Little Miss Levine


16. Chapter 16

*Notice: Before I begin, let me explain some of the characters. Zak, Nick, Aaron, and Billy are all crew members from Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. And Jason, if you don't remember him from the beginning of the story, is Jolie's best friend. Lupe is Jolie's manager (As in Lupe Fiasco)

( Jesse's POV)

I woke up to hear rustling in my living room. The events of yesterday played over and over again in my mind. I got up to inspect what Jolie was doing. There was a suitcase at her feet and she sat on the couch folding clothes to go in it.

"Where are you going?", I asked, concerned. I was afraid that after Adam's outburst that she was leaving for good, but then again I wouldn't let her do that.

"We have an investigation. I'm meeting the boys in Las Vegas.", she replied, not bothering to look up at me.

"I thought that was next week.", I started to panic. What if she was leaving? She was stubborn as hell, how could I convince her to stay?

"No, we moved it up. It's at the Shanghai Tunnels again.", she stated blankly. Normally she got all excited when she talked about Ghost Adventures. "The owners asked if we'd come back because last time I wasn't in the crew yet.", she continued. "And since I'm a girl, we may get some more action.", she turned and gave me a cheeky smile and a wink. She finished packing and sat down on the suitcase to zip it up.

"You want to go to Starbucks before you leave? I can drop you off at the airport afterwards.", I offered.

"Sure.", she agreed.

On the way the ride was quiet. After we ordered and got our drinks, we sat at a booth.

"Jesse, I need you to promise me something.", the silence between us was broken.

"Okay.", I answered, not knowing what she was going to say, which was a terrible move.

"Don't tell Adam I'm going anywhere. He can figure it out himself where I'm at.", her voice had a different tone. I could tell she had something on mind, in the form of some sort of plan. Something terrible.

"I don't know if I can do that...", I hesitated.

"Don't tell anyone. Don't tell Matt, Mickey, or James. Especially Matt. He'd be mad.", she ordered.

"Why would he be mad? Adam is already in an outrage!", I exclaimed.

"I just know he will be. And so what if Adam's angry? It's not like I care.", she scoffed before pulling out a tube of skin colored cream from her bag. She stretched her arm out on the table of the booth and dabbed some on the inside of her elbow, covering up her "Levine" tattoo.

"So you want to get that removed?", I asked.

"Oh, no. I knew I'd regret it when I got it. I just don't think anyone needs to see this for the next few days.", she explained. Before I could respond, a confusing laugh escaped her lips. "It's kind of funny...", she drifted. It was almost like she had split personalities or bipolar disorder. "Are you ready?", she asked.

"Um, yeah. Lets go.", I replied.

I walked Jolie to door of the LAX.

"Goodbye. Remember, don't tell.", she reminded me before hugging me around the waist.

"Alright. Bye, be careful. Don't let the spirits scare you too much.", I joked. I waved at her as she went inside, her suitcase trailing behind her. It felt like I would never see her again.

( Zak's POV )

There was a knock on my door late in the evening as I was getting ready to leave, and I immediately knew who it was. I rushed to the front door to unlock it.

"It's been a while.", I greeted as Jolie came inside.

"Ah, I missed you.", she said as she reached up to hug me. "Is Aaron here, or are we going to pick him up on the way?", she asked. "And is Nick here?"

"They're all here. Annabelle isn't coming on this one, by the way.", I replied, referring to Nick's daughter. "She has the flu."

"Oh, poor thing.", Jolie cooed. We came into the living room so that the rest of us could finish packing. "Aaron!", Jolie shrieked, jumping into his lap. I think she liked him better than the rest of us.

"Aye, Lil sis! How's it going?", he asked. He always called her that... I rolled my eyes and carried on packing. Jolie hit me on the arm.

"Grumpy pants, huh?", she giggled.

"Whatever.", I huffed. Nick laughed at us.

"I'm going to call Veronique to see how Annabelle is before we leave. I'll be right back.", he got up to go into the kitchen. He knew at any moment there could be an eruption of laughter. Jolie slid off of Aaron and sat in between he and I.

"Since we've already done interviews here, we're just going to get to the investigation tomorrow night.", I informed.

"Awesome.", Jolie snickered.

"You got something planned?", I asked, curious.

"Kinda. Nothing big, don't worry about it.", she laughed after what was not too much of an explanation. She always had a strange way of... Well, everything. The way she explained things was strange, the way she laughed. Everything was strange, and it got even worse after the last time she attempted to kill herself. Her words were tangled 55% of the time, and she had no idea how to deal with her emotions. Not even a clue.

When Nick came back, we left. Everyone slept most of the way to Oregon. The tunnels were in Portland, where Aaron grew up, so I'm sure we would hear some more of his endless, stupid stories. Billy, our sound/computer guy, met us when we arrived. He took an earlier flight. We went to our hotel room, and this week Jolie and I were sharing a room. We switched out between her and I in a room, her and Aaron in a room, and Aaron and I in a room.

