Try To Catch Me

I'm Erin, me and my friend are biker girls that HATE One Direction, we are best friends with the hottest guy in our High-school, Jc Caylen. The only bad part about living in an apartment complex is the people that walk in. Will they steal my heart. Does Jc have a Crush? Will I end up alone. Read to find out about the best and worst few weeks of my life. P.s. I actually met Jc Caylen and One Direction.


3. Chapter two:

Me and Victoria finally drove up to the school and We parked our motorcycles. We grabbed our back packs and walked into the school. I looked over and saw Jc standing by my locker. 
"Jc!" I exclaimed while running over to Jc and jumping into his arms while he's spinning me around. Jc finally put me down and Victoria finally walked over to where I ran off to.
"You guys make me gag." Victoria said annoyed. I laughed and kissed Jc on the cheek.
"Oh gosh." Victoria moans again.
"We should probably get to homeroom." Jc suggested while taking me off his back and placing me onto the ground. Lucky all three of us have the same home room. Me Victoria and Jc started walking to homeroom and as usually girls winked and Jc and tried to flirt with him while we were walking. Every time a girl does that though, me and Victoria give them and evil glare and they go away. Finally we arrived at our home room class and we sat at our seats that we got to chose in the beginning of the year. So of course me Victoria and Jc all sit together.
Right as we sat into our chairs the bell rang and our homeroom teacher stood In front of the classroom. 
"Okay today there is an assembly so there will be no classes to except for the assembly." Our home room teacher announces. 
"Thank god I don't want to go to my classes." I say sighing.
"Same here." Jc agreed while putting his arm around me. Just to be clear, me an Jc are not dating but we do, do cute things with each other. 
"Okay class let's go to the auditorium for the day long assembly." Our home room teacher says and we all stand up to leave. We follow our teacher down to the auditorium where principal Radstar was standing. Me Victoria and Jc walked over to the stage and sat on the floor near it, just like any other assembly. All the seniors finally got into the auditorium and the principal started talking. 
"Okay seniors, I decided to have an assembly all day today for you guys, it's not just any assembly though, it's a concert since this is your last year school here before you go to college." Principal Radstar said.
The other seniors cheered and I just looked over towards Victoria.
"They better not be a stupid band." I whined and laid my head in Jc's lap. 
"Agreed." Jc smiled while looking down at me in his lap.
"Just get a room already." Victoria moans.
"Whatever." I reply and turn my head back to the stage. 
"Now please welcome the band that will playing for you tonight.... One Direction." Principal Radstar Called. 
"I look toward Victoria and we simultaneously scream "noooo!"
"I  hate One Direction!" I complain and look back up at Jc. 
"This will be so painful." Victoria cries out. Jc starts playing with my hair and I giggle up at him. 
"Your so adorable Erin." Jc says looking down at me.
"Aww thanks my wittle Jc." I say giggling while pinching his cheeks.
"Hello, I'm still here." Victoria says snapping her fingers in our faces. 
"Haha sorry." I reply to Victoria. The guitars start playing and all of a sudden horrible music is blasting in my ear. 
"Ew." I whisper in discuss. I slowly close my eyes while in Jc's lap and soon enough I'm asleep.

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