Try To Catch Me

I'm Erin, me and my friend are biker girls that HATE One Direction, we are best friends with the hottest guy in our High-school, Jc Caylen. The only bad part about living in an apartment complex is the people that walk in. Will they steal my heart. Does Jc have a Crush? Will I end up alone. Read to find out about the best and worst few weeks of my life. P.s. I actually met Jc Caylen and One Direction.


2. Chapter one:

"Beep Beep Beep." The alarm clock rang. 
"Shut up!" Victoria screamed in my ear before chucking the alarm clock at the wall. 
"Seriously Victoria? That's the 4th alarm clock you have broken this week!" I complained before getting out of bed to clean up the mess Victoria just made. 
"Well maybe the alarm clock shouldn't disturb my sleep and wake me up!" Victoria explained while getting out of bed as well.
"Oh stop complaining it's the fifth day of school so your going to have to get used to waking up 5:00 am every morning." I said throwing away the pieces of the now broken alarm clock. 
"School is stupid." Victoria complained.
"I know that already." I reassured her. 
"Uggg." Victoria moaned again before walking over to our closet to pick out some clothes to wear. Me and Victoria have to share a room because like I said earlier we live in a small apartment, at least we have separate beds though. I follow Victoria over to our closet and we both decide on an outfit. I picked out a black, Black Veil Brides t-shirt, a leather jacket, black leggings and Combat boots. I also picked out a golden charm bracelet to add a little flare. Victoria decided on a black laced top, a leather jacket, black jeans and combat boots. She also chose a necklace with a key on it. 
"Nice outfit choice." I say approvingly. 
"Right back at ya Erin." Victoria replied. We both put on our outfits and walked into the cramped bathroom to do our hair and make-up.
"We really need to get a bigger apartment." Victoria complains.
"How many times are you gonna complain?" I ask her while brushing through my knotty blonde hair. 
"Until every things perfect." Victoria replied while brushing her blonde hair as well. 
"Good luck with that." I say sarcastically while setting the brush down next to the sink. 
"Thanks." Victoria rolled her eyes. I grabbed my liquid eyeliner and dragged it along my top eye lid, giving it a cat eye at the end. I quickly put on a mascara on both top and bottom lashes. Finally I put a dark red lip color on before walking out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. I reached into the refrigerator and grabbed some strawberries to wash. After washing them I poured them into two separate bowls and put sugar on top. Right as I set the bowls on the table Victoria came walking in with her make-up done. 
"Food!" She yelled while running over to the strawberries. 
"Your welcome." I say and rolled my eyes. We finished eating our strawberries and put the bowls into the sink. 
"Let's go!" Victoria called while walking out the door.
"Coming!" I called back before walking out the door as well. We stop in front of our two ninja motorcycles and put our helmets on. 
"Let's ride." Victoria said as she hopped on the bike and started the gas. I did the same and we rode to school on our bikes.

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