Heart Broken

A series of poems that I wrote about a break up and getting over someone!


3. Music to my Ears

A little smile forms on my lips.

I try but it just won't go away.

I realize that it is all because of you,

Only you can make me feel this way.


The way my heart starts beating faster and faster,

The moment I see you walking towards me.

And how I get butterflies in my stomach,

When I hear your voice calling my name.


When I spend time with you,

Its as if the entire world is at peace,

Willing everything to be perfect.

And it feels like nothing could ever be wrong.


But if something were to go wrong,

I know that you would be there.

There to help and comfort me.

Since you know I would do the same for you.


Your laugh is music to my ears,

A song that's in all of my favourite playlists.

It is forever on replay,

In my heart and in my head.

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