my cuz and my besty

What would u do if ur cuz and u had one direction staying with u well im amber , amber meadows and I would totally freak .thats what I did when I met them , and now my cuz is going out with one of themI need help


2. going home

the car ride on the way home was great my and holly got to hear what zayn has done in the 2 years since we saw him .

"so what have u girls been up to?" zayn asked starting to tickle holly

"not much I've finished school ,and got a job as a teacher at beths school" I said trying to get zayn to stop tickling holly.


zany's pov <3


I hadn't seen amber and holly in ages when we walked in the house my mouth fell to the floor .this house was bigger then my 13 bed room 4 bathroom and 2 kitchen house "now we have 15 bed rooms 5 bathrooms. "she said showing me into my room."omg it's huge I said running into the nonsuit."hahaha god zayn u haven't changed ,come out here ." she said jumping on the bed ."what " I said now getting sleepy . " ive got a present for u "as soon as she said that I raced over to her .

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