Heart Broken

A series of poems that I wrote about a break up and getting over someone!


2. The Battle Begins

Every time I think of you,

My heart seems to skip a beat.

And for some odd reason,

I feel a smile forming on my face.


Whenever I'm around you,

I could never be in a bad mood.

It seems like you bring out the best in me.

But you could also bring out the worst.


The worst as in broken hearted.

Because it is the exact same feeling,

That I had the last time.

No one would want to experience that again.


As I have learned in life,

You must take risks,

In order to be happy.

So now I am left to decide.


To decide on my future.

Will I let my past determine it?

Or create my own future,

not knowing what is to come?


My heart aches for me to chose you,

But my brain still worries that maybe you are like him.

And so the battle begins,

Do I follow my brain or my heart?


The heart, broken and now healed,

Longs for new-found love.

Everyone always says "Follow your heart",

But the heart can only be broken so many times.


And then there's the brain,

Who never forgets anything.

Especially something as painful,

As what happened with me and him.


But if I live in the past,

I won't ever experience love.

This cruel thing that everyone wants,

Can be soft and sweet with the right person.


So I guess I will try again,

And pray that it is different this time.

But even if I do get hurt, 

I promise myself I will try again someday

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