Cool Cats

In this world of conflict. In this world of war. There is only one thing that can stand up to the coming tide. But how far can hope truly take you? Before your world falls down, and you are left broken?
Four will find out.
Three will go crazy.
Two will find love.
One will die.


1. Prologue

The cat was wandering down the road. This cat didn’t like other cats very much. He thought they were snobby. Always aloof, thinking they were better than him. That they had something he did not. Whilst those cats would sit on the fences, or play in the gardens, he was always the one stuck watching from the roof of the shed, or being chased away by the old lady with the broom. He didn't mind though. See, this cat was a cool cat. A very cool cat. And one day soon he would be the coolest cat around.


I was running to catch up with him.

“Wait!” I shouted for what felt like the thirteenth time since he left the office. By now we was in the industrial Zone of the city somewhat. The warehouses towered above. Like giant love bites on the neck of someone who had just come back from a night out. They were remnants of the old industrial boom a few decades ago. Now they stood disused. At least that’s what the layman thought.


“David, wait for god sake!” my voice ringing throughout the streets. By this point my heart was thundering in my ears. Whilst rather annoying, it was also further evidence that David walks ridiculously fast since the surgery. I was rather jealous, but also happy, I personally was saving for the new range of interfaces coming in the next few months. The tech is impressive if I do say so myself. Which I do. To everyone. Very often.


The cat wandered around the roof he was on. Whilst the metal was cold under his paws, he didn't mind. He like the way his claws clinked on the metal. Also, form here he could get a nice view of this Persian that wanders past most nights. He was waiting for that time of year. By his calculations, it was coming up fast!

He jumped deftly from one roof to the next. He knew his way by heart. He liked it up here. Up here it was quiet, at night at least. During the day the humans came about. But they mostly ignored him. No One cares about a cat. This is just the way he likes it.


I finally caught up to David outside unit 224. I stood there panting for a few seconds before the stims kicked in and I was suddenly fine once more. I stood straight, my long coat billowing around me. I straightened my hat and looked at David. The pale white of his face shone out from the light of the moon and shadows played across his face.

“You should improve soon. You're falling behind” he commented, a smug tone to his voice.

“I can’t do that. I need to give you a couple of days before you’re obsolete. The Reanti? Really? The only thing the Empire can make is wars. Even those are a load of crap”

At that he smiled, the red LEDs forming a toothy grin, making him look like some discount cartoon villain.

“Shall we just get this over with?” He asked, fingers curling.

“Lets” I replied, and pushed the door to the Unit open and letting the air inside escape.


The cat had been watching the two humans for a while now. He thought it was funny the way they run. Two legs? So inefficient. He didn't give it a second thought. He knew that the warehouse they went into was where he needed to go, and so begun making his way around there. Jumping silently from roof to roof before finally landing on a set of stairs. He landed on all fours, and made his way downwards.

Once down he began crossing the road to ‘Unit 244’. He looked up and smiled. Before standing up, all 8 feet of him on two legs. He hissed in anticipation and checked the safety on his weapon.


The Cat smiled not unlike the toothy grin David gave his companion just a few minutes ago. He pushed the door through, smashing the guard beyond, and leapt deftly into the unit. Firing the first shots, before anyone else could react.

As he did this, a small fluffy Persian cat walked past, sniffed the air and turned away. She knew to avoid an area, when the humans began killing.

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