rejected, he broke me once again. I guess my friends felt my sadness through the pack link, they came walking through my bedroom door, and all started rubbing my back trying to comport  me or trying to calm me down. But nothing can calm down a broken heart that has now been broken the same person...

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