Story Of My Life

Story Of My Life
Before One Direction started and while they were in the X-Factor, my life was a disaster. I was doing everything wrong. EVERYTHING!!! I mean, i was a good kid in school, but i was a disaster at home. My parents got divorced when i was like 5. i had no dad for 2 years and then my mom found another guy. Since I became a Directioner, my life has changed, ALOT! Times used to be hard. For their WMYB song, it put a smile on my face and gave me a reason to scream and cry at my stereo and look at myself in the mirror and not judge myself as hard as I was. I used to look in the mirror every morning and it would hate me. One Direction has literally changed my life. I was about 11 when I became a Directioner, a little after the X-Factor and I still get judged by joining late... At school, i would get bullied. For years it would happen. 1D has taught me my flaws and that their perfect. On 7/14/13, I saw them live. The changed my perspective of everything!


2. Words hurt

In 6th grade, a girl asked me out. I told her no and she said I was the reason why she wanted to kill herself. Just because I said no. It hurt, alot. Rumours went around school about how I made Her want to kill herself and how everything is my fault. My boyfriend had to support me when I needed him. He had to tweet about everything. I still thank him. Words do hurt. Everyday I would get made fun of or dirty looks. On Instagram people would make fun of me. What did I mean to people? One day, I went to his house and he saw everything. I guess it's always nice to let everything go to someone who you know would always be there for you. I've been told I am more than that, but I never really believed him. He is my induration. Thank you

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