Little Miss Levine


14. Chapter 14

(My POV)

"Looking hot.", Mickey commented as I walked out in one of the dresses Adam had bought me last week. He licked his lips as I sat down next to him.

"Mickey, eyes on your own property.", Adam said. We were all getting ready for the interview. James sat in a chair across the room, arms folded across his chest. He was grumpy because his girlfriend had broken up with him. She said he was "too controlling", which I think we all agreed with. He rolled his eyes because he wasn't getting attention for his hair or something. As if on cue, Jesse comes in and says, "Your hair looks really nice today."

"Thanks.", James smirked.

"Well, uh, you look nice, too, but I meant Jolie. You look beautiful, Jay. Dress looks great on the curves.", he winked. I rolled my eyes and smiled.

"Thanks.", I replied. Adam huffed, got up, walked over to Jesse, thumped him on the back of the head and sat down again.

"Ouch! What was that f- oh. I see! You don't like us complimenting her! It's not like we're hitting on her, dude.", Jesse laughed at Adam's overprotectiveness.

"I just hope he's not like this when I finally start going out.", I sighed. "Speaking of which, Rob set me up for a date this week. I don't know who with, though."

"And you trust him to get you a date?", Jesse asked with a concerned tone.

"I know. I've got mad.", I laughed.

"Seriously, what if he sets you up with Justin Bieber? You know he's friends with him!", Adam exclaimed.

"Oh shit, you're right. Well it's not like it's a permanent thing. I can always say I'm not interested.", I said. They all nodded in agreement. Mickey looked down at his shoes, trying not show that he cared. I knew what he was thinking. If I started dating someone, we couldn't continue with our little thing we had going. Matt finally came into view, messing with his tie.

"Why'd you take so long?", James asked.

"Because someone had to fix their hair again!", Matt shot me a glare. James rolled his eyes. We all were making our way to the front door and I stumbled in the heels I was wearing. I caught Mickey's shoulder and his arm slid around my back before I was able to fall. We all started laughing because I didn't trip because the heels were too tall, I tripped because I was nervous.

"Chill out! You'll be great! Just like me.", Adam assured. James snapped.

"I can't take it anymore! I absolutely cannot stand you, Jolie! You fucking get all the attention now, it's all about you!", he lunged at me with a fist in the air. I grabbed his shirt collar before he could hit me.

"Watch who you fuck with, Valentine. I don't think you want to get smacked in the face by a champion women's league fighter, do you?", I warned. I let go of him and pushed my way through the door in front of everyone, my heels clicking with every step.

(Jesse's POV)

James ran a hand through his golden hair as he watched her leave. He fixed his shirt and took an uneasy inhale and exhale before mumbling some curses under his breath.

"I'm taking my car.", Jolie announced as we stepped outside.

"Wait, no. Come here. Let me talk to you.", Adam begged. He pulled her over to the side where we couldn't hear. She nodded and then gestured towards where we were standing, then started waving her hands around. Adam agreed to whatever she said and she got into her car.

"Can I ride with you?", I asked.

"Sure! You'll have to pull hard on the door." I yanked the door open and got in.

"I really like your car. I noticed you've had some work done to it.", I mentioned.

"Yeah! I got air shocks on it, new seats, a small paint touch up. She's looking nice.", she bragged. I really did like her car, but she didn't look like the person who would be driving it. I would think of her as driving an older model BMW, not a 1967 Volkswagen Beetle.

"The paint looks really nice and so do the covers. Show me the shocks." Her hand went under the steering wheel, and I heard a switch flip. I could feel a slight rise in the vehicle, not much. "How far does it go up?", I asked.

"6 inches. It's not a lot, but it really makes a difference.", she replied. I nodded.

"Do you have a name for it?", I questioned. Most people with old cars had a tendency to name them, so I figured this one had a name.

"Betsy Jane.", she smiled. I laughed in response.

When we were halfway there, she looked over at me, then back at the road.

"Why is James so... You know... I guess I could say harsh?", she asked.

"He's a control freak and he always needs attention.", I rolled my eyes.

"I'm sort of tired of it. No, I'm very tired of it. He hasn't even tried to talk to me. Today is the third time I've seen him within the two months I've been here.", she sighed in annoyance.

"Just give him time to adjust to you. You're still a newbie to him.", I joked.

"James is such a prick.", she muttered.

(Mickey's POV)

As soon as we got to the interview studio, Jolie and Jesse pulled up behind us. James was still having trouble collecting himself. Adam had given him quite the talk in the car.

