My Life the Living Hell (for now )

So, you think you life is bad. Then you don't know anything about living a hard life or are you a girl who got abused forced to wake up at 4 in the morning every morning and cook breakfast for your pack, is your dad a drug dealer, is your mom dead to you? did she leave your family for another man a not tell you were a werewolf and randomly come up and try to take you away form the one man that might ever love you. I don't think so. So don't talk to me about having a bad life


2. making food for 20

I like cooking, it's not that bad, the down side is, it is either that or doing the packs laundry, which is terrible. I think I know why no one likes me, it is because i have not found my mate yet. I know he is out there, and I plan to find him tomorrow. That is my eighteenth birthday. That is when every wolf has to find a mate, or they must become a rouge and either start their own pack, or join another. 

                                 The next day 

Fuck ya'll! My 18th birthday is tonight. I am going to a mask party.The great thing is I get one night a month off, and I will choose this night obviously.


                              At the party 

No one knows it is me. The second I walk on to the dance floor and I get butterflies in my stomach. I KNOW that is the feeling of a mate, the second I look over at him I realize that its Mike Yorek the son of our arch rival pack, the sun pack (we are the moon pack weird idk just how it works.) I can tell he is just as pissed as I am, but we were meant to be and I have had a crush on him ever since I laid eyes on him. I know he did not feel the same way. We mind linked '' shit I think my dad is going to kill me'' I think. He responds '' Haven't you heard? He is in the hospital." "Are you alpha yet? Or are you just going to reject me its fine if you do I wouldn't blame you'' he responds "Yes of course I am alpha, and I will never leave you, or reject you."

You could hear the drunk slur in his voice, and I knew that he was either lying, or too fucking drunk to know what he was doing.

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