Daniel has a secret. It's not one of those secrets that he will die of embarrassment if anyone found out, it's a secret that could kill him. This secrets name is Desdemona. A demon in the form of a 17 year old girl who has ben appointed as the right hand of the devil himself. She has confided in Daniel for help, but for something he can't help her with. Or so he thinks...


7. This Doesn't Happen


6. This Doesn't Happen


"So, you said you needed my help with changing who you were created to be. How exactly am I supposed to help you with that? How is this even happening to me? This doesn't happen to people like me. This doesn't happen to people at all, because this doesn't happen."


"I'm calling the cops. You need help. Mental help.. That's something I can't give you, despite what you must think."

"Daniel stop-"

"No kid, you need to stop. I'm calling the cops."

Desdemona slowly removed her feet from the table and glared at Daniel. "I have a name."

"Well whatever you said isn't a real name. You must be on some kind of drugs or something."

As Daniel picked up his phone, he turned to where Desdemona sat. The chair was empty. He sighed and dialed the number, when the phone became so smoldering hot that it began to melt in his hand. He let out a scream of pain as the melted phone dropped to the floor and formed a small puddle of melted plastic.  

"Shouldn't of done that Danny Boy." He heard Desdemona's voice behind him. But there was something different about it. It sounded purely evil.

He slowly turned around and saw Desdemona standing behind him. Her eyes were now a bright, blood red. With every word she spoke she revealed pearl white fangs in replacement of her perfect teeth. Her nails were replaced with long, sharp claws, her face was twisted into a threatening snarl. "I didn't want to have to do this to you, but you left me no choice."

Daniel backed up until he hit his back against the wall behind him. "I believe you Desdemona. Just please calm down."

"Don't you give me orders. I've been taking orders from the devil for many millennia. Don't you try to give me orders do you know how easily I could you?"

"I do. But if you want me to help you then you need to calm down. I'm no help to you if I'm dead."  

Desdemona's face slowly untwisted from a snarl, and she looked sincerely into his eyes. "Does that mean you are going to help me?"

Daniel slowly nodded his head.

A small smile spread across Desdemona's face as she slowly closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Her claws slowly retracted into nails, and her fangs shrank back to perfect teeth. When she finally opened her eyes, they were the same bright unnatural blue that they were not 5 minutes before. She was now grinning at Daniel, her eyes sparkling.

"Maybe  I should explain to you the entire story."



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