Daniel has a secret. It's not one of those secrets that he will die of embarrassment if anyone found out, it's a secret that could kill him. This secrets name is Desdemona. A demon in the form of a 17 year old girl who has ben appointed as the right hand of the devil himself. She has confided in Daniel for help, but for something he can't help her with. Or so he thinks...


11. Andy


11. Andy


Dan drove into the darkness of the night. Mona had told him to go straight when he got onto the interstate, and just keep going. Three hours later, Dan drove in silence. He looked over to where Desdemona sat and saw that she had the seat reclined back and had found one of Dan's old winter coats to use as a blanket as she slept. She looked peaceful. He almost felt bad for wanting to wake her up. Wait a second, Daniel thought, Demons sleep? Daniel pulled over to the side of the road and put the car in park. He turned on the light and leaned over to Mona to gently tap her on the shoulder.

"Mona. Mona wake up."

Desdemona turned to face Daniel as she slowly opened her eyes. She looked at Dan and yawned as she stretched. "How long have we been driving?"

"About three hours. I have no idea where I'm going we might have passed it-"

"No it's perfect. We're more than halfway there. We have less than an hour to go."

"Just tell me where to go." Daniel put the car in drive and began driving down the empty road.




Desdemona read the time on the radio. 11:30. They would definitely bring up suspicion when they pull in to the church. But no one is doing anything, it's a freakin church. For all anyone else knows they could just be two people going in for a late night prayer.

Daniel interrupted her thoughts. "So where are we going?"

"Our Lady's Church of God."

"A church?"

"That's what I said."

"But aren't you from like..."



"Yes I'm aware of that. But this Church is known as a refuge throughout the universe. Beings you have never even heard of can seek refuge in this church. God's house is open to all, but this one is one of the few left that will welcome beings. If everyone knew for sure that we existed just imagine what your world would be like. You can thank God for that."

"What do you mean?" Dan asked.


Mona sighed. "God knows what your world will become if you knew of us. God powers over us, and we fear God. He is great, and we obey that Law like we obey him like we obey the devil."

"Is that why you are turning to his side?"

Mona smiled and turned to face the road ahead. She pointed to a road turning of the interstate. "Turn there. It will take you into a town. It will look pretty sketchy, but it's the right town."

"Is the town named Misty Oaks?"

"Yes. That's the exact name, do you know it?"

"I was there once when I was like a freshman in high school. It had a feel to it though.."

"Like you were being watched? Even when you are alone? Did the feeling give you chills but yet you have never felt so safe?"

"Yeah. That's exactly what I felt. But that's one of the reasons why I haven't gone back."

"What is the other reason?"

Daniel stared ahead in silence for a long while. "It's where my little brother lives."

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