my cuz and my besty

What would u do if ur cuz and u had one direction staying with u well im amber , amber meadows and I would totally freak .thats what I did when I met them , and now my cuz is going out with one of themI need help


1. meeting them in my pjs


hey im amber i am 16 i have a besty called holly she id 18 , and my cuz . We have become relly close after the lost of our granfather


So were was i ...oh yes


I was at the air port waiying for our cuz the zayn malick from one direction . I got up late so I had to come in my pjs wich was so funny beacuse I was waering my 1d pjs so I was trying to hide them under my coat .but when my cuz walked through tye gate I forgot all about my pjs and ran up to him I hadnt seen him in 2 years and I missed him to hell and back! After he finlly let go my other cuz holly gave him a more mature hug then I did. Then I saw a little peice of mac and cheese in her hair and burst out lalfing mu head of . When zayn saw he nearlly fell over beacause when she hugged him he had got some in his hair "what are u lalfing about guys " she mound

"Ur hair u got mac and cheesein it bich " sye started talk run to the batheoom mutting sumin about her hair

When zayn hadcalmed down I finlly asked him were the boys were

"Still on the plane trying to wake up harry , u know how he is and oh year there going to be staying in a hotel for a week then coming so we can catch up without being bothered

I actully do know howit is causee amfew days befor I last saw zayn he was hVeing a party .he wokeup in the moring to find his house I big mess and had to call me round to help and getting harry up to help was as hard as hell in the end I have to push him out and tip ice cold water over him .and with that our cuz came back over and we headed to the car

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