Daniel has a secret. It's not one of those secrets that he will die of embarrassment if anyone found out, it's a secret that could kill him. This secrets name is Desdemona. A demon in the form of a 17 year old girl who has ben appointed as the right hand of the devil himself. She has confided in Daniel for help, but for something he can't help her with. Or so he thinks...


17. The Cop


Two hours had passed and Neither Mona or Andy had said a word to eachother. The only sounds to fill up the quiet car was the sound of the country music coming through the radio. Until Andy finally spoke up.

"I'm hungry."

"There's a town coming up here do you want to see a what kind of fast food they have there?" Dan asked.

"Yeah sure."

Dan kept driving at the same pace as Andy sighed.

"You drive like our Grandmother. Could you PLEASE speed up or SOMETHING or else I might throw myself out of this car."

Mona sat silently in the back seat as she lightly smiled at the thought of Andy throwing himself out of the car and rolling limply onto the pavement they drove on.

"I'm driving the speed limit, Andy." Dan answered.

"No you're driving 10 miles below it. Come on we've been driving on all back roads it's not like a cop is going to pull us over or anything just goooooo."

Dan sighed and pushed down the gas pedal, causing the car to jolt forward. They had reached 90 miles per hour, and the farms and forests around them have become a blur. It hadn't been 1 minute when they heard sirens behind them.


"You were the one driving Daniel!"


"Daniel pull over!" Mona yelled from the backseat.


"DANIEL!!" Both Mona and Andy yelled at Daniel, who seemed to be having a panic attack.

Dan gradually slowed the car and pulled over to the side of the road. The police car behind them shut of the sirens and pulled up behind them. Mona looked behind them into the car and was horrified at the sight she saw.

"Dan...Dan you need to drive."


Mona looked back as Lucifer, dressed as a police officer smugly made his way up to the vehicle.

"Dan. Drive."


Lucifer was getting closer.


The gas pedal pushed down before Dan could even think and Dan knew it was Mona. Dan looked behind him and watched the cop behind him. Mona had the car going extremely fast, and he watched as the police officer sprinted after them, red flames burned behind him as he ran with inhuman speed after them.  "Mona what is that?"

"Not what. Who." Andy corrected.

"Is that Lucifer?"

Dan looked back at Desdemona. She was grimly nodding her head.

It was then that the car slammed to a stop in front of a big brick warehouse. A tall fence surrounded it, and the warehouse looked like nobody had been in it in years. The three of them hurried out of the car and faced the demon running towards them.

"Run." Mona commanded the two men.

"No I'm not leaving you." Mona had expected it to be Daniel, but to her surprise it was Andy who spoke. She was still wrapped in his lumberjack coat, and she realized now that it smelled like him. It smelled of cologne and alcohol.


"I'll hide Danny but I'll come right back for you."

Andy made his way to the fence. Dan turned to face Mona.

"Why can't I change your heart now? I can help you."

"You're not ready Dan. Now please hurry."

Dan hesitated and wrapped his arms tightly around Desdemona, Stroking her black hair as he whispered into her hear. "You think you ruined my life, but you saved it. In ways I can never explain."

"How precious is this." At the sound of Lucifer's voice Daniel protectively shoved Mona behind him. Lucifer was now dressed in a black polo shirt tucked neatly into a worn pair of blue jeans. His hair wasn't slicked back the way it always had been. it was messy and Lucifer looked tired. It was clear that without Desdemona, Lucifer was struggling.

"Do you really think that you can protect her from me, Human?"

Mona touched Daniel lightly on the shoulder. He heard her voice in his head: He's right Danny boy. Go find Andy. Hurry."  Dan turned to look at Mona one more time as she nodded to him as a signal to run. Daniel obeyed and climbed over the fence. He saw Andy waiting for him in the doorway of the warehouse. He started running towards him, but something firey tied his feet together and he fell to the ground as the same thing wrapped his wrists together. He looked down to see that it was literally fire that had tied him together.

"Daniel!" He heard Mona yell after him.

He looked to where he had seen Andy standing waiting for him. The doorway was now empty.



Mona took a step toward Daniel.

"One more step and I'll burn through his bones." Lucifer spat.

"You're a monster." Mona choked.

"Yes." Lucifer suddenly appeared directly behind desdemona and pressed his mouth closeley to her ear as he whispered. "But so are you Desdemona.  You existisance is also hated by all humanity. In fact, it would just be better off if wenever existed." He chuckled as he wraapped his arms around her lovingly around her. "But you and I both know that there is no fun in that." 

Mona reached her hands up in an effort to remove his arms from her, but Lucifer was too strong. She was stronger than he was she was sure of it, but why couldn't she get him off her? She twisted and struggled to get out of his grasp but her efforts were in vain. She let out a feeble roar and went limp in his grasp. 

"You see Desdemona, you are nothing without me. I'm your power. I'm your brain. I'm your everything. If you leave me you will be powerless." Lucifer grabbed her chin and turned her head towards Daniel. "Just like him." She looked up expecting to see Daniel dead, burned alive. But instead she saw nothing but the empty lot of the warehouse. "Just like who Master?" Mona asked sarcastically. 

Lucifer turned mona around wrapped his hand around her kneck. When he spoke his voice was different. It was low, and had the growl of a dragon. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HIM YOU BITCH?" Mona found herself in the same situation as she had with Andy. Lucifers hand was flaming red, and the pain from his Demon Shanta was far more excruciating than Andy's. When she opened her mouth to scream, nothing came out but smoke. 

"Put her down Lucifer." Lucifer snapped his head around to see a blonde haired boy standing behind him. He kept his grasp on Mona's throat tight. 

"Or else you'll do what?" 

"There are alot of things I could do." Andy extended his hands to reveal that they were glowing a brilliant blue, more brilliant than he had ever made them before. They burned so brightly that even Lucifer had to take a moment for his eyes to adjust. 

Lucifer grinned slyly at Andy. "So your a reaper?" He turned his head to Mona, Who was begining to lose consiosness. "What have you gotten yourself into you little whore?" 

"Put her down and I'll explain." Andy snapped.  

Lucifer scowled at Andy, but released his grasp on Desdemona's throat. She fell to the ground unconsious. 

"Now reaper." Lucifer wiped his hands as he walked towards Andy. " Did you really want me to release your little teenage crush so we could talk, or did you want try to, as a mortal would say, 'open up a can of woop ass'?" 

Andy scowled at Lucifer. "Actually I was hoping that I could take Desdemona and go in peace."

Lucifer's eyes narrowed. "We both know that's not going to happen."

"On the contrary Lucifer,"  Andy nodded to where Desdemona lay. "I think it already has."

Lucifer whipped around to see that Desdemona, had vanished.






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