Little Miss Levine


7. Chapter 7

(Adam's POV)

She won. She won the fight. I was most certainly proud of her, but I didn't want this for her. I got to meet almost everyone she works with and talk to them about her and her personality, considering that I really didn't know much about her. I learned from her ghost hunting co-workers that she has a blood hurdling scream and most of the time after an investigation she stays up at late night hours and it takes a while for her to adjust to normal time. Her manager and best friend, Jason, explained to me that she is extremely stubborn. Which I guess that adds on to what Rob said: she never gives up.

As we were on our way home, Jolie sat in the back seat with Matt and I, quite squished. She grazed her thumb over the edge of the trophy, smiling, over and over again. I decided to confront her about what I had thought all night.

"I don't want you to do this anymore.", I blurted out.

"Do what?", she asked, confused.

"The fighting, the training. It's too dangerous. You need to quit. No, you have to quit.", I said. Her jaw dropped.

"Excuse me? Adam, I don't think you get it. It's part of my career. This is part of how I make money now. I don't really have an option to quit. There is still stuff I haven't paid. But it doesn't matter if its how I make money. I like doing this.", she argued.

"I don't-", I began.

"We'll talk more about this later.", she huffed.

"That's what you said yesterday when I asked why your mom kicked you out.", I cited. Her eyes went wide.

"Did you not just see what I did to that girl? There were some harsh feelings towards her. I don't think you want that. I said we'll talk about it later. Do I need to repeat myself?", she glared at me.

"No.", I answered, slumping into my seat. I didn't want to make her mad. I didn't matter, because I probably already had.

"You're treating him like a child.", Matt chimed in. Are you serious, Matt?

"He's acting like one.", she said angrily.

"Goodnight! That was really fun.", Matt said, heading to his room.

"Goodnight", Jolie and I said in unison. She sat her trophy down on the coffee table and followed me into the kitchen.

"I'm sorry I got mad at you.", she squeaked.

"You should still be mad at me. I knew you didn't want to talk about her.", I admitted.

"I'll tell you now,if you still wanna know why she threw me out.", she sat down at the table. I just nodded.

"Let's go in the living room.", I added.

We sat down on either sides of the couch, facing each other.

"I did some things that I shouldn't have done. But before anything was my fault, she got married. I absolutely hate the guy. I have a half brother and I got to meet him when Mama told me about you. They don't trust me for multiple reasons, so they wouldn't let me hold him."

"Why don't they trust you?", I was curious.

"Getting to that.", she smiled.

"Oh, sorry.", I smiled back.

"I may or may not have been smoking more than just cigarettes at the time. I had been arrested because I was one of about 23 people who climbed on top of the courthouse building and stayed there for 2 weeks in protest. The city was going to tear down the old hospital, and we didn't like it, so that was my idea.", she explained.

"By the way you talk, it sounds like you may or may not have done a lot of things.", I laughed. That's what she had said yesterday.

"Because I have! Or may not have...",she joked. "Anyway,I went to live with Lupe and Jason, which was okay. There were so many things that were said by my mom and dad and her family. I couldn't take it. Look, I told Matt about what I'm about to tell you. I wanted to know that you wouldn't throw me out, too. I can't do that again.", she looked like she was hurt. Now it was showing. It was like looking through glass and seeing anything she regretted,anything that had happened in her life.

"I promise I will never, ever hurt you. You can trust me.", I assured her.

"I tried to kill myself. I have medicine for my headaches that constrict blood vessels to reduce pressure. I took a lot of them. Lupe found me and I was rushed to the emergency room.", she explained. I couldn't help myself. I pulled her into a hug. I wanted to cry. My daughter had tried to kill herself. I would've never been able to meet her. She was the most amazing person I had ever met. She had been through so much. It made it worse knowing that I wasn't there to stop it all.

"Please tell me that's where it stops.", I said, letting her go.

"I wish I could. I had went to my mom's house to get the last of my stuff. I thought her husband wasn't there, so I just went in. When I went in, I got shoved to the floor. I was beaten. I ended up going to the hospital. He had done it and I knew it. When I was in the hospital I got news. Bad news. He had hit my stomach and my lower abdomen a good many times. Some parts were knocked loose and they had to be removed. They couldn't be replaced. And I'm going to put it this way: I can't have kids because of it.", she indicated. That's when I broke. He did that to my child. That is something that every woman wants and he took that away from her. Words couldn't describe how angry I was. Then she started crying too. She wrapped her arms around her neck and pulled the sleeve of her shirt up. There were scars covering her arm. It was unreal. She had cut.

"No. No. You didn't.", I ran my hands over each and every one of them.

"Three months clean tomorrow!", she exclaimed proudly. There it was. The bright side. She found it. She always finds it. I smiled at her.

"Don't stop fighting. Don't stop fighting in the ring, and never stop fighting this.", I encouraged her.

"And I said I had been smoking more than just cigarettes at one time... I quit all together!", she announced. There it was again.

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