"Nice lift up.", Matt pointed to Jolie's car.

"I know right!", she threw her hands up in the air. Click, click, click. Jolie's heels sure were loud. Well, they weren't loud, it was just loud compared to her normal shoes.

"I've never seen you wear heels before. Sexy.", I smirked. We walked behind everyone, so no one heard me. She smiled and winked.

"Friday night?", she asked.

"I'm always up for it. You know that.", I replied. "Why not tomorrow?", I asked.

"That's when Rob set me up for a date, remember?", she groaned.

"Oh, yeah. Well just remember that if you feel like it afterwards, just come wake me up.", I laughed.

"Oh, if I do, I will.", she hit my arm.

We ended up being led backstage to wait. Jolie sat down on my lap on a couch.

"I would ask if everyone wants to meet at Starbucks tomorrow on my lunch break, but Rob set me up for that stupid date.", she huffed. We all laughed.

"Maybe it'll go well!", I said, giving her hip a squeeze. She giggled and swatted at my hand.

"I'm ticklish!", she squealed.

"Look at these gems.", Jesse said, handing Jolie his phone. There was a whole album of photos he'd taken of the two of us. One of her on my back, one of us at Dominos at 1am. Lots of pictures.

"Ooh, send me that one.", I pointed at the screen. It was a picture of us on my couch, her head thrown back laughing, and me just staring at her.

"Okay.", she replied as she typed in my number. Her hand swiped over to the rest of Jesse's albums. "Jesse, what the fuck?", she furrowed her brows. There were albums of her and Jesse, me and her, her and Adam. It was weird.

"I just like to organize them.", he answered.

"You should make your way on stage now.", Shawn peeked his head in the room before she could reply.

(Adam's POV)

We walked on stage in front of the audience, receiving a round of applaud. Jolie trailed behind me, most likely nervous. There were two couches for us, facing each other, and a chair between them for the interviewer. Jolie, Matt and I sat on the left side of the stage while Jesse, Mickey, and James sat on the right.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!", the interviewer said as he walked out. The audience clapped again, as he had started 10 minutes late. "Today, we have Maroon5 with us, along with little Ms. Levine!", he announced. Jolie blushed a light shade of red. He sat down before he started to question us.

"So this is your first interview, Jay?", he held the microphone out to her.

"Yes, sir.", she answered politely. He smiled in return.

"You seem nervous! You're not cocky like your father, are you?", he laughed.

"No, no. Unfortunately, I didn't inherit the confidence.", she chuckled.

"She certainly inherited the looks, didn't she?", the interviewer looked to the audience. They answered with a series of hoots and hollers. "Now, Adam, is it complicated having a girl live with you? Does she get out of hand?", he asked.

"No, not all! She comes and goes out of the house. She works a lot.", I replied.

"Now, I noticed you really didn't spend any time at all with her at first. Lately you spend every minute with her! Why may that be?", the man queried. Jolie's eyes went wide. She looked up at me, holding her breath, waiting for an answer.

"I was too caught up in women. I'm really ashamed that I ignored Jolie. I've always wanted to have my daughter with me, and when I finally got her, I turned her away. I don't know what made me do it. But I've changed now.", I smiled. Jolie nodded in agreement.

"So you knew about her before her mother contacted you?", he questioned.

"Yes! I've always known about her, she didn't know about me. Well, she knew about me, she just didn't know I was her dad. Look, I have a baby picture of her that her mother sent me when she was little. It's the only one I ever got.", I explained as I raised up and pulled my wallet out of my back pocket. I took out the picture and handed it over to the interviewer. "Be careful with it.", I warned. He laughed and took the photo from my hand.

"You were about three when this was taken, correct?", he asked Jolie.

"Yes. That's my uncle's dog with me. They got him two months before I was born, so I grew up with him. His name was Bandit.", she responded. The interviewer waved over a cameraman to show at home audiences. He handed me the picture back, before turning to Matt.

"Did you ever know about Adam having a daughter?", he polled.

"I didn't know he had a daughter, but I was a huge fan of Jolie before I found out she was Adam's daughter. I'd been to a lot of her fights.", he said.

"He's my biggest fan.", Jolie nudged him, laughing. The man slid over to the other side of the stage where Mickey, James , and Jesse were.

"Did any of you know Adam had a kid before she actually showed up?"

