Little Miss Levine


21. Chapter 21

(Adam's POV)

I stepped out of bed, my feet hitting the cold floor.

"Jolie?", I yelled as I stepped out into the hallway. I raised my arms over my head, stretching.

"Jolie?", I yelled again. "Where is she at?", I mumbled. I went into the kitchen, knowing she'd be in there. In fact, I could smell her perfume coming from there. There was an envelope on the table.

"Happy birthday! Why don't you fly out? Everyone else is already here... - Jolie", the note inside read. Attached to the note was one plane ticket to Atlanta at noon.

"I wonder why she's in Atlanta...", I thought out loud. "It'd be a good idea to call her.", I said.

Ring, ring. Ring, ring.

"Hello?", I heard my daughter's voice on the other line.

"Hey.", I smiled, just hearing her answer. "I got worried when I couldn't find you this morning!", I exclaimed.

"Oh, sorry!", she apologized, giggling. "Did you find the ticket? Are you excited? I can't wait until you fly out so I can hug you and tell you happy birthday. You're gonna love what I got you! Mickey will text you the address of where we're at. The boys all said you'd been here before.", she rambled on.

"Okay. I'll be there in a little while. I'll see you then.", I chuckled.

"Okay. Love you.", she replied.

"Love you, too. Bye.", I hung up.

* * * * * * * * * * *

"Daddy! Happy birthday!", Jolie squealed in excitement as her arms slung around my waist. I had barely gotten out of the cab when she had ran outside of the building. It was old recording studio I had been to many years ago.

"Hey, baby girl. Is this the place I think it is?", I said.

"M'hmm. It's a bit different now, they've upgraded equipment, but it's still the same vibes.", she replied.

Jolie guided me to the 2nd floor and opened the door to the 22nd door.

222, I thought.

"Did you do that on purpose? The 2nd floor, and the 22nd room?", I questioned.

"Maybe.", she giggled, unlocking the door.

"Happy birthday!", I heard as we entered the large room. This room was more like a lounge rather than a recording booth. Everyone had a drink in their hand, and there was pizza on the table. That's exactly how I wanted to spend my birthday; simply, with my daughter. I didn't want to go out to eat at a huge restaurant this year. I wanted to have a simple, small get together. I just didn't expect it to be I'm Atlanta.

Jesse, James, Mickey, and Matt smiled at me from across the room. I walked over to them, grinning.

"Who's idea was this?", I asked.

"The credit would go to Jolie and I. We came up with all of it last night.", Mickey claimed.

"You did good.", I said, shaking his hand.

"Um, thanks.", he said.

Jolie handed me a plate and a plastic cup. "So, do you want to go somewhere later?", she beamed.

"Do you?", I mused.

"Only if you do. It's your birthday, you know.", she raised her eyebrow.

I thought for a minute, questioning my decision to ask her for what I wanted.

"Is there any liquor, vodka, wine, or beer in that fridge over there?", I wondered, pointing across the room.

"Yes.", she smiled. "I think I know where you're going with this."

"Yeah. Let's take it to the hotel.", I smirked.

"Okay. Speaking of hotels, I haven't booked one yet. Do you want a separate room, or just one together?", she posed.

"Just one.", I affirmed.

"Okay.", she said. "I'll call us in."

Jolie brought over a small gift bag to me a while later, after I had sat down at the end of a long table.

"I hope you like it.", she winked.

I opened up the bag, finding a little box inside. I clicked open the jewelry box, seeing that there was a watch inside. A gold, hand engraved Rolex. My initials were carved into the face.

"Oh my god, Jolie. How much did you spend on this?", I asked.

"It doesn't matter how much I spent! Do you like it?", she inquired.

"I love it! It's the most beautiful watch I've ever seen.", I commented.

Jolie turned around to Mickey and fist bumped him, then turned to James and said "What did I tell you?"

I laughed, "Have you not figured out that she's always right?"

"No, I guess not.", James grumbled.

* * * * * * * * * *

(Jolie's POV)

Of course, I didn't drink as much as Adam on his birthday, and I knew he probably couldn't handle his alcohol that well. I woke hearing the sound of someone hurling in the bathroom, sending chills up my spine. I walked into the bathroom with a glass of water, aspirin, and saltine crackers.

"Good morning.", I greeted, sitting down on the floor next to Adam.

"Thanks.", he smiled weakly. "Why'd you let me drink so much?"

"I didn't feel like stopping you.", I giggled.

He rolled his eyes at me. Adam gagged, before throwing up again, leaning over the toilet.

"It's okay, get it all out. You'll feel better later.", I assured, rubbing his back.

He groaned, reaching for a towel to wipe his mouth. He flushed the toilet, then pitifully lied his head on the lid. Adam looked at me, and smiled sleepily again.

"Take this.", I ordered, handing him the pills and the water.

He gulped down the medicine and drank all the water.

"Could you please get me some more water?", he whimpered.

"Of course, I'll be right back."


When I got back, Adam was leaned against the wall, practically sprawled out on the bathroom floor.

"Come sit with me.", he mumbled.

I handed him the glass of water and crawled underneath his arm. I looked up at him and wiped away the hair falling into his eyes. I poured some of the water onto a rag and placed it on his forehead.

"I love you." Adam murmured.

"I love you, too.", I replied.

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