Try To Catch Me

I'm Erin, me and my friend are biker girls that HATE One Direction, we are best friends with the hottest guy in our High-school, Jc Caylen. The only bad part about living in an apartment complex is the people that walk in. Will they steal my heart. Does Jc have a Crush? Will I end up alone. Read to find out about the best and worst few weeks of my life. P.s. I actually met Jc Caylen and One Direction.


4. Chapter three:

My eyes opened up when I heard a loud applaud. I sit up and look around realizing that Victoria and Jc were talking and that the horrible concert was over. 
"The concert is over right?" I asked Victoria and Jc.
"Yes thankfully." Victoria replies and Jc just laughs. I rub my eyes to wake my self up and I sit back in Jc's lap. Principal Radstar walks back up to the stage after the applaud dies down. 
"I hope you liked your concert from One Direction. Since the concert was an all day thing, you guys are free to leave." Principal Radstar announced.
"Yey we can leave!" I laughed and jumped out of Jc's lap so that I could stand up. 
"Yea come on let's go, I don't want to be in this school any longer." Victoria explained  and got up off the floor. 
"Well then bye Erin and Victoria." Jc exclaimed.
"Bye Jc." I said and and I gave him a hug. "See you tomorrow." I said again.
"Bye Jc, catch ya later." Victoria said as she gave Jc the middle finger and laughed jokingly. 
"Love you too Victoria." Jc joked and we all went our separate ways. Me and Victoria walked out to the school parking lot and found our motorcycles that we parked earlier. We walked over to then and put our helmets on while starting the bikes. We pulled out of the school and and began driving. Suddenly a big tour bus pulled in front of us.
"What the heck they got in front of us and they are so slow." I groaned as I whatcha several girls follow the tour bus. We almost hit all of the girls because they were running after the bus in front of us. 
"O great." Victoria says sarcastically.
"What?" I question.
"These girls are in our way! Why are they running on the road?" She responded and asked at the same time. 
"I think I know why." I remarked, while looking over and seeing the side of the tour bus. "It's One Directions tour bus." I hissed. We kept on driving, trying to not hit the running fans. Me and Victoria were both still driving to our apartment and we were less then one mile away. The Tour bus was still in front of us. 
"They must think we are following them." I exclaim and look over to Victoria who was very focused on riding her motorcycle. 
"Well, if they are then they shouldn't flatter themselves." Victoria replied while one handedly putting on a pair of dark sun glasses. I could see me and Victoria's apartment complex straight a head. The tour bus was still in front of us. Most the fans stopped chasing after the tour bus after the first mile but there were still about 10 extreme fans that were still chasing them. This is when I realized that the tour bus was turning into our apartment complex.
"Oh my gosh! Please no!" I whine as we pull into the apartment complex parking lot as well. 
"As if things couldn't get any worse." Victoria rolls her eyes. We park in our usually spots and quickly run into the building before we have to run into all the screaming fans and One Direction. 
"Good afternoon Miss Summers and Miss Barton." The lady at the front desk says.
"This afternoon isn't good at all." I sassed while walking over to the elevator.
"Have fun with your celebrity guests." Victoria says rudely before we both hop into the elevator. The elevator doors open and We walk out into the hallway that contains our apartment. Once we reached our apartment we unlocked the door.
"Finally home at last." I sigh running over to my bed and jumping onto my belly. 
"Im Tired." Victoria whined.
"Of course you are, all that horrible music could easily tire anybody out." I said jokingly and sat up on my bed. Victoria walked over to her bed too and we went on our phones. While on my phone I get a text from Jc. I read it and reply, I find myself having a conversation with Jc.
Jc- hey baby girl 
Me- hey wittle J
Jc- why do you always call me that
Me- because you have little chubby cheeks just like a baby xx
Jc-   -.- 
Me- what? 
Jc- I feel insulted 
Me- haha sorry Jc 
Jc- I miss youuuuu xx
Me- miss you too Jc, I saw you 1 hour ago though
Jc- oh yea.
Me- haha 
Jc- can I talk to you about something at school tomorrow?
Me- yeah of course Jc!! Xx
Jc- okay thanks :) see ya tomorrow xx
Me- yup :) xx

I noticed my phone had 15% of charge left so I plugged it in and suddenly there was a knock on the door. 
"Victoria?" I call.
"No, you get it!" She replied. I got up and walked over to our front door and opened it up. 
"Hello love." A British accent says.  I look up to see a member of one direction. No! 

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