(Jesse's POV)

"Did any of you know Adam had a kid before she actually showed up?", I was brought back to reality by the voice of the interviewer.

"I didn't, and I know James didn't.", Mickey said.

"I kinda knew.", I admitted. "He sort of hinted towards it sometimes. He would say things like 'I can't wait to have my daughter with me.' and 'What do you think having a little girl would be like?'", I went on. "I thought he just wanted to settle down and have a kid and he wanted a girl, but I didn't know. Then one day, Adam sent me to get pizza, and gave me his wallet. I found that picture, but I never said anything. I figured he was waiting for just the right time to spill the news, but he never did. Finally, the day before Jay got here, he announced that he had a daughter. It was a surprise at first, then I thought back to when I found that photo.", I explained. Jolie flashed me a smile from across the room, and I returned one. "I love her. I think I love her more than the other guys, besides Adam.", I grinned.

"Love you too, Jess.", she giggled. There was a wave of 'awww's' throughout the crowd.

"Okay, okay. Lets look at some pictures that have been floating around lately.", the interviewer went on. A picture of Jolie in a shopping cart in a dark parking lot appeared on the screen. Jolie, Mickey, Matt, and myself all burst into laughter, thinking back to our Jackass adventures. "What's this all about?", he asked.

"None of us had a date on Valentine's Day, and we ended up riding shopping carts in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot.", Mickey laughed.

"Best Valentine's day ever!", Matt chimed in. The screen flipped to a picture of Jolie walking through LA.

"Jolie, I just wanted to ask you if these were photoshopped?", he asked. I could see the happiness wash away from her. God, why did that stupid idiot have to ask that? You could see the scars on her arm in the picture. "Fans on twitter have been wondering...", he went on. I could almost see the rage bubbling up in her.

"No, they're not photoshopped. I wish they were.", she sighed. I could tell that she stopped herself from getting angry in front of everyone. "And the fans that want to know aren't my fans. They're Adam fans or Maroon 5 fans. My fans would know. They know what happened to me, and they know why I started and they know why I stopped. I get plenty of emails and comments and tweets from Maroon 5 fans and fans of my dad telling me I should just go through with killing myself because I don't deserve Adam. Yeah, well it's not like they deserve him either. At least I'm not afraid to admit that I don't deserve him.", she huffed.

"Oh, so Maroon 5 fans don't like you?", he cocked an eyebrow.

"The real ones do.", Matt smirked.

"They're not fans if they don't like her.", Mickey added.

"That's almost like having an Instagram fanpage and calling yourself a Marooner, but you don't even know who blond Jesus is.", Jolie inquired.

"Um, who is Blond Jesus?", the interviewer looked confused.

"It's James! Duh! Any Marooner knows that.", she answered, matter-of-factly. James laughed in reply.

"Speaking of James, I heard you two had a row this morning.", the man said. James and Jolie both rolled their eyes.

"I'm over it.", she remarked.

"I'm really sorry.", James croaked. He actually got up and walked to the middle of the stage. "I really am. I just got angry. I didn't mean any of it.", he voiced. He was almost crying. Jolie got up and met him where he was standing. Her arms wrapped around his waist and his around her neck.

"It's okay.", she mumbled.

"Welcome to the family.", he chuckled.

"Looks like that's all we time for today! See you next week!", the host signed off.

(Mickey's POV)

Jolie waited until we arrived home to show her anger. As soon as we got inside she dropped her purse on the floor. I saw her go weak for once.


"Hey, hey, hey. It's okay. That's all over now. We don't have to worry about the scars anymore, you know that.", Adam cooed.

"Well apparently we do. The public thinks they're unattractive. It's disgusting according to some people. Have you seen what your fans say?", she asked, pulling out her phone. "It's completely fine for your brother to be gay, but when I finally come out and say I'm bisexual, all of your fans say it's horrifying! They all support Michael, but say you must be pretty disappointed in me. I hate that I was ever a part of that fandom. I still am. God dammit!", she shrieked as she handed her phone over to Adam. He scrolled through screenshots of fan tweets about his daughter.

"I made a twitter.", I blurted out. They all stared at me.

"You have no idea how much I wanted this when I was a fangirl.", Jolie smiled. I took out my phone and showed it to her. "Oh my god, I must be dreaming. Your profile picture is even a selfie. The fans are probably hyperventilating right now, why would you do this!", she joked. "I'm going to Lupe's house.", she announced before walking out the door. We all exchanged glances then went about our day.

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