"I'm so tired!", she groaned, collapsing onto a bed.

"You just slept for over 4 hours.", I chuckled. "How about we all go eat?", I suggested.

"Mmm, that sounds good.", she agreed. We all met at a restaurant down the street.

"What's up with you?", Aaron asked. "You've been acting weird lately."

"I don't know.", Jolie shrugged. "I don't like Adam. I think I'm gonna leave. I just don't know where I'm going yet.", she continued.

"You can come live with me.", Aaron offered.

"Or me, if you'd like.", I chimed in.

"Thanks, but if I leave, I'm going back to Lupe. I've already discussed maybe going in together and Jason and I getting an apartment.", she noted.

"Why not Jesse or Mickey?", Nick asked.

"I don't want to have anything to do with them when I'm gone. Levine can say he never knew who I was for all I care.", she proceeded. Everyone nodded.

The next night was the investigation.

"Lock us up!", I yelled as the owner closed the hatch leading down into the tunnels. I turned around and smiled at the camera, receiving a laugh from Jolie, Nick, Aaron, and Billy. Billy headed off to his assigned area of computers. We started in the main section of the tunnel, doing EVPs and videos. We took some pictures and around 2am we decided to take a break. We had a table set up and were eating snack stuff.

"It feels eerie. But I guess I should be used to it.", Jolie whispered.

"Why are you whispering?", Billy queried.

"I dunno.", she laughed. "Hey, I'm gonna go in the room on the left wing by myself.", she said before sliding something into her pocket that I couldn't make out.

"Okay. Don't be long.", Billy replied.

"Just come get me when you need me." We listened to her walk to the far left side of the tunnel and open and close the heavy metal door.

"It's so quiet.", Nick acknowledged. We all nodded in agreement. We sat for about 20 minutes, talking about ghost stuff. All of the sudden there was a loud sound of something drop.

"Jolie?", I echoed throughout the place. There wasn't an answer. "I'll be right back.", I gulped, knowing something was wrong.

"Oh my god!", I screamed as I went inside the room. "Guys, hurry, come here! I need help!" She was hanging from a noose tied to the ceiling. The unfamilar dropping sound was the echo of the stool underneath her drop. I quickly untied it and cradled her body in my arms. I heard footsteps running towards us and the rest of the guys appeared in the doorway. My hands felt wet, and when I looked down I realized she was just in her shirt and pink, frilly underwear. I couldn't see it, but I knew that it was blood. There was a strange smell in the room that I couldn't quite make out, too. Nick rushed to get his phone. Since the owners of the tunnels were above us managing their bar, they could come let us out. Jolie started coughing, which was a good sign.

"They're coming to get us out. Should I call 911?", Nick asked.

"No, we'll drive ourselves. It'll take too long to wait on an ambulance.", I replied. Nick took Jolie from me and went to wait by the exit. Aaron took a flashlight out of his back pocket and scanned the small space. Her worn and ripped black jeans were laying on the floor along with not 1, but 2 razor blades. That must've been what she put in her pocket. Or maybe not. There was a lighter and a half smoked blunt, too. I guess that was the unfamiliar aroma.

"I thought she quit.", Billy stated.

"Me too.", Aaron added. He shone the light towards my feet, and it revealed that I was standing in a puddle of blood. He directed the light up my body, only to show that I was soaked.

"You're covered in it, dude.", Aaron gasped. I picked up Jolie's jeans before starting out the door.

"It doesn't matter right now.",I growled. I heard the hatch open in the main part of the tunnel and then saw Nick carrying her body up the stairs.

Nick was driving and Billy was directing to the hospital while Aaron and I sat in the back with Jolie in my lap. She suddenly gripped my shirt and took in a sharp breath.

"It's okay, just a few more minutes.", I made that a promise. Blood from her legs and arms was spilling onto the seats.

"No, it didn't work. I can't do it anymore.", she cried into my shoulder.

"We're here.", Nick announced. I rushed inside to the front desk. The receptionist immediately gasped in horror at the situation.

"We need help bad.", Aaron reported. Yeah, obliviously. Jolie was yet again taken from my arms by a nurse. At this point, she had blacked out.

Later, we were invited inside to visit Jolie. She looked horrible in the hospital bed. There were marks which resembled carpet burns on her neck and cuts covering her body. Tubes were hooked in both arms and she was focused on a baseball game playing on the small television in the room. Before we came in, we had been waiting for Adam and the rest of the band to get here. Jason informed us that he was 20 minutes away.

None of us really knew what to say, so Aaron started us out with a "Hey."

Jolie smiled before replying softly, "I can only whisper right now. My throat hurts."

"You can get out of here tonight... If Lupe or Adam comes to sign you out. We can't sign you out since we're not considered guardians. Lupe should be here with Jason soon.", Nick said.

