My Life the Living Hell (for now )

So, you think you life is bad. Then you don't know anything about living a hard life or are you a girl who got abused forced to wake up at 4 in the morning every morning and cook breakfast for your pack, is your dad a drug dealer, is your mom dead to you? did she leave your family for another man a not tell you were a werewolf and randomly come up and try to take you away form the one man that might ever love you. I don't think so. So don't talk to me about having a bad life


1. The Alpha

                                             Bella's P.O.V

''Hey baby girl time to wake" the nicest words I had herd for the last 6 years. I hear a crash and sit up, shit its 4:30 I need to get up and make breakfast for about 15 people.I am the oldest of 5 children and next in line for alpha. When I was 10 years old my mom the luna of our pack left the family ( Anna and Samantha the two twins that are two years younger then me, then there's Brad who is 3 years younger then me and Finally Kayden and Cole, Cole is one year younger then me and Kayden is also one year younger then me they are also twins)I am the most powerful out of all the kids if they all challenged me at once for place of alpha when ''dad'' dies i could kill them with just a movement of my arms 

                      back to the story 

after our Luna died my dad decided to come home drunk with a new pack slut every night. When he stopped bringing sluts home he took all his anger out on all the kids but me so i stepped up, when I did he grabbed me by my hair and he pulled me into his room and tied me up. He started beat me when I was about dead my uncle came rushing in and knocked my dad out, untied me, and took me to the pack doctor I had a sprained ankle but I healed very fast. But that was in the past.

Everyone hates me now not sure why I could kill them all in a matter of minutes. 

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