Story Of My Life

Story Of My Life
Before One Direction started and while they were in the X-Factor, my life was a disaster. I was doing everything wrong. EVERYTHING!!! I mean, i was a good kid in school, but i was a disaster at home. My parents got divorced when i was like 5. i had no dad for 2 years and then my mom found another guy. Since I became a Directioner, my life has changed, ALOT! Times used to be hard. For their WMYB song, it put a smile on my face and gave me a reason to scream and cry at my stereo and look at myself in the mirror and not judge myself as hard as I was. I used to look in the mirror every morning and it would hate me. One Direction has literally changed my life. I was about 11 when I became a Directioner, a little after the X-Factor and I still get judged by joining late... At school, i would get bullied. For years it would happen. 1D has taught me my flaws and that their perfect. On 7/14/13, I saw them live. The changed my perspective of everything!


4. I wanna save ya

Some people say "oh One Direction saved my life", but really they wernt saved. A guy named @sampatterson on Instagram would make fun of me and the boys and I would cut. That was when I messaged ZAYN on IG and he answered me. Out of all the people, he chose me. It's hard to believe. Some days I think it's fake. He told me things were going to get better, and there was no need to be doing what I was doing. He posted a picture and tagged me in it, and said best wishes to @styl3stagram . She's having a hard time. Hun, your perfect to all of us. We love you and don't forget that. It was heart breaking to tell him, but It hit me hard when he said it. That's when the boys actually saved my life.

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