"Don't expect Adam to be here.", she rolled her eyes. Just as she said that, everyone came running in. "Lupe!", she burst out in a high whisper, not paying Adam a bit of attention.

"Hey, how you feel?", Lupe asked.

"Okay, not great, of course. Can you sign me out in a little bit?", she asked sweetly.

"Of course. I'll go get a nurse and go ahead and do it.", he insisted. Jason slipped in with two drinks in his hand.

"I brought you this.", he smiled, handing her a mocha, sitting down on the bed with her.

"Thanks. You drove here all the way from LA?", she questioned.

"It would've taken too long for a flight. I didn't want to have to wait until you came home... Or if you came home.", he sighed. "Someone must be watching over you or something. This is the fifth time they've saved you.", he praised.

"I have a comment for that, but if I say it they'll keep me in here longer.", she mumbled. "You do realize they put me on the crazy floor. I'm not crazy! My mother had me tested not once, but 3 times!", she kept on.

"I know you're not crazy.", he simply agreed with her as Lupe came back in with paperwork in hand.

"Look, I just heard you saying you're not crazy, but they asked if I wanted to have you tested again. Sometimes it doesn't show up until you're older. You'll be staying longer after I fill all this out.", he explained firmly.

"No, Lupe! Please, don't!", Jolie pleaded in a strained voice. Jason pulled her into an embrace and they were both about to cry.

"I'm sorry...". Lupe went on.

"Lupe...", she breathed. "You know that I'm not crazy. I know you do. Please, Lupe, don't do this.", she started crying. "Jesse!", her focus turned to the other side of the room. "Don't let him do this! I can't do a week in here!", her pleads to Jesse didn't work.

"I'm sorry, there's really nothing I can do about it.", Jesse spoke.

"Lupe, you're better than this.", Jason hissed, rubbing Jolie's back to calm her down. Tears had begun streaming down his face, not wanting to lose his best friend. Jolie's face was buried in his shoulder, her hand reaching up to go around his other shoulder. Her hand slowly slid down,ending up playing with Jason's fingers. Adam suddenly walked over and snatched the clipboard of paperwork and pencil from Lupe.

"I'm her dad, I know what's best for her. She's not staying.", he claimed.

"I'm more of a dad than you are!", Lupe sneered. Now normally I would agree with this, but this time, no. Adam knew Jolie wasn't crazy, and he was absolutely not going to let her spend a week in the looney bin.

"She's not staying in here! And that's final.", Adam ended it. Everyone, except for Lupe, breathed a sigh of relief.

(Jason's POV)

After being told she could leave, Jolie decided to ride home with me. A long car ride from Oregon to Los Angeles would be fun, though. We hadn't talked much in the last two months since she'd been with Adam. It was hard to believe it had only been two months. Her voice was better since we'd left, and she could speak a notch louder.

"I've missed talking to you.", I smiled. I like her a lot more than a best friend, but I don't think she knew that.

"I've missed you, too.", she implied, blushing. It was getting pretty late, and we had a lot of hours to go.

"Think we should get a place tonight, or keep going?", I asked, even though I knew she was exhausted. Everyone acquainted with Jolie had been informed that someone had to be with her at all times for the next three months, just to monitor her.

"Get a place.", she yawned. We found a cheap Hampton Inn and checked in. When we went in, we found that there was only one king sized bed. "I'm cool with that.", she said.

"It's not like we haven't shared a bed before.", I agreed. "Also cool with this." I stripped off my jeans and shirt, putting on boxers as Jolie put on a tank top and shorts. She pulled the covers over her, hoping to hide all the scars and marks I'd already seen that day.

"There's no need to hide them.", I comforted. "It's just me, you know." She let off a little of the bundled up duvet, revealing her arms. When she did so, I noticed a new tattoo I hadn't seen before. "What's that?", I inquired as I slid under the covers with her.

"My last name. Got it a few weeks ago.", she replied.

"I like it. When you going to get another?", I beamed.

"Soon. I'm addicted to ink.", she laughed. She slowly slid lower on me. Her head resting on my stomach and her scar covered arms wrapped around my torso. My hands found themselves tangled in her hair, massaging her scalp.

"I think we should talk about something.", I interjected into the blare of the TV.

"Mhmm?", Jolie responded.

"Do you think we could go farther? Like, me and you. Is there an "us"?", I jested.

"Are you saying we should date?", she looked up at me.

"It's okay if you don't want to.", I said.

"Do you know that I've wanted to be more than friends ever since we met?", she giggled.

"Really? So, we're dating? Me and you?", I wanted her to be clear.

"Yes. Boyfriend, girlfriend type of deal.", she clarified.

"Yes! I won't let you down, I promise.", I kissed her cheek.

"I won't let you down ever again either.", she sighed.

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