My boyfriend is Niall. Niall Horan from One Direction, but he is not what reality makes him out to be.


2. Chapter 2

Held down my arms with his, and thrust his 10" in me. Each time throwing insults at me, "SLUT" "BITCH"  and the one that hurt most "i never loved you!"

"Ni- stop please i love you!" i cried out because i was in pain.

"Ni- stop i love you!" He copied me in a squeaky voice.

He flipped me over and  positioned himself in front of my ass hole, and again he thrust his dick in me. "Niall stop it hurts!" i said to him. He got up and put his clothes on.  "GET UP YOU LITTLE SLUT!" He yelled and left the room i saw bruises forming on my stomach. i got up reaching dor Nialls phone on the dresser, limping because the way he "fucked" me. I decided to call Louis, he is like my brother.

"Niall, im busy!"

"Its Ally, Ni-"

"DID HE HURT YOU?" he interrupted me.

"yes Lou but" i cried out in pain


i didn't have time to Answer him because i backed out from all of the pain.

Louis POV

"Beep. Beep. Beep" the phone had hung up. I was with Liam. " Get into the danm car guys" i yelled pacing back and fourth waiting for the guys to get up. "whats up Lou" Liam said shocked walking out the door. "its fucking Niall" i said. We both ran to the car. As soon as we pulled into their drive way." Liam stay in the car." I walked up with clenched fists anknocked on the door  Niall answered


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