Little Miss Levine


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I hadn't seen my mother, or any of her family, for a year. They had invited me over for Christmas. She had kicked me out because she got married to a man I absolutely could not stand. I had a half brother, whom I had never met. He was 2 years old. My uncle and I always kept in touch, behind my mother's back. He told me anything I should know about the family. I was so excited to see the drama, right there in front of me.

My manager, Lupe, rode in the passenger seat of my 1967 Volkswagen Bug. I smiled as I switched gears at a street light. I considered my car to be amazing, not crappy. It needed work. I couldn't have work done to it because I was broke. It needed air shocks, new seat covers, the steering needed to be tightened up. It was in desperate need of some help, but I loved my little car.

We pulled into the driveway. I was nervous as hell. I yanked my seat belt off and pulled hard on the door handle. The bumper was laying on the ground it was so low. I had scraped that car up so bad. I walked up the porch steps of my grandparents house. My heart raced as I rang the doorbell. My grandmother opened the door and hesitantly said hello. I walked into her house, followed by Lupe. "Hey, Jolie. How are you?",my step dad asked. "Just fine. How about you, Shane?", I said. He didn't answer me. Everyone was sitting in the living room, staring into me. I sat down on the love seat. "I'm sorry.", my mother said. "For what? For taking him over your me? I'm your only daughter!", I said. "No, its just that...", she went on. I was so disgusted to see them all listening to her, after all she did to me. "What?", I shouted. "Your dad, Ryan. He's not your biological father.", she said, looking down at the floor. I just looked at her. I had no idea how to respond to her. "Is this some sort of sick joke?", I asked. "No. Do you remember when Ryan took you to see Maroon 5? Remember how you told me Adam said they played at one of the bars in town years before?" "Yes." "We hooked up that night.",she said. "Mom,you don't drink.", I said. "That doesn't mean I never did."

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