Little Miss Levine


18. Chapter 18

( Matt's POV )

That morning, I woke up hearing music blaring from the kitchen.

"Not this early. No way.", I mumbled, shaking my head. As I walked into the living room, I found that Jolie and Adam were dancing as they made breakfast. "What the hell, you guys?", I asked.

"Making breakfast!", Jolie giggled.

"And dancing!", Adam added, spinning Jolie in circles by the tips of her fingers.

"Gosh, y'all should be on Dancing with the Stars.", I said sarcastically. Jolie giggled in delight as Adam waltzed around the kitchen with her.

"I know right!", Adam laughed.

"You should join us.", Jolie called in a sing-song voice.

"No, thanks.". I scoffed. "It's too early and I'm too old for dancing."

"He's just jealous he can't dance like us.", Adam boasted.

"Sure, I'm jealous of your skills.", I joked as I went to go back to bed.

( Adam's POV )

After breakfast, Jolie left with Jason, saying she had to run some errands. I waited around the house until about noon when she came home.

"I have a surprise!", she announced as I heard her come in through the front door.

"Did you sign up for Dancing with the Stars?", Matt chuckled.

"No, it's better. Look!", she exclaimed as she walked into the living room.

"Oh. My. God. Are those real?", I asked.

"Of course they're real!", she laughed. She had a nose piercing and snakebites in her lip.

"And why do you have your hood up?", I continued. Jolie took her hood off to reveal that she had went from being naturally brunette to a redhead.

"No way!", I exclaimed. "You're like Jesse now!" She laughed at my statement.

"You look so different.", Matt commented. The front door opened again. James came in and stopped in the living room doorway.

"Who's tha- Jolie?", he mused. "I didn't recognize you at all!" She shrugged.

"Can't wait to show Rob at work tomorrow.", Jolie